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  1. Once I get a couple of days off work I'll PM everyone and hopefully we can arrange something soon.
  2. Supershot eh...... I posted this on another thread...but I had one back in the day....I was the only Tamiya 4WD racer against all the fangdangled flash Schumacher and Kyosho cars with saddle packs and Reedy motors. I was only 13-14yrs old but man did I give them a run for their $$$$$. Nothing flash in the car...an ESC that's it. Had a 'Technipower' motor with the endbell adjusted all the way up...and to me it flew!! I bought it off the member at the club second hand but it was in mint condition.....can't remember what I paid for it or what happened to it after all these years. Wish I still had it...
  3. To be honest after much fiddling around the shocks on my BC work quite well considering.... I wouldn't say it bounces around much at all. When running the rear sits in a neutral position (level) with the shocks 1/2 compressed.
  4. I'll do some searching for local TC members and try and PM a few like 'Swarm' suggested.... maybe we can arrange something. I'd prefer to race around on hard sand or dirt if possible. I don't mind travelling so keep an eye out for suitable locations if you get a chance.
  5. I just checked out the new Schumacher r/c dirt bike on their website. They have links to youtube videos of the bikes on skateboard 1/4 pipes doing all sorts of weird stunts!! Looks pretty cool
  6. Looks sharp, Great work mate!!
  7. I've searched on this forum for old threads re Aussie Tamiya racers/basher events and most seem to have been in Sydney or Melbourne. Are there any guys in QLD keen to meet up @ some point in the near future for a bash?
  8. I did that but all that ended up happing was the shock being only able to compress from full extension to 3/4 of the way down.
  9. Magic.....just the info I needed....I'll post one more question on here, then I'm done taking over this thread, sorry guys!!! Will my TEU-101BK ESC and a 540 motor handle battery packs 7.2V 2000mah up to 4500mah etc???? The ESC instruction manual says 'Power Supply: 7.2V (with 6 cells)' so I'm assuming I'm good to go?
  10. Mate your not the only one having troubles with the shocks. I had an absoulute nightmare with them. They were either too hard or to soft. Got them right (well what I consider to be right) after about 6-7 attempts at each one of them.
  11. Terry, this is a stupid 'newbie' question ... I've searched quite a bit on the website here and am getting conflicting posts. So, can you tell me whether I will be able to run higher battery packs that what I'm currently running ........ ie (Tamiya 6.6V LF1100) in my BC...and if so is this going to give me a longer run time or power or both?? I'm assuming a longer run time.
  12. I'm running the stock Tamiya ESC that comes with the kit. Not sure about the lipo cut off don't have much knowledge in regards to that technology....but when the car starts to run slow I only have about 30sec until it won't move @ full throttle. I can usually drive it a short distance at half throttle to get it moving but that's it.
  13. Probably around 12-15mins. I'm not sure whether it's me but I think I'm getting more running time the more charges I put through the battery. Also, I've switched to a lower ratio pinion....that helps.
  14. Holy S*&t ...45 mins.....that's crazy... I'm used to the old days when a 7.2V 1200 pack would last 7-8mins max!
  15. A quick update for those interested. For those taht have had SRB's before this stuff is old hat..... I had my 1st run (then 2nd,... 3rd, ...4th ..... & 5th) with my BC today. Initially on hardish sand then on short grass. Bear in mind I haven't had any R/C cars since 1987-1990 and they were in this order. Hornet, Wildone, Supershot & Turbo Ultima. It was awesome to finally get in up and running!! My running equipment was: Futaba Megatech 2PL radio gear with the Tamiya 6.6V LF100 Racing Pack Points of note: 1. I found that it runs better with the lower ratio gearing (15T / 70T). My setup on the 1st run was with the higher pinion (20T & 65T) then I swapped over to the lower ratio.....much better. 2. Make sure you apply the AG Thread Lock as it says in the manual. I didn't on one of the universal joints and torsion bars and paid the price, loosing a wheel and the shocks running low. 3. I set up my shocks quite soft and its great to watch them work over the bumpy ground. 4. Understeers badly, particually if you glide around corners....you need to keep up the acceleration....although too much and you'll roll!!!!!.......careful!! lol 5. Had a couple of tumbles cornering and sustained a little bit of damage to the lights on the roll cage. 6. When jumping the car tends to nose dive a little. 7. The only negative was that I did feel that car was a bit underpowered. (any suggestions on what other a slightly more powerful motors might be an option? Overall I was more than happy with my new BC. These SRB cars are what made alot of people get in R/C and finally the BC has got the justice it derserves with the re-release. When I was just a kid I remember my big sister buying me the 1985 Tamiya Catalogue and the SS and RR were in it. My mate and I would talk about the SS and RR for days on end dreaming one day of having one of them. When my parents finally bought me an R/C car (Hornet) in xmas of '86/'87 both the SS & RR had ceased production. Times change..teenage years come and girls, booze and real cars take preference....but now.......I guess you can say ..perhaps I'm having a midlife crisis and reliving my youth?
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