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  1. The dirty deed has been done. I'd seen it on eBay but didn't know if I should buy the latest version, hence the questions. I've got one from RC Disco through eBay for £37.95, I hope you guys don't mind having your brains picked about the programming. Any hints on where and what to pay for a hand held programmer?
  2. Hi All, I'm looking at buying a KO Propo VFS-1 ESC for brushed motors. Can anyone tell me the specific differences between the VFS-1 Competition, Competition 2 & Competition 3? Thanks David
  3. Right, I've done some shopping and have bought front and rear ball diffs, some spare gearbox cases (as spares) and a pair of OT-47 uprights (I read your other post about your setup Terry). I'd like to try and buy a front one way diff at some point just to experiment with. It'll be nice to have all the diff options to choose from. The front one way makes me curious because I can't really get my head around it, does it just have oneway bearings in it? I need some education with regard to the gearing. What are my options for upgrading the idler gear apart from finding an old SRM Racing on eBay or is it not worth worrying about? Also, I've seen different coloured spur gears fitted and have seen RW Racing still supply spurs, is there an advantage to running 48dp apart from the availability of pinions? Thanks David
  4. I was going to ask about the diffs actually. When I got my first Ultima (when it was released) it had a gear diff, when I got my Ultima Pro it had a ball diff (considered an upgrade?). When I've read articles about ball diffs people always say they're more work, wear out faster etc. In the spec for my Optima Mid Custom Special, I got the feeling Kyosho made a big deal about having factory assembled gear diffs. Are the ball diffs an upgrade. Where any of the Mid's supplied with factory ball diffs or is it Option House only? Also, there were one way diffs available too. I'm guessing these do what it says on the tin, but how does it make the car react, front, rear or both? I need to get one of those hardened spur gears, What's the part number? Many Thanks David
  5. Thanks Terry, You've just saved me some money!
  6. Hi All, Just having a look through the spec of my Optima Mid Custom Special and wondered why it wasn't originally supplied with an Anti Roll Bar kit? Does anyone have any comments about how differently it handles with as opposed to without? I might try and pick up a set if it's worth the upgrade? Thanks in advance David
  7. ultimoptima

    Screw Sets

    Thanks Rich. I've used an RC Screwz kit on my Savage and also my Sand Scorcher, both have been great. I just wondered because I bought a screw set from hex heads for my Ultima Pro, but found that the counter sunk chassis screws didn't fit the profile of the chassis properly and stuck out instead of being flush fit. Anyone else come across this? I'll get a set and see how it works out. Cheers David
  8. ultimoptima

    Screw Sets

    Hi Everyone, I've been a long time reader here but have only just started putting my cars through a bit of restoration. As you can probably imagine some of the screws have been damaged or lost over time and I need some replacements. Does anyone have any experience of how good the optima mid screw set is from RC Screwz? Are there any better alternatives? I saw a nos optima mid screw set sold on eBay recently for £33 so I'm guessing that they're pretty rare? Thanks in advance David
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