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  1. Post office usually has shed loads of rubber bands as you dont say what its for i presume
  2. Are you charging it with or without the balance lead. I hardly ever charge without it as it monitors both cells in the pack. It will keep charging until both cells are at 4.2 per cell. May take longer but its safer to the cells
  3. Ditto. Thought it was a real one at first
  4. Can't you just remove 1 spider gear and wedge it between the other two
  5. Yes you can , as they say run them on a 2 channel transmitter. theres a little clip in the box you fix the the gear change shaft to lock it in gear. I had a Globe Liner once but swapped it for an E-maxx as never used my truck. Also it might be for your wife She`ll get you to build it so she can drive it
  6. Blimey that is slow this is mine using your same website and live in the opposite side of the country to yourself And this is using your server location
  7. That looks so cool. Will have to get one of those pens. Can do my hotshot tyres then.
  8. No no no. I would charge a NiHm on a Nicd only charger. The batterires are made different and you may damge them and your charger. Timer chargers were and always will be rubbish. Peak Delta is a lot better. Its like trying to charge a lipo on a nihm charger, Not a good idea
  9. Doesnt the flashlight have a charge socket. If so i personnaly would use that instead. but always check yoru battery temps. If they get a tad too hot switch them off.
  10. Li-ion batteries are in all mobile phones and laptop. and charge from 1 lead and are safer than LiPo too. My chargers do charge all types of cells too . Which is very handy. Just wish the Li-fe batteries were cheaper as they are even safer and dont get knackered if they go completly flat which is a bonus. Even NiHms were dangerous if handled incorrectly by the way. seen them exploded like a nail bomb, bits everywhere where as lipos just smoke a bit.
  11. Do you have part number or pics as I got a load of random bits and may have one
  12. In reference to the gpm steering kit. I got one fitted and it's a definate yes. But make sure you thread lock the screws. I found out the hard way.
  13. Typical. If I could only sell my AE SC10 then I would have that off of you and collect it as live in Somerset.
  14. The less teeth the pinion has the quicker acceleration but less top speed. The more teeth the pinion has the less acceleration but faster top speed.
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