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  1. Ah, good times. I got a Sand Scorcher for Christmas '83. We had heavy snow in Hampshire that winter. So my first RC experience was driving my newly built Scorcher over compacted snow. Thanks for the picture, it carried me off on a little daydream.
  2. Thanks for the feedback everyone. There's a Motor Factor quite near where I work. I'll take a look in there. And I'll remember to prep the bodies this time!
  3. Hi Everyone, I've got a couple of hard bodies to paint and i'd like your advice please. One will be used and abused and the other will sit on a shelf and look pretty (hopefully). The choices of acrylic "model" spray paint out there seem to be very limited. The Tamiya acrylic paint seems to still be unavailable (or am i looking at the wrong websites?), and the Humbrol choices are limited to say the least. And i can't (in the UK at least) see any other model paints on the market. So, the question is, could i use automotive spray paint on the plastic shells? I'm thinking of just the standard stuff you buy in Halfords (for non-UK readers, Halfords is a sort of automotive super-store that do their own range of rattle cans, touch-up pens etc). The Automotive paint can be used on all parts of a full size car body including the plastic bumpers, so i'm guessing that it should be OK for a plastic model body. Am i correct, or is there more to it than i know? I used this type of paint on my original Scorcher (1983/4) and after a couple of knocks the paint started flaking off. I was 12 years old and knew nothing of primer, clear coats, or even of washing the body before spraying. Was my flaking due to not prepping the body or was automotive paint just not the right stuff for the job. Any help would be much appreciated. If i am just being dumb and have missed another manufacturer who makes paint for plastic models, could you point me in the right direction.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion SteelRat and Taliesin. I've shown the missus pictures of the Mad Bull. She loves the big wheels and from your descriptions it will fit the bill perfectly. And just think, with those big yellow wheels and a pink paint job it'll look like a giant Fruit Salad sweet I think my condition is worsening - I've already bought CRP posts/mountings for the front of the Brat. Now I just need to decide on dampers/coils. Next will be a hotter motor
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome Guys. I've really enjoyed my re-introduction to the hobby, I'll definitely be sticking around. I think the Tamiya virus is contagious too! My girlfriend took the Brat for a spin the other day and is already pestering me to build her a car! Any suggestions on a good start for her? My first thought was a Lunch Box, but i think the handling might be a bit off-putting. Maybe a Hornet/Grasshopper? Nice handling and bullet proof gearbox. Oh, and it'll probably end up pink! As for MY next project... I'd still love a Buggy Champ or another Sand Scorcher, if Tamiya re re the Scorcher I'll be VERY tempted to get one just for the shelf and old times sake. For the time being i'm trying not to get over excited and buy everything at once! My love affair was only recently rekindled by the Brat, I can't spurn her for another just yet. But between you and me, I'm liking the look of some of the new rally cars.
  6. Hi Everyone, OK, so i've been lurking around here for a few weeks now, but this is my first post. It seems like a really friendly place, so i thought I'd share my photos of my return to the hobby. I stumbled accross an article about the re-release of the Buggy Champ and something clicked (or snapped). Suddenly I had to build a kit again. Now I love the BC to death, but i wanted to build something i could run without fear of unwanted rolls and cracked shells. My first car was a Sand Scorcher so i'm aware of the "characteristics" of the SRBs. I wanted a "vintage" Tamiya that actually looked like a car, would drive nicely out of the box and maybe give me options for hop-ups in the future (if i got bitten by the bug again). So after a little thought i decided on the re re Brat. Anyway, long story short - Bought it, built, ran it, love it. Here are a few pictures of my first build for 25 years. I'm really pleased with it, although masking inside a lexen body is a bit tricky.
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