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  1. Wild Willy Speed Shop

    Hill Bwilly

    Hi All, Thought i would share, I haven't really done much rc related in a while, but i did recently finish this wild willy body on a Axial ax10 chassis. Fun runner Thanks for looking
  2. Wild Willy Speed Shop

    Axial Exo - Willy driver, lights, nice paint - roller

    Hi All, price drop $120. Cheers
  3. Wild Willy Speed Shop

    WW2 Roller - Nice Details, plenty of spares *Bargain*

    Hi All, Price drop $100 bucks. Thanks
  4. Wild Willy Speed Shop

    Mad Max Fury Road War Rig build

    The Pod Tank is marvellous
  5. Wild Willy Speed Shop

    Wheelies in Valhalla! The GigaM38

    Cool! such a unique build, I really love the flame throwing wheelie bars, defiantly going to have to borrow that idea
  6. Wild Willy Speed Shop

    Proline Dirt hawgs on 2.2 bead lock rims

    $30 Thanks, Brenden
  7. Hi All, I have this very nice WW2 roller for sale, heaps of body and chassis details, ball raced box and rear hubs but not the front wheels. Heaps of spares, gear boxes, metal parts, screws etc etc. The metal parts on this alone are $$. asking $140 ono, any questions let me know. no motor, esc or steering servo. Selling to make way for new projects. Cheers, Brenden.
  8. Hi All, Im selling a few of my cars to make way for some new projects. I have had this mainly as a shelfer but it does have quite a few runs on it. very nice condition, I have given it a nice tidy up before selling. Features willy driver, fully ball raced, custom rear tray panel, Alloy motor mount, and some bright paint also plenty of spares. Any questions just PM me. Would like $180 ono, pretty open to offers. These are great cars they handle superb. I am also open to swaps say an Axial AX10 or Tamiya TA. for shipping quotes PM me. No motor esc or steering servo. Cheers, Brenden. Waiting for it's new owner
  9. Wild Willy Speed Shop

    Building a modern day Bruiser...

    Nicely executed! Looks mean.
  10. Wild Willy Speed Shop

    WBO2014: Blown57

    man this thing is wild.
  11. Wild Willy Speed Shop

    Basher Willy M38 upgrade

  12. https://youtu.be/3hy0oDAQ1tE
  13. Wild Willy Speed Shop

    A box of parts Muscle Truck.. The Odd Job

    Made a sun visor, it can get pretty glarey here Pretty chuffed with these tail lights Cheers
  14. Wild Willy Speed Shop

    A box of parts Muscle Truck.. The Odd Job

    Hi All, Got the chance to do a bit more on the cage, only held in by blu tac atm and also needs to be sprayed silver. img=http://i1342.photobucket.com/albums/o766/BJK12345/IMAG1655_zpshyvkozve.jpg] Cheers
  15. Wild Willy Speed Shop

    A box of parts Muscle Truck.. The Odd Job

    Thanks XV.