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  1. Hey Jstunner If you don't know already - the wild one wheels also fit the fox just fine - you may find a decent pair on ebay. Going the newer 12mm hex route and a modern set of spikes is great too! G
  2. Tell us how you really feel? Great srb's in your showroom slimmy G
  3. hmmmmm my first reply may be incorrect - but when I built my re re hotshot, parts exist on that driver tree that keep the two halves of the helmet together.
  4. another good topic - was gonna start one of similar nature as I found that building these kits ( for some) went far beyond the manual and spurred the imagination of some ( for good or bad:) to kloodge parts together for their rides I remember making a cool wheelie bar once using some aluminum sheets and rear derailleur gear from a mountain bike that was worn down. Worked quite well
  5. on the B parts driver tree? I don't remember these on my re re ( using them or not using them I mean ) - but are they not used to keep the 2 halves of the drivers helmet together? One for the crown of the head and the other with the hole at the base where the body is attached with a screw?
  6. Horizon Hobby I ordered 2 tamiya's from them recently and both arrived quickly - good prices imo http://www.horizonhobby.com/
  7. Tandy - yes - thank you Hibernaculum I posted earlier above but this is a pic of what was my first rc car ( web image)
  8. At an early age my brother and I received early radio shack, radio controlled "faux" tyrell six wheelers. Soon after that we "upgraded" to more expensive one's at radio shack I remember the day that our family was on a sunday drive ( Hamilton, Ontario Canada) and we were going through a little section of town. Low and behold on our right hand side, the car slowed and passed a hobby shop that had the fox and black foot prominently displayed. Needless to say, my brother and I turned to each other and then to parents " Can we go in please, can we go in please? That was it - we went in and saw these enormous rc cars that looked so lifelike and fun that the love affair began. This was around 86 and I was 13years old. It was about 4 months later the fox was purchased and the envy of my friends who were not into rc began to rear it's head the store is still there but the hobby shop has long since vacated - I wish I could remember the name. Ahhh the great memories G
  9. That is one nice fox! Ebay is your best bet. To know what other foxes in similar condition have sold for on ebay - log in and on the left hand side, choose only show completed auctions. This should give you a good gauge. G
  10. hmmm maybe someone can contact MODEL RECTIFIER CORPORATION....not me though
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