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  1. Hi i was trying to buy wild willy - Blazer tyres Item number 272674549143 on your ebay page but there is no post to the Uk, would it be possible to buy a set of tyres from you here?

  2. Source tell me the next re-release from Kyosho will be the Javalin.
  3. Request sent. Thanks for creating the group for us.
  4. Actually, it is the re-release non SB JR tire being smaller compare to the original. Mine is the same like the original. So when you look at those built buggy champ, they just didn't look right not only because of the tire lettering, the smaller diameter front tire also make it not as cool as the original Rough Rider.
  5. Not a problem. Just want to point out it is even more impressive. 5 days from HK to UK.
  6. Hello everyone! It has been a while since my last visit to TC. I am back. During the last couple of years, i have received many enquiries about my SRB alloy wheel covers. Happy to tell you they will be back in stock very soon. And my next project will be to reproduce some original Hilux , Blazer and Sand Blaster Jr front tires. Do you guys think there will be market for them? Cheers Peter
  7. The photo link to my TCPhotos is not working and just find out TCPhotos.com disappear. Can someone tell me what is going on? Thanks Peter
  8. Got mine from the local dealer today and carried it by public transport all the way back home. Paid US$610. Just a quick check and find that the tires are the softer Blackfoot version instead of those harder version from the original Bruiser and Mountaineer. Windshield is lightly tinted. And for those who opened the box and couldn't find the windshield, don't panic, it is inside the sealed box with the motor, gearbox parts and screws. Strangely, I expected I would be pretty excited when opening the box. Mine will be build and run. But before that, I need to finish my re-re Avante first. I am planning to make some alloy Wheels copied from the original Bruiser. It will be a two pieces wheel. Because the front and rear axles of the Bruiser has different width, the wheels will have different dimension front and rear to correct this problem.
  9. Could be a problem of the spring washers not install correctly or not strong enough
  10. Just want to give you guys a price reference. I am going to preorder the Bruiser from my local Tamiya dealer tomorrow. Price will be a little under US$640. And I bought my 2011 Avante from them for US$350. I think people should expect the Bruiser to be priced around US$750 on eBay when they hit the market.
  11. "Also take note that due to the volume of Asian based goods I bring in yearly that I don't pay for any freight coming in from Asia. So it's really no problem for me to offer the free shipping anywhere." Does this make sense. If a company can enjoy free shipping because of volume. Then what is the shipping company earn? Suppose it doesn't cost him anything to ship those 35 kits to him from Japan, he still need to send it to the buyers no matter the buyer is from US or Nigeria.
  12. Free Worldwide shipping without exclusion. Ebay seller fees about US$60. Plus the earning he expect. He must be able to get the 2012 Bruiser for about US$350 each.
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