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  1. I got one of these too and tested it a while ago on my df02 using a teu101bk, futaba radio and receiver, towardpro mg996 servo and 2s lipo. It glitched very badly specially in reverse, then would just totally stop after a while. My lipo was fully charged. Any thoughts on why this could be happening? Thanks.
  2. I run mine with my 20+ year old technigold on 2s lipo 15 tooth pinion and it runs pretty fast.
  3. Hello Vagabondstar, Ive been reading this thread and Im glad that you'll be visiting the Philippines soon. A good suggestion would be to bring your radio and eletronics and get a kit here in the RP. As mentioned, Champion Hobbies (tel. no. 02-3471856), in Scout Delgado St. in Quezon City (Around 3 to 4 hours drive from Pangasinan) stocks realatively cheap Tamiyas. A CC01 Land Cruiser 40 or unimog, complete with esc and light unit would set you back around a little over 100 pounds, there's a dt02 for only 70+ pounds. Lils Hobby Shops would also be a good place to shop, there are branches at the Trinoma MAll in Quezon City and also at Megamall in Mandaluyong City and Park Square, Makati City. The cc01 would be a good all around bashing kit specially for the beach. Here's mine at a beach in Thunderbird Resort, Poro Point, La Union. Enjoy your trip.
  4. Yup, got that video saved on my computer. I also raced with a bigwig in the 80's.
  5. I'd have to say my CC-01 Land Cruiser 40 (ex-touareg). and my DF-02 Plasma Edge
  6. Hello Everyone, Does anyone have any experience or knowledge about the ezrun BL crawler system? Is it any good? Any info would be very helpful as i'm contemplating whether to get one for my CC01 or not. Thanks. mix
  7. Have you tried changing the rims? You could probably get more "modern" rims that use 12mm hexes and have a wide variety of tire choices after. On my falcon, I've been able to use DF-03 rear rims and tires for off-road and even CC-01 stock pajero rims and tires too for pavement running. Hope this helps.
  8. Check this out, maybe it can give you some ideas. Nice unimog by the way. mix
  9. Thanks 94eg, I will be thankful and smile.lol Thanks too to papero and cubsfan for your replies.
  10. Hi guys, Ive finally plunged into lipo and from the few times that i've used its I must say thats its a lot better than nimh. I just have a question though, my lipo is a zippy flightmax 4000mah 25c hardcase, When I charge it, (at 1c), it always exceeds 4000mah, it chrges up to 4290, is this a good thing? or should I stop charging once I see it get to 4000? Thanks guys. mix237
  11. Thanks again 94eg!, As always, your info is very informative and useful. mix237
  12. Hi 94eg, Im about to change brushes on my SSBZ motor. What's the difference between the standard brushes and lay-down brushes of tamiya? Can the BZ use standard brushes? they're a bit cheaper than the lay down brushes. Thanks.
  13. All things being equal, does this nean that the higher the c's, the faster the battery drains? Less runtime, more power?
  14. Now thats really nice! Im in the process of restoring my bigwig too (thanks Mark Flores for the help). How did you strip the body of the old paint? or did you get a new one? Thanks.
  15. What do the "C's" in lipo packs mean exactly? Like 20c, 30c etc. Thanks.
  16. You've got a really nice looking FJ40 there. The wheels really look great, made me think of getting those rims too, if you dont mind. My Fj40 used to be a touareg and i've been trailing it, crawling it and bashing it and it just keeps on going! CC-01' s are great fun. Here's mine.
  17. Thanks for the reply TA Mark. Yes setup is very easy and I've done this over and over to my other TEu's with no problem at all, its with this one that I'm puzzled with. Its when I'm at full reverse setup, and ive pressed the button already, the blinking does not stop, therefore setup was not completed. I tried using another transmitter and the setup completed, but there was no reverse at all afterwards, and i'm quite sure that I didnt set it up just for brakes only. I took apart the TEU and it didnt seem to have any major dirt inside. I cleaned it up but still has the same problem... Any clue as to why this is happening? Thanks again.
  18. Since we're on the topic of the TEU-101Bk, I hope you guys dont mind my query. My friends teu doesnt seem to finish the program cycle, meaning, after programming the forward throttle (double blink from the LED), I go to reverse, the unit doesnt respond, the LED should switch off after programming reverse right? but it still keeps on double blinking. Any ideas what could be wrong? Is it due for the trash bin already? Thanks guys.
  19. Hi Mark, Im based here, i'm from the alabang/las pinas area. Did you say he has a bigwig? Hmmm, you think he has some spare parts for it? I'm hoping to restore mine. I managed to tear open the front gearbox after a bad crash a few months ago. Hope you can post a video when you get your avante running!
  20. Swerte mo bro! (Your lucky bro!) There should be vintage races held here in the Philippines!
  21. But some brushless motors also use turns as a basis right? For example, does a 9turn brushless have the same rpm as a 9 turn brushed motor?
  22. Yup, they will work. I used stock plastic hex hubs i took from my CC01 and they fit just fine on my bigwig. I used DF03 rims and tires too.
  23. In your experience, what pinion and spur combination would be best for top speed for my DF02 Plasma Edge? Im running a SuperStock BZ. Thanks.
  24. Thanks Mighty flex, Any brand in particular for the lipo's that are good? What I see are flightmax and Turnigy.
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