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    My first hobby-grade car was an original Hornet in the 1980^s. I still have that car in my basement as well as my father^s two Frogs.

    I now have RC^s ranging from 1/36th scale to 1/5th scale and almost everything in between. I just recently got back into Tamiyas. I built a Jeep CC01 and a Tamiya Clod Buster last year.

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  1. Thank you! I like the color too. It's just a bummer about the spots. It might be water spots. Maybe I just never saw them before because I have never painted a color like this before. I will wipe my Lexan bodies with rubbing alcohol before painting to, hopefully, get rid of water spots and other debris. I don't have any patience either especially when it comes to painting! I love the look of the wheels and tires too. It does roll easily on tarmac. I got the tire and wheel idea from a friend. He has them on his TA02T and his handles well. He put some internal limiters inside of his shocks. I need to do that. His will go around turns and kick the back end out and when it does the tires squeal like a 1:1. I love it! LOL The tires were difficult to find since HPI parts supply is pretty poor these days.
  2. How in the world did you get the decals so flat especially around the bump in the hood? The truck looks incredible! MCI decals are OK. They're certainly not great, but they're better than not having the option at all.
  3. I had a holiday on Tuesday and a house to myself. I was doing some liquid masking on my TT-01E semi and while that was drying I decided to work on my TA02T. I had gotten these Yeah Racing upgrades a while back. When I disassembled the truck I noticed something was missing? Do you see it? Hint - it's at the rear. I forgot to install the small bearing on the output gear. Freaking noob! I went and looked through my Desert Fielder leftovers and, sure enough, there was a perfect size bearing there. I have no idea how I overlooked this. Here's the Yeah Racing prop shaft and outdrives installed. I don't like that they included a smaller outer diameter e-clips. And the outdrives have anodizing in the e-clip slot. You really have to work to get the e-clips and and get the anodizing out of the groove. I'm still not convinced these e-clips are going to stay in place. They are also thinner than the stock Tamiya e-clips so, unfortunately, you can't use the Tamiya e-clips with these Yeah Racing outdrives. It looks nice, but I'm not convinced it's going to hold up. What have your experiences been with this Yeah Racing prop shaft kit? The Yeah Racing motor plate installed without issue. I haven't had a chance to run it yet, but it rolls like the gear mesh is fine. My only minor gripe is that it doesn't have the holes marked like the Tamiya part does. It simply has a dot next to two holes. Those are the holes for a 16T pinion.
  4. My friend has the same issues with his and I've read online that others do as well.
  5. For tight battery compartments, like on the XV-01, I tend to use batteries with removable leads / inboard bullet connectors. I then put 90° bullets on the ESC wires and plug them directly into the battery. Also, HobbyKing (Turnigy) and Venom make the smaller, rounded LiPo battery packs.
  6. Because a lot of RC racers are the biggest prima donnas on the face of the planet...
  7. My opinion is not popular, but the XV-01 is a garbage chassis. It's a perfect example of parts bin engineering gone wrong. There's a lot of steering and suspension interferences up front. Once you sort out the poorly designed build then you have to struggle to make the electronics and battery fit. After that it's a good driving car, but I sold mine and don't plan on buying another because it's just that badly engineering. Oh and belts don't belong on dirt IMHO.
  8. It's exciting to see my plug shipping all over the world! Shapeways recently cancelled orders for nearly 25 of these plugs. They said there were issues despite it printing fine. I contacted them and they have since agreed that it was a mistake and that this is printing fine. If you placed and order and had it cancelled you should be able to place new orders for these plugs. Thank you.
  9. The TT-02S and TT-02R also have a lot of upgrades included.
  10. A friend mentioned that he thought something was up with Tower because they were out of stock on a lot of items. HobbiCo has apparently been having financial issues for years. They owe employees stock dividends. See these two articles: http://www.news-gazette.com/news/local/2017-01-05/hobbicos-deferral-payout-upsets-confounds-ex-workers.html http://www.modelretailer.com/en/The Industry/Industry News/2017/01/Hobbico defers stock ownership payments.aspx HPI announcing new distributors, with no mention of Great Planes / HobbiCo / Tower also have rumors swirling. But Great Planes is still listed under the distributors for HPI. I think this is simply an unfounded rumor, but here is the link to the article: http://www.hpiracing.com/en/article/view/2017110702
  11. I love that. I do prefer it without the wing. Nicely done. The Tamiya AS paint sticks to lexan without flaking off?
  12. I bought Vessel brand JIS drivers on eBay. I'm very happy with them.
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