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  1. f0ogo0

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Glad your happy, i struggled describing in the ebay add, its not perfect but its such a cool looking car it looks great on the shelf anyway.
  2. f0ogo0

    My "Vintage" Wish List

    supershot is on its way, hopefully your happy with it.
  3. f0ogo0

    My "Vintage" Wish List

    all good, wasnt having a go at you, i was a bit worried the snipers where gonna go ballistic at the end, had around 80 watchers and a lot of questions, was trying to make sure ppl didnt think it was NIB quality and pay too much. i think between 300 and 400 would have made most buyers happy, and yes they are a good perve, by the way the orange and black body is new, i know you want box art but i think it looks better anyway, i had black wheels on it and they set it off.
  4. f0ogo0

    My "Vintage" Wish List

    Hey mate, paid less than I did for it, owes me around $430, I paid $250 for it originally minus motor wheels and a fair few broken parts and it was in terrible condition, I have just restored it to sit on the shelf, but it wouldnt need much to be a runner. anyway will post it monday, been pretty busy so sorry to make you wait. hopefully your happy with it.
  5. Have three Tamiyas on listed on ebay I would like to shamelessly plug Frog SuperShot Boomerang
  6. f0ogo0

    Super Shot!

    was it the one with bald super grippers? i wanted to snipe that auction to $380 but stuck at work. i hope a re re comes out soon before i mortgage my house to get one