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  1. I used to run a Technipower in the mid-late 90's with Tekin/Novake esc's of the time.
  2. Cleaning up nicely. I have a Hotshot & Pumpkin too I wouldn't mind dusting off and bashing around again.
  3. RcHunter

    Marui Hunters

    Sold this tha last time I posted. Thanks
  4. The Tamiya Gepard is one of my favorites as well. Good Luck on the search.
  5. Well I picked up this old relic a little while back and I figured I would share it with you guys.
  6. I don't have a printer with a scan feature. The best I can do is just take pics with my camera.
  7. RcHunter

    Marui Hunters

    Oh , here's a pic you all might like:
  8. RcHunter

    Marui Hunters

    Let's see some pics
  9. Whoa, calm down there friend. I was just complimenting you on a fine effort of posting the mag in which in this case I meant Catalog. But you know what we both meant. I had barely seen your first two response and I didn't notice the link. I love seeing those vintage ads but I was hoping the Datsun 4WD (Datsun .10 as some call it) was in there as well. I appreciate you taking the time and effort (as I'm sure many others do) for posting your catalog.
  10. I have an old Letrax corvette. I'll try and get some pics posted
  11. Nice mag! Do you see a Datsun 10 (pickup) listed in there?
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