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  1. The wheels on the Frog and Hornet are most likely these 1.9" mounted with Tamiya rally Block tires on the front. Not sure what rear tires are mounted at the rear, though.
  2. Darn close @260mm :-) According to Vestergaardgroup the wheelbase is 267mm.
  3. According to a post from June 9, 2023 on tamiyablog.com it's 239 mm wheelbase.
  4. Well, failed to upload an image of the new Fiat 131. So, check out tamiyablog.com for an image: https://tamiyablog.com
  5. I am aware of the TT Truck tire and M-chassis wheels. But the combo is only a direct fit to the M-chassis and standard TT02 with some added spacers just to push the wheel a few mm. The combo won't fit the XV-01 and XV-02 chassis to my knowledge, due to the M-chassis wheels small inner diameter. It will rub the suspension.
  6. It's about time someone releases a dedicated rally gravel tire/wheel combo. I suggest a tire/wheel combo of 1.55"/1.9"? The small outer diameter would produce a taller tire wall and 1.9" will make them fit existing tc/rally chassis. Outer tire diameter 65-70mm and width, say 24mm? Just a thought c'',)
  7. Thanks for info. I had a bad feeling it has something to do with HEIC format. Thanks. As for the result I will get back with more information when get some work done. Hopefully soon and in a separate thread.
  8. Way ahead of you. Got the idea myself a while back. Haven't finished it yet. My chassis is TT02 Type-S, so the steel suspensions shafts are from that kit. But essential you can do the same from a standard TT-02 and you only need the steel suspension steel shafts. And XV-01/02 suspension parts naturally :-) Further I have added nitro tubing as can been seen in the pictures. There are zero sideways play. For and aft movement depends on the shimming determine the wheelbase too. Edit: Couldn't show the pics. Do you see the pictures or do you see a link only? front.HEIC rear.HEIC bushings_mount_1.HEIC
  9. You need to take up self defense. Rather sooner than later.
  10. Upon assembling the Type-S, I found the metal mounts gave some play F and R. Had some nitro-tube and thought that this might go as bushings? Just like a real car carries rubber bushings in the suspension. Although, not rubber but silicone tubing, I’d cut some small pieces of nitro-tube @ 3-4mm in length. Insert them in the mounting hole, add a drop of damper oil for an easy steel-shaft push fit. The nitro-tubing I have is OD 5,5mm and ID 3mm. When the tubing is pushed to fit the ID will decrease slightly making it a tight fit. Add spacer’s for wheelbase of choice. The spacers also keeps the tube in place. No play what so ever as for the steel-shaft mounting. Will this hold up when the car it put through it’s paces? Sorry to say, I do not know. Yet. What do you think, could this hold up for some serious driving? What’s your thought’s? Just thought, I’d share the idea c'',) IMG_0983.HEIC IMG_0982.HEIC IMG_0984.HEIC
  11. A small glimpse from the manual taken from Mikanews' video on Youtube:
  12. A small glimpse from the manual taken from Mikanews' video above:
  13. Mikanews on Youtube have a very nice presentation of the MB-01 chassis and in that video (@ approx. 5.53min in the video) small glimpse of the manual covering wheelbase and diff:
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