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  1. You need to take up self defense. Rather sooner than later.
  2. Upon assembling the Type-S, I found the metal mounts gave some play F and R. Had some nitro-tube and thought that this might go as bushings? Just like a real car carries rubber bushings in the suspension. Although, not rubber but silicone tubing, I’d cut some small pieces of nitro-tube @ 3-4mm in length. Insert them in the mounting hole, add a drop of damper oil for an easy steel-shaft push fit. The nitro-tubing I have is OD 5,5mm and ID 3mm. When the tubing is pushed to fit the ID will decrease slightly making it a tight fit. Add spacer’s for wheelbase of choice. The spacers also keeps the tube in place. No play what so ever as for the steel-shaft mounting. Will this hold up when the car it put through it’s paces? Sorry to say, I do not know. Yet. What do you think, could this hold up for some serious driving? What’s your thought’s? Just thought, I’d share the idea c'',) IMG_0983.HEIC IMG_0982.HEIC IMG_0984.HEIC
  3. A small glimpse from the manual taken from Mikanews' video on Youtube:
  4. A small glimpse from the manual taken from Mikanews' video above:
  5. Mikanews on Youtube have a very nice presentation of the MB-01 chassis and in that video (@ approx. 5.53min in the video) small glimpse of the manual covering wheelbase and diff:
  6. @Frog Jumper No not yet: https://www.tamiya.com/japan/customer/downloads/rc/index.html Scroll down to you 4WD. The latest addition being the TD4 manual. It will likely not be available for a few months.
  7. Every now and again Tamiya manage to release news that are so unexpected to the community. For one the NSU which totally blew me away. Lovely youngtimer. The same goes for the Ford Escort mk ll and the Audi Quattro. True classic's. Next year it will be the Golf mk ll. No one saw this coming. No one! LOVE IT! I love when Tamiya surprises the community with great unexpected releases. Not to mention MB-01 chassis. I hope we will see some CAD drawings of teaser images because 30 days in to the future is a longe time to wait. Just saying. Have a great happy new year, ya'll c'',)
  8. Not an expert in servos, but I'd say a stronger servo is needed. Or you could always give your Futaba a run for it's money and see what happens :-) From Katu Rou's video above I think he uses a strong Sanwa Brushless servo (from what I could gather from his video).
  9. Adding weight could give the car the right "behaviour" :-) A guy on YouTube (Katu Rou) has done just that. He added approx. 0,8 kg of weight to his TT-02D and looking at the video it seems to be right approach. In my book anyway. He uses wheel balance weight mounted inside the body shell. Have a look:
  10. The TT-02D is sold as a drift car, hence the difference in ride height front and rear making it easier to break into a drift. The difference in ride height front to rear, to my knowledge, increases steering. I am quite certain it is possible to adjust the ride height in the front to match rear ride height despite the Tamiya warning in the manual. Hope it make sense?
  11. I do hope it's a upcoming release. Looks awesome as always by Tamiya c'',)
  12. Screenshot from Tamiya USA Facebook page. What to make of it? I would love to see a re-release. Love it! What's your story with this truck?
  13. Hi Guys. I saw this Tweet from Tamiyainc below left showing which is likely a Toyota Truck and above a (new?) Toyota Le Mans car. I haven't seen the Truck before. Just (****) curious. Anyone?
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