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  1. @Exit13 According to Tamiya Inc's website the tires are only 28mm in width.
  2. How about Tamiya Euro Truck tires? They are about OD of 70mm. Here they are mounted on M-chassis wheels although they do not come with tire inserts. IMG_1165.pdf IMG_1166.pdf IMG_1167.pdf
  3. The unpainted Ford Escort mk II body courtesy Tamiyablog: https://tamiyablog.com/2020/11/photo-of-the-unpainted-tamiya-51658-ford-escort-mkii-rally-body-parts-set/ Looks darn sharp to me c'',)
  4. The year (1982-83?) Tamiya released their first three-speeds, the Toyota Hilux and Blazing Blazer. My all-time Tamiya favorites to this day and showing what Tamiya was capable of in the world of rc in that period of time.
  5. @Mechanic AH Very nice looking car and great images. How did you connect the rear light? Thanks :-)
  6. The manual is now available for scrutinizing courtesy of Tamiyablog: https://tamiyablog.com/2020/07/tamiya-58681-formula-e-gen2-car-championship-livery-tc-01-chassis-assembly-manual/
  7. @Madinventor: You provided the incorrect URL. This is the correct one: https://www.hpcgears.com Thank you the link. I've added HPC Gears to my favorite. Might come in handy.
  8. I understand the M08 is confirmed. My educated guess is the chassis is likely to be announced at the HobbyShow in April/May.
  9. From what I gather, Japanese company, Ride, have discontinued their wide offset M-chassis wheels. I believe they are 4mm off set. Given the measurement above, I'd say they would fit perfectly IMO :-)
  10. It is a beautiful rally car. No doubt. Since Tamiya announced the release, I have been looking for some image of the 1:1 car and it strikes me that the tarmac tires/wheels combo on the 1:1 car could be similar to TT02 fitted with M-chassis 60 tires/wheels. The overall with of the TT02 fitted with M-chassis tires/wheels is 180mm. I guess the overall width of the body is approx. 185- 187mm. Shims might need to be fitted too increase chassis width to fit the body for better overall appearance. The body also need to be lowered though. Just a thought. I am very close to decide on the Audi for my TT02. Will be running on indoor grey carpet. qatmix, any ideas of gear ratios using 13.5 or 17.5 turn motor in TT02 chassis mounted with M-chassis tires? Image courtesy from topspeed.com Thanks.
  11. That's ok ;-) In that context, you're correct with 1:1 wheelbase of 2524mm. I still hope Tamiya stretched the body to fit 257mm chassis :-)
  12. As per 1:1 wheelbase, I'd say 257mm is closer than 251mm :-) Anyway, I sincerely hope Tamiya stretched the shell it to fit 257mm, so I can fit it to my TA06 chassis.
  13. @speedy: Thanks :-) I also use 0.3 mm ABC Hobby tape. But from the inside. The lexan paint holds down the tape. But I admit, if you are going to do a multiple paint scheme, it will be a challenge. Up til now, I have only done one color liveries.
  14. @speedy. Thank you for the thorough reply. I am new to 3D prints as well as designing parts. I understand you use FreeCAD? I see endless possibilities of making small parts for my many projects.
  15. Have to say, what an awesome build. I am in head over heels in your project. Love it. Is it not possible to 3D print a longer chassis plate to accommodate the longer wheelbase using RM01 uprights? Or will a 3D print chassis be too fragile, say in a crash? Oh, and what material have being used to make the parts? Thanks :-)
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