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  1. That is actually very very nice indeed. Well done big T :-).
  2. Epic thread I must say. Always wanted a Tamiya Porsche but not on a TT-02 chassis. A TA-07 chassis sounds about right :-) @Richiemail: Any updates on your TA-07 with TA-04SS rear arms and did you experience any issues? Thanks
  3. I don't think so but thanks all the same :-)
  4. With the Tamiya and Lotus history in mind, why not. A Lotus Cortina would be paramount. Can't wait to the see the Lotus Europe on a the M-chassis with the body being very low indeed.
  5. If Tamiya was to release the Austin Allegro for the M-chassis, I would buy it instantly. I think it could be fun.
  6. How much taller do you want them? Tires from Tamiya Euro Racing Truck carries tires that will fit M-chassis wheels and is 70-73mm in OD: IMG_1166.pdf IMG_1167.pdf
  7. @kiasukid I keep finding info dating way back and you are correct that the GT-01 came with spare 12mm hexes (#40152) for the GB-01 to carry M-chassis wheels. Now we only need Tamiya to re-release GT-01 :-)
  8. @kiasukid Looking in the old manual of the GB-01 chassis kit it does holds hexes on all four corners, but I do not recall them being 12mm size of smaller: https://d7z22c0gz59ng.cloudfront.net/cms/japan/download/rcmanual/57102gb_01.pdf
  9. I had the TamTech Hornet myself. One thing I learned was that the M-chassis tires fit the rear TamTech wheels. So, I mounted the rear wheels on the front axle too fitted with M-chassis tires. Voila! TamTech tarmac pounder was born.
  10. @Exit13 According to Tamiya Inc's website the tires are only 28mm in width.
  11. How about Tamiya Euro Truck tires? They are about OD of 70mm. Here they are mounted on M-chassis wheels although they do not come with tire inserts. IMG_1165.pdf IMG_1166.pdf IMG_1167.pdf
  12. The unpainted Ford Escort mk II body courtesy Tamiyablog: https://tamiyablog.com/2020/11/photo-of-the-unpainted-tamiya-51658-ford-escort-mkii-rally-body-parts-set/ Looks darn sharp to me c'',)
  13. The year (1982-83?) Tamiya released their first three-speeds, the Toyota Hilux and Blazing Blazer. My all-time Tamiya favorites to this day and showing what Tamiya was capable of in the world of rc in that period of time.
  14. @Mechanic AH Very nice looking car and great images. How did you connect the rear light? Thanks :-)
  15. The manual is now available for scrutinizing courtesy of Tamiyablog: https://tamiyablog.com/2020/07/tamiya-58681-formula-e-gen2-car-championship-livery-tc-01-chassis-assembly-manual/
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