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  1. The TT-02D is sold as a drift car, hence the difference in ride height front and rear making it easier to break into a drift. The difference in ride height front to rear, to my knowledge, increases steering. I am quite certain it is possible to adjust the ride height in the front to match rear ride height despite the Tamiya warning in the manual. Hope it make sense?
  2. I do hope it's a upcoming release. Looks awesome as always by Tamiya c'',)
  3. Screenshot from Tamiya USA Facebook page. What to make of it? I would love to see a re-release. Love it! What's your story with this truck?
  4. Hi Guys. I saw this Tweet from Tamiyainc below left showing which is likely a Toyota Truck and above a (new?) Toyota Le Mans car. I haven't seen the Truck before. Just (****) curious. Anyone?
  5. Kentech have posted several images and a looong list of items and Hop-ups for the XV-02 (and TT-02): https://kentech.wordpress.com/2022/03/09/tamiya-xv-02-parts-descriptions-pics/ Wicked!
  6. That is actually very very nice indeed. Well done big T :-).
  7. Epic thread I must say. Always wanted a Tamiya Porsche but not on a TT-02 chassis. A TA-07 chassis sounds about right :-) @Richiemail: Any updates on your TA-07 with TA-04SS rear arms and did you experience any issues? Thanks
  8. I don't think so but thanks all the same :-)
  9. With the Tamiya and Lotus history in mind, why not. A Lotus Cortina would be paramount. Can't wait to the see the Lotus Europe on a the M-chassis with the body being very low indeed.
  10. If Tamiya was to release the Austin Allegro for the M-chassis, I would buy it instantly. I think it could be fun.
  11. How much taller do you want them? Tires from Tamiya Euro Racing Truck carries tires that will fit M-chassis wheels and is 70-73mm in OD: IMG_1166.pdf IMG_1167.pdf
  12. @kiasukid I keep finding info dating way back and you are correct that the GT-01 came with spare 12mm hexes (#40152) for the GB-01 to carry M-chassis wheels. Now we only need Tamiya to re-release GT-01 :-)
  13. @kiasukid Looking in the old manual of the GB-01 chassis kit it does holds hexes on all four corners, but I do not recall them being 12mm size of smaller: https://d7z22c0gz59ng.cloudfront.net/cms/japan/download/rcmanual/57102gb_01.pdf
  14. I had the TamTech Hornet myself. One thing I learned was that the M-chassis tires fit the rear TamTech wheels. So, I mounted the rear wheels on the front axle too fitted with M-chassis tires. Voila! TamTech tarmac pounder was born.
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