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  1. I recently picked up a used Wild Willy 2 (WR-02) and I'm surprised by how smooth and quiet the drivetrain is. Is it just me? Am I just used to big trucks with metal gears that make a lot of noise? Or does anyone else notice it too.
  2. I'm looking to use a lipo in my Wild Willy 2 and was wondering if anyone knew what would be the largest/highest discharge 2S lipo that would fit in the stock stick pack holder. Doing some napkin math I've come up with 2200mah 2s 50/60c packs should fit inside (and require some padding to stop it from rattling around).
  3. I want to pick up some extra bodies for my rerelease Ultima. All I can find is part UTB001, which is the full body set for $40+ which includes the roll cage and decals. Is there a cheaper source for just the polycarbonate body?
  4. Thanks for the tip with the Japanese spelling! I found the channel, it's "パイセンRC" if anyone else was interested.
  5. Hi, a while back I found a Japanese youtube channel that featured some Tamiya kits. The production value was fairly high, almost as if it was a real TV show, and it had a host and everything. It was completely in Japanese, located in Japan, etc. I can't find the channel any more. Does anyone know which channel I'm talking about?
  6. I bought a used TB-02 and it came with a 350Z shell in so-so condition. The bucket headlights were taped in... which led me to untaping them and putting blue LEDs in
  7. It is auto accepting offers of 300 or more and declining anything under it automatically What price did you want
  8. Not sure what just happened but I guess you guys dont like "how much is it worth" threads Anyways it will be on ebay for a bit so if you're interested, check it out.
  9. I have this NIB Grasshopper II (not super g), everything in there. How much is it worth?
  10. Here is my NIB grasshopper II on ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=160355959165
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