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  1. Just invested in the SS RZ, can't wait for it to arrive, though now I'm thinking my batterys might not be up to scratch- they are nearly new NiCd 2000m/Ah, will they be up to it?? Starting to get expensive this!!lol Just don't tell the girlfriend!!lol
  2. Think I'm going to go for a Tamiya SS RZ! Also my friend says he's got a Pro Stock 2 motor that I can have for free, I've got 3 Bush Devils so theres plenty of choices really!
  3. Really helpful replys, thanks guys!!
  4. Thanks for the reply's guys, really helpful!! Whats the difference between the BZ, RZ and TZ motors?
  5. Lol, been watching that just to see if it sells, I've got 3 Bush Devils and a Brat so the missus would kill me if I got another (she thinks I've only got the 2!!lol) Good Luck!
  6. I need more speed! I have a Bush Devil with uprated oil filled shocks, fully ballraced and run a TEU-101BK ESC, what motor would be suitable for more speed, I believe i'm currently running an uprated 540 motor (with Genuine Racing Gear written on it) at the minute though not 100% as it was fitted when I bought it. Any suggestions would be great!!
  7. I'd also like to fully replace the plastic bushes with metal bearings, anyone know of an available kit? Will these be OK? -- http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...e=STRK:MEWAX:IT Thanks. James.
  8. Thanks for the advice! I know its the 'black sheep' - I think its part of the attraction!! Also means I can use some parts from a non-runner shell I've got lying about.. Can't wait to get back properly into building these money pits!lol Had a Monster Beetle when I was about 12, hammered it about, then it broke and I gave it away to my friend, who might actually still have it- will have to check!
  9. How much should I be looking to pay for a Bush Devil, with no radio gear?? Friend is selling it, its in good condition, with the usual repairs on the shell, other than that its pretty tidy..its also got King Blackfoot wheels and oil filled shocks. He wants £45 for it; good, bad or meh?? Thanks guys and girls...
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