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  1. i got a modded 13 / 3 if thats anygood to ya mate
  2. heres my minizilla but ive just about finished modding it abit more FPV Minizilla with onboard video downlink this is what i plan to build into my king and monster so alas they might not look too pretty when finished lol but what they will be doin will be waaaaaay past what the original designer ever dreamed of at the time now who got a time machine so i can beam back to the 70's and change everything?
  3. E.R Howard Ltd hull UK taken from the can highly penetrative 100s of uses 3-in-one will remove road tar and heavy grime from cars, bicycles,prams etc. LUBRICATES-CLEANS-POLISHES-PREVENTS RUST AND TARNISH dunno if it really is the miracle oil but they sure do big it up on the can and i tell you what i compared the tires i mentioned in my last post to a set i havnt done yet and the difference is definate dunno what the tires were like when 1st rolled out but these are quite nice now
  4. coat your tires in 3in1 oil mate i got a truck off ebay the other day tired were getting hard coated them in 3in1 and rubbed it in with my fingers and 2hours laters all the oil had seaped into the tires real nice makes them look clean and new too hope that helps
  5. rebuilding a monster beetle and king blackfoot at the mo but i am always on the lookout for cheap minizilla's hint hint
  6. ummmm that a grey frog chassis? and a blue chassis same underneath? and did i see a king blackfoot too? big yellow wheels? blue shocks? red shocks? coupla batteries? any bearings? how much for the above please mate? i would like to build me a king blackfoot and a monster beetle so if you got anything going cheap that i missed please let me know and if the goodies have gone already no worries
  7. yep i sent you a messege a few dqays back about ya chassis not bad with the price reduced but i just picked up a FROG with 4 batteries and 2 chargers for £27
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