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  1. I have an above average collection of LED flashlights...but I don't actually "collect" them. I usually buy them and then buy better versions down the line. My current favorite brand is Coast due to their "Pure Beam" optics. They have one of the best optics in the industry IMO. When adjusted for flood, the Pure Beam optics is very clean and well defined...no halos etc. I have two of their stainless steel models...the A25 and the A25R. The latter has an output of over 700 lumens and has rechargeable li-ion batteries that could be charged inside the flashlight or outside without needing a charging cradle. The battery itself has a microUSB port for direct charging with a cable.
  2. Forza 700 heli kit Kasama Dune 600 heli kit
  3. No...you've just been brainwashed into paying more for Tamiya re-releases... This thing has a slipper clutch and adjustable shocks and full aluminum ladder frame and forged aluminum suspension arms. Hard to believe it's the same price as the Wild One...
  4. Kyosho did a good job with this one. Lots of metal and a slipper clutch also could be upgraded with the ball differential from the RB6. Lots of high resolution pictures at RCG. http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2152492
  5. I'll be getting one even though I have no idea what the significance of the Scorpion was. Back in the day I knew nothing of Kyosho cars.
  6. Hi, I'm using it to connect a 2S lipo receiver pack to a HV capable receiver. I'm also using HV servos. Will install it into an electric helicopter. Yes it has a built-in lipo cutoff to protect the lipo RX pack but I don't think you could turn that feature off so I have no choice but to use it. Since it will be installed in a heli it's better to not have the switch turn off the RX when the battery is low. On a car it's no problem as the car will go into fail safe and stop. On a heli it will drop from the sky. That said you're correct that it is designed for surface Nitro or Gas models.
  7. Yep HW pretty much ate their lunch on the high end offering unbeatable performance and value along with their partners like Speedpassion. On the low end it's the same. Novak hasn't innovated for a long time so they simply got left behind. Sad but that's how things go.I'd also say Castle has ate into their lunch as well. Many RTR kits have Castle systems in them.
  8. The programming box has a slide out tray with a cheat sheet showing the different item values that could be changed.
  9. Just wondering if it was a legit online shop?
  10. Yeah whatever you use on plastic gears make sure it's safe for plastic.
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