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  1. Are these gold dampers any different from the kit ones? The kit dampers are already gold, right? Nice silver wheels, sure look better then the white ones. Btw, HK is making a lot of news lately. I'm sorry to hear what the CCP is turning it into.
  2. I don't like how they slapped a sticker on a generic TT-01E box instead of a real box art for the Skyline GTR. Still ordered one because cool body. Same for the lunch box, got the Black Edition, but skipping this one because no cool box art.
  3. Sorry, I have not looked at the clone closely. I assume some of you guys are able to tell from the pics on the listing, that makes you think it's not the 2012 Bruiser from Tamiya. So what are the tell-tale signs? Perhaps some of you can share the knowledge to help others (like myself) from falling victim to similar situations. Much appreciated!
  4. Please let us know what they say if you do decide to call them. Or find out if they have plans to circumvent MAP on their website. I'd rather buy from Tower than from eBay sellers in Hongkong, but in the end, money talks.
  5. I bought the Suzuki Jimny Wheelie 58531 for $99 + free shipping direct from TamiyaUSA last year. Price was too good to pass up. I've always wondered why this particular kit was priced so low. Someone mistakenly put dealer pricing on it instead of MSRP perhaps? Or they had too many excess inventory and needed to get rid of some. With the new website, price is back to $274, however.
  6. The original Bruiser is nick named the "Mountain Pig" in Mandarin speaking countries. "Mountain Pig" in Mandarin Chinese means Wild Boar or Hog.
  7. I have seen online retailers' website says: "Put item in cart to see price" without breaking the MAP policy. Though I doubt Tower will implement something like that on their antiquated website anytime soon. I can't believe Tamiya USA has not felt the impact (and sales feedback from major retailers) of this MAP bullsh*t. Have they not heard of this thing called eBay and international shipping?
  8. I may have missed it, but was there some sort of announcement before the new pricing was implemented? If not, I believe Tower missed an opportunity to get some potentially large amount of orders in before the new pricing took effect. I, for one, would have placed my order if I knew this was coming. Now I'm just gonna wait, or go to eBay.
  9. I wonder if the current Tower operations will remain "as is" from the end customers' perspective (similar to Omni Models' sale to Tower), or will it disappear and be absorbed into Horizon's mail order business? As of now it appears Tower is still processing and shipping orders, but I noticed my last order took a few days longer than normal to ship. Also, I've been pondering if I should go ahead and order the stuff that have been on my "wish list" and take advantage of the coupon codes while I still can? My concern is that those club member savings might be gone once Horizon takes over.
  10. Your order history with Tower could be valuable to Horizon too. Personally I don't plan to opt-out. Nothing is secret in the internet.
  11. Thanks to the moderator for merging my thread. Now I feel dumb for not even aware of Hobbico's bankruptcy news that have been surfacing since last year. Anyway, I hope Tower survives. Their coupon codes have been a huge incentive for me. On some items you can also take advantage of the EasyPay option. I still have the Tamiya Lancia 037 kit backordered (fingers crossed hoping it will get filled).
  12. [Threads Merged] May be this is old news, but just today I received an email from Tower Hobbies saying that it's parent company Hobbico is being sold to Horizon Hobby. So the two largest R/C hobby distributors in the US are being combined into one. I have to say this is surprising to me. R/C is already a dwindling hobby (especially among youngsters). Hope this doesn't negatively impact the R/C landscape in the US.
  13. Sorry off topic. Do you have any more info on this? I live literally minutes away from the Traxxas HQ here in Texas. I drive by the HQ several times a week. The facility is currently under expansion (looks like at least double the current size), and there are always rows of semi-trucks at the loading dock. Business must be good. Though I personally don't own any of the Traxxas models. I don't find them appealing for some reason.
  14. Thanks for posting the pics (though I missed the one that you removed). I used to live in HK.
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