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  1. Very creative! Who's still making this thing?
  2. These are pictures I just seen online. Very impressive! This is a very good idea to upgrade the whole front suspension for hotshot. It is much better than the way what super hotshot for the dual dampers arrangement.
  3. I prefer the black one from Blackfoot. The blue ORV chassis is very nice but rare. https://tamiyabase.com/tamiya-models/58101
  4. The ampro upgraded front shock tower is based on the vintage CRP tower made for the Frog back in 80s, and which is what I have for more than decades. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EX6Q4_A5qFM&list=PLnHCsL1lJIgSjS4nXl7DElF_0egbVoslC&index=2&t=636s And the Ampro highly recommended 70 to 72mm shock length for the application.
  5. Any comments about this damper for the Frog. It looks very well made.
  6. FC5687

    Kyosho Optima

    I agree with you. The original optima is just as good or maybe better than the MIP RC10 4WD upgrade. I've seen couple times both ran on the track back in early 90s. What I want to say the cost of optima's hop ups is almost par with the asking price of ZX7. If the fully hop up optima is as good as any contemporary belt drive 4wd such as Schumacher L1 evo, it might worth every penny Even my boomerang bettered the optima back in the days . I like ZX7
  7. Sure I think the L1 eco is very good. But the XLS still lovely. I like it better than any Kyosho off-road except both Optima mid and original Optima
  8. The upcoming Team Corally SBX-410 costs quite reasonable. Any thoughts?
  9. FC5687


    Yes sir. Sure I hear you.
  10. FC5687

    Kyosho Optima

    My friend who bought the optima rerelease couple years ago, and informed me that the hop up parts for this car such as ball dif, 7075 chassis, carbon parts, etc., altogether cost more than the Lazer ZX7. I'm impressed!
  11. FC5687


    It shows up several online shop with price and status when we Google search just what I said. Well .... Should I responsible to any updated and removal of those online stores
  12. I used to have Frog with thorp ball diff and all CRP upgrades probably between 85 and 86. Very good runner I bought the rc10 in 87. But still missed the frog as it was fun to drive
  13. I always wonder whether both falcon and fox share s Ame gearbox and diff? AFAIK, both frog and fox has the same diff.
  14. FC5687


    Very easy these days. Google search for "Tamiya db01RRR kit". And you can see the pricing and stock status of this particular one offered by fair amounts of RC online shops, and which is our of stock or sold out
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