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  1. Thanks for your advice! Big Bore all the way. If using WO for e front, what about the rear? Shouldn't soft high traction arm for the front?
  2. I found different parts number for DB01 hop up. Which one should I go for a DB01 RRR upgrade? Universal Joint ITEM# 54016 RC ASSEMBLY UNIVERSAL SHAFT ITEM# 54119 RC DB01 ASSEMBLY WO UNIV SHAFT Wide Operating Angle (Rear ITEM# 42283 RC DOUBLE CARDAN JOINT SHAFT ITEM# 42284 RC DOUBLE CARDAN JOINT SHAFT Shocks ITEM# 54028 RC TRF BUGGY DAMPERS ITEM# 42198 RC BUGGY HL AERATION DAMPER Set ITEM# 54504 RC BUGGY BIG BORE DAMPER FRONT Aeration Type ITEM# 54505 RC BUGGY BIG BORE DAMPER REAR Aeration Type Arms ITEM# 54141 RC HIGH TRACTION LOWER ARM Db01 Front ITEM# 54142 RC HIGH TRACTION LOWER ARM Db01 Rear ITEM# 54283 RC HIGH TRAC SOFT LOWER ARM Db01 Front3
  3. excellent! Now things much more easier! Do you suggests one way unit or gear diff at the front? Thanks 🙏
  4. Many thanks for the details! I am really appreciate 🙏
  5. Is this gear differential unit exactly the same using in DB01RRR? Thanks!
  6. Since both chassis are available for Durga hop up., whether they share the same kick and wheelbase? Thanks!
  7. I know rear knuckle of both hotshot and boomerang are very different.
  8. Anyone is offering aluminium / alloy rear knuckle for Tamiya Boomerang?
  9. It has been talked about this issue for few years. Is that really true? My friend wants this car but he couldn't afford it back in the day. Now he wants to get one.
  10. This is exactly what I meant. I have taken mechanical engineering course three decades ago, I learnt the characters of different type of plastics including Delrin, ABS etc. ABS has problem after drilling or similar process. the problem you won't see but it's there. the whole ABS plasticis already weakened This is quite stupid for MIP produce a ball diff like that! How come they don't do the way like Thorp Dirt Burner has done in the 80s'. I have used the Thorp ball diff in both my Frog and Boomerang. they are stunning! Unfortunately, they are no longer existed!
  11. Some if use still have vintage cars and most parts aren't available these days. Any one offers custom work for printed parts for vintage RC cars??
  12. Anyone out there offering 3D printing the hotshot gearboxes that fits the MIP ball diff without drilling any holes? Thanks!
  13. Hi All! My friend bought two sets of MIP ball diff for his Boomerang He has spent few months for experiment. He settled down has the stock gear diff for the front and the MIP ball diff for the rear. He claimed that this convo given more control, stability and speed at the corner What would happen the other way around? One thing he has been using a clutch for years by modifying the shaft.
  14. Hello! What Re the difference between both? Thanks 🙏
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