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  1. I just get another set of wheels and tyres for off road and leave the bald ones on for asphalt.
  2. Yesterday really. Removed axles ready for my TRX4 ones to arrive. Also would like to ditch the plastic radio box, but not sure how to mount the gearbox servo yet. Can you dye the bumpers or any paint suggestions?
  3. Ordered a set of trx4 portal axles with remote diff locks for my bruiser clone. Not sure this one will pan out yet. Likely a 4 link set up.
  4. Yes 2 new kits and i'm still better off.
  5. What about the value of time spent in the hobby? For example I bought a kit that was much better value RTR, but I wanted the unassembled kit because of the time spent in the hobby is enjoyable. Hard to put a price on it. If I swapped going to the pub with time in the hobby I could afford a new tamiya kit every month easily and chuck it away. Madness.
  6. You've got a great and valuable example there. So definitely get yourself a pair of modern cars to run together and reserve this one for your own enjoyment. You'd be gutted if you break a part that is expensive or hard to get.
  7. Saw my nephew today. His car was 80% complete Roller from @Grumpy pants about a year ago. It’s was mint. Sorry. Lol. However my now 4yr old nephew runs this car harder and more frequently than any other car I have known. He’s probably run 200hours though it. He absolutely loves it. It’s had 3 sets of rear tyres, a motor, a chassis, 2 escs and rx. Brilliant. He’ll be Tamiya for life. Like his dad, uncle and grandad.
  8. 20mins on grass is probably pretty hard on a motor with any gearing. When these cars were new, you were fortunate to get 5mins on run time.
  9. Download a bruiser re re manual to get the bearing sizes. The shocks leak. You have to replace the o rings and ptfe tape the tops on them. there’s loads of YouTube and rccrawler info out there. I’ve only done stuff others had already done.
  10. I bought one as a lock down project and the little issues just add to the reward of the project. It’s builds fine Overall. The shocks need attention though Since running a bearing collapsed in the rear diff and nearly wrecked the gears. New, better quality bearings have been fitted. The steering is awful, but so is the original. Front servo mod fixed that. I got the kit, without radio. I am using my own one with a 2 position 3rd channel for the gearbox. I have 1st and 3rd. Overall it’s a great project and a fun brasher. If I wanted a shelf queen I’d get a Tamiya as I am sure the quality is loads better.
  11. I live in Boxmoor and its not been there for at least 20 years.
  12. All working now, once I'd set it up properly. My 3rd channel only has 2 positions, so gone with 1st and 3rd for now. Can change to 1st and 2nd or 2nd and third if I reduce the EPA to 0% on one of the positions.
  13. Built the gearbox for my Bruiser. I have 3 speeds, all neutral Investigation needed.
  14. Pictures cover how far I got. The wheels are only loosely attached. Dampers need fitting. Gearbox to build and fit them it’s done. However I’m sure it’s coming apart soon because.... widen front track lengthen wheelbase so rear fits the arches move steering servo to front more lights change the dampers Soften leaf springs etc etc
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