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  1. Butler

    DIY Body kit Molds

    Doesn't PETG go brittle if you use the wrong paint??
  2. Butler

    Kyosho Optima Mid Quick Restore

    Nice. I am doing something similar for a friends Lazer ZX. I could do with a couple of the king pins to complete. Seems hard to find at a sensible cost. Do you find the transmission spins freely? This lazer feels like it has a lot of drag.
  3. Butler

    Tamiya M-07R Chassis Kit build #84436

    Looks great. I’ll be testing a 24t pinion on Sunday, still with a silver can. Looks like I could go with more front toe.
  4. I work in this area. Tue-Thur so could collect in my lunch hour.
  5. Butler

    Tamiya 57409 - Lunch Box Mini (SW-01)

    Exactly. Fits in your hands.
  6. Butler

    Tamiya 57409 - Lunch Box Mini (SW-01)

    This sounds brilliant. 1/24 scale perhaps?
  7. Butler

    List your extra shells?

    Love the warning that you shouldn’t attempt to surf in a pickup. 142! 😨
  8. Butler

    front tire wear - should i be worried?

    My understanding would be toe out would make it worse. Have you checked for negative camber?
  9. Butler

    Tamiya M-07R Chassis Kit build #84436

    Mazda 2/Demio. A few of us race on a car park track. (2x M07s, 3x M05s) I am really impressed with the M07. Feels really sharp, but still fun. Nice amount of lift off over-steer. I think low torque suits these cars, so taller gearing might be good, especially on tarmac with stock 60D tyres. Attached is the other M07 with a shell from ThunderDragonCy's link.
  10. Butler

    Tamiya M-07R Chassis Kit build #84436

    Nice build so far... I have just just built an M07. I was underwhelmed by the body choice. But fairly happy with the result after liberal stickering. It bog standard with a silver can. Gonna try the 24t pinion.
  11. Butler

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Don’t think so.
  12. Butler

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Met a guy in the boozer with 30 Tamiya’s in his loft. Lives in my road.
  13. Butler

    Newly arrived Lazer ZX

    I’m just about to rebuild one of these for a friend. I dismantled it last night. I am missing a few screw and need to come up with a solution to secure a hard case stick lipo. I don’t have any spares unfortunately. I think the survival of these cars as runners is down to the 3D printing gurus.
  14. Need some bits to finish a little build for my nephew. I need some shocks, doesn't have to be CVA's as its for a 4year old running a 380motor. Looks like I have the setup to fit CVA style shocks, but happy to try whatever anyone has. There must be plenty who have upgraded the shocks on their Grasshopper, hornets etc etc. I also need a pair of 3mm nuts to fit the 380 motor adapter. Cheers.
  15. Butler

    Tamiya FF03 what upgrades to choose?

    FF03R Gearbox cases allow you to run the TA06 gear diff, if you can find them. I had that on my other FF03. I didnt upgrade anything else, it never felt it needed it and that was after a lot of laps at a asphalt track. (other than a rear wing). There is a huge FF03 thread on rctech. Loads people had issue with the ball diff. I never did.