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  1. Have a look at a few Hornets. They have orange stickers. See what body colours work or not. I think they will actually.
  2. I use my 3rd channel to shift from1st to 3rd. Works well and I don’t feel I need 2nd at all.
  3. Looks like a trx4, but without the portal axles.
  4. Love it. In the eighties my dad used to race Tamiya f1s in the Milton Keynes shopping centre. They used foams covered in bathroom silicon sealant.
  5. Wheels were for test only. I’m gonna need a massive pinion as the portal axle have a reduction gearbox built in.
  6. More head scratching. But it’s getting there. Shorter shocks on order. The 4 linked rear appears to be fine. The front I am not sure on. 3 link and panhard is all weird to me. For any that’s missed it. It’s supposed to be a bruiser clone with trx4 axles. the remote locking diffs will come eventually. Maybe.
  7. Im new to this stuff too. I kept breaking the rear axle gears and bearings, so thought about selling it and getting a trx4, but I loved the truck. So decided on a hybrid. I’m hoping to have remote locking diffs too.
  8. I’m in the process of 4 linking my clone with traxxas trx4 portal axles. I’m doing a lot of head scratching.
  9. Been away for ages, whilst waiting for parts. Today I tried to mount the gear change servo on my bruiser clone so I could ditch the big stupid radio box as it serves very little purpose especially if you move the steering servo to the front. A pair of TRX4 portal axles with remote diff lockers are due any day now. Then the real project begins.
  10. I just get another set of wheels and tyres for off road and leave the bald ones on for asphalt.
  11. Yesterday really. Removed axles ready for my TRX4 ones to arrive. Also would like to ditch the plastic radio box, but not sure how to mount the gearbox servo yet. Can you dye the bumpers or any paint suggestions?
  12. Ordered a set of trx4 portal axles with remote diff locks for my bruiser clone. Not sure this one will pan out yet. Likely a 4 link set up.
  13. Yes 2 new kits and i'm still better off.
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