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  1. Make sure you get the right glue for the front diff. I used a rubberised glue called shoe goo. Superglue doesn’t work well.
  2. Unless you drank 50 quids worth of wine during the build, no. if you did then 👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  3. Aren’t buggies supposed to bottom out? Better to scrape the chassis than snap shock towers.
  4. I hate the standard wheels too. I felt it needed hornet or wild one wheels. Great thread. Looks like a nice kit.
  5. Consider a gyro. Takes out the initial frustration and you can reduce the gain as you get better.
  6. Is this a better solution than a tl01 with m03 arms? great work on all the fabrication.
  7. It’s not a frog unless it has twin antennas. 😆 Nice job. My DT02 is painted like a Falcon.
  8. What battery are people using? I'm still deciding whether to go XV01 or XV02. I have a few shorty lipos from my B6 race buggy and it seems to make sense to run a short pack pushed to the front with the XV02.
  9. That mammuth works company are trying 4 wheel motors and loads of other interesting ideas.
  10. That’s a good point. I very much doubt this one was a synchro. It’s not listed as being one that I can find.
  11. Ah. Tamiya does it again. Golf is fwd so they put it on a 4wd chassis. At least it’s not short wheelbase so I can use it on my M07.
  12. Plus the cold is brutal on battery performance.
  13. For rally fans of the older cars this was a great thread. Not sure how I remember this stuff. I know ta03 and tb02 feature heavily.
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