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  1. Looking at a "stuck in lockdown" project. I love the new Audi Quattro A2 rally car, but I want to put it in on a better chassis than a TT02. XV-01's are out of stock in the usual places and around £40 quid more than the easily available XV-01T. As I'm not using the shell anyway, I thought about the putting the Audi shell on a XV-01T. From what I can see the differences are bumper, pinion, wheels, shell and wishbones. Anyone how the wishbones are different? Anything else I should be wary of? Thanks. P.S I had a TL01 rally car, which was ok, but it also suffered from grip roll on tarmac. XV01 better?
  2. Actually looking at the manuals, I’ll have an issue with the gearbox mounts straight away. I’ll have to hack the shell.
  3. Hello, I have a Grasshopper 2, that needs a new chassis and body shell. Can I buy a hornet chassis and shell and swap all the parts into it? I already have the Hornet shell, so do I buy the correct GH2 chassis and mod the shell, or do I buy the hornet chassis and hope everything else fits. Cheers Marc
  4. 257, 245, 233mm are the 3 lengths.
  5. And that its in the house. :applause:
  6. The B6 needs a spur gear gear cover which shapeways do.
  7. If there’s jumps you need the better shocks of the SA
  8. Another vote for Savox servos. I use the low profile 1251 across all my cars and its brilliant, but I just upgraded my race buggy to a 1258 and its even better! A decent steering servo will benefit any car.
  9. Im interested in a clod project if you sell.
  10. My friends old Kyosho Lazer had the same ESC. I am guessing you can't unless you put a switch on one of the wires to the battery.
  11. I like these when incorporated with a routed slot car track. Some amazing stuff out there. Good work.
  12. I have 3 Savox 1251. £35 each. I use them in my basher DT02, my race M07 and my race Associated B6. Never had a problem. Fast and strong and you can get all the spares. I used to use Alturn, but Savox is definitely better, worth the extra money for a race car.
  13. I really like the tl01 and I had a good one with a evo 7 shell. I loved it. I found they can be great fun as a rally car, but don’t go mad with the power. The don’t work and it makes them tricky and frustrating to drive if you do. I went with a low kV and geared fairly tall to not have too much torque. Cheers.
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