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  1. I really like the tl01 and I had a good one with a evo 7 shell. I loved it. I found they can be great fun as a rally car, but don’t go mad with the power. The don’t work and it makes them tricky and frustrating to drive if you do. I went with a low kV and geared fairly tall to not have too much torque. Cheers.
  2. Anyone got a lunchbox going spare for sale? May consider another monster truck too Cheers
  3. From where? I’m waiting for the feb re release to upgrade from my DT02.
  4. He’s asking who in the uk might have an Avante they would sell.
  5. The M Four would probably be better, if you can find one. I’m sure there’s a 380 motor out there to get it to fly. What about a MF01?
  6. I've had both and I would just go for the M07 as its a next level car in terms of quality and complexity and worry about the consequences later.
  7. Silver can on 3s goes well and lasts ok. Plus the motors are cheap. I wouldn't spend the money on a sport tuned and run 3s through it personally.
  8. I think the short can produced less torque which made the 2wd cars easier to drive. I'd love to try one.
  9. Im guessing with touring cars is most the speed comes from aero and tyres, not the chassis as there are no jumps. Like here http://www.rccartips.com/rc-car-tamiya-tl01-fast.htm I found I lost all my pace in the jumps with my DT02. A TT02B could be loads better at landing, plus I wont have the wheelie issues I had.
  10. Bring the losi next Wednesday, they are running a vintage eve with a simpler track a lower jumps. I bought this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MRT-mPTX-RC-Timing-Personal-Transponder-AMB-MyLaps-RC4-Compatible-MRTmPTX/333415381844?hash=item4da11afb54:g:c6EAAOSwal5YIzN0 If you run a Neo Scorcher, run a second hand one that you can maybe sell on for similar money. If you enjoy it, which I am confident you will, you will likely move on quickly to a competitive chassis, even if, like me, you're not a competitive driver. My DT02 wasn't slow, it was frustrating. I struggled to land it cleanly and it tipped over a lot.
  11. Asks for advice, gets advice, agrees with advice but still ignores advice. Classic. I do it all the time.
  12. Well I that's exactly what I did (except I already had one) Its a good idea, except don't bother with the spending out on the tyres. The 2 issues I had with that car was landing from jumps and unwanted wheelies. Grip wasn't the issue. Just spend money on transponder and BRCA as you'll need that regardless, and maybe a good steering servo, anything else you may never use again if you decide to upgrade the car.
  13. Everyone runs race level cars, but I did a meet with a DT02. http://www.dmsresults.co.uk/winterseries/mtg2/finals.htm I use a £30 savox servo and hobbyking cheap electronics. there are 2 b6.1’s on eBay at the moment and a yokomo yz2 On Dec 11th they a doing a vintage meet and can see hotshots and boomerangs in the entry list.
  14. That's the club I have just start with, and will be going to the next Saturday meet. If you're gonna race get your BRCA membership and a Transponder and just bring what you have, then nothing wasted as you'll need those items anyway. I spent a load of time putting all my best electronics in my DT02, and a load of money on another set of wheels with carpet tyres, only to use it once.
  15. Is the club in Watford? Buy a second hand "last years" model. For example the 2wd AE RC10 B6.1 is the latest and greatest and I think the kit is £300. I bought a B6 for £100 of a club member. The difference between a proper race car and a DF-03 is huge. I raced my DT02 at the first meet, and my B6 at the second. Its 15-20% faster in terms of lap times.
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