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  1. That’s a good point. I very much doubt this one was a synchro. It’s not listed as being one that I can find.
  2. Ah. Tamiya does it again. Golf is fwd so they put it on a 4wd chassis. At least it’s not short wheelbase so I can use it on my M07.
  3. Plus the cold is brutal on battery performance.
  4. For rally fans of the older cars this was a great thread. Not sure how I remember this stuff. I know ta03 and tb02 feature heavily.
  5. TRF chassis for rally. Didn’t see that coming. Bravo.
  6. Take it here https://wlrc.co.uk it’s not too far from you and open 24/7 to the public.
  7. I like that box art is iconic, so used it on some less iconic cars. The Mazda is non box art though.
  8. Need a pair of working motors for a clod buster. Not fussed if that have leads on them. I may take more than 2 if you have them, as this is my nephews clod and it spends a lot of time in muddy water. Thanks Marc
  9. I used to hate the Tamiya screws until, as stated, I actually bought the correct screwdriver. Cheaper to buy a JIS screwdriver than swap all your screws.
  10. Does the cold knacker lipos? Mine are in my shed and its around 0.
  11. It’s completely different car. It’s a DT02 with a sand viper shell. I did it as a homage to my original falcon.
  12. Yeah. It’s brush separator. Well done on a great haul. I, like many, awaiting the build thread.
  13. It’s a dt02 chassis. Sand viper shell and wing. Holiday buggy 2010 wheels and rear tyres. Astute front tyres. Shocks from a wr 01 I think. The decals are Falcon copies from mci decals. cheers.
  14. Falcon was my first car. Now I run this with a guilt free bonkers brushless setup as I would never have a car on the shelf. But everyone has there preference. This just an option (Dt02 with mci decals)
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