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  1. I wasn't there, but done a couple of Wednesdays and will be there for the next Saturday meeting. I am very new to racing. I bought a B6 of when of the kids there.
  2. Top 3 pics are all for towing. Arrows on the last car could be pointing you to a jack point, or a kill switch location or pull cord for the fire extinguisher system
  3. Butler

    TT02 Type-S

    I found about 3 laps was enough to leave with a load of feedback.
  4. Oh, I thought in your original post you were having troubles with stripping screws. Either way get a JIS driver for Tamiya screws and you'll be fine. I struggled for years with a Philips screw driver. JIS made a huge difference, not surprisingly as they are JIS screws.
  5. Do you use Philips or JIS screw drivers?
  6. M05 for fun. FF03 for handling. M07 for a mix of both. A group of 5 of us have been running on car park tracks for years. We started with M03's, then some moved to M05s, then TL01s, then XV01s, then FF03's and now back to M05s and M07s.
  7. Find some similar ones on eBay and watch what they go for. I wouldn’t run it, as it’s likely worth hundreds if it’s mint. Ta
  8. Where did you get that body from? Its surely too rare to race? I assume your going to put it on a FWD chassis.
  9. http://www.tam.ne.jp/nic/tires/tires_01e.html might help.
  10. M07 is a big step forward. All reinforced plastics and touring car level suspension and gearbox. I can’t really tell if the M07 is any better in handling because I have M07L and my M05 was a S. My M07 is faster around a track purely on gearing. The handling is easier, but that could be the long wheelbase.
  11. They are JIS. If you use a Philips you'll struggle.
  12. Wire length is only significant on the aerial wire from the receiver.
  13. This is a common gripe, but not as common has people struggling with Philips screw drivers. With a decent JIS driver I have never had an issue. I have stripped more hex screws for sure, although I have a cheap hex driver.
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