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  1. I think a few cars in Tamiyas fleet would benefit from being designed around a shorty lipo. So a good project. 👍🏻
  2. Have a look around for “super shorty” lipo. They’re smaller than a normal shorty and probably the right size to make a saddle pack.
  3. https://modelhelicopters.co.uk/products/optipower-2s-4000mah-shorty-race-pack-opr4000-bsd?variant=42838969155784 Here is one example. I know there are others. I have a turnigy saddle pack lipo too.
  4. Hello everyone, Was anyone going to wings n wheels this year? It's cancelled and a few of us are looking for a weekend away where can camp, run a few RC cars around, drink beer and perhaps have some sort of entertainment running in the background like some RC planes. We used to go wings n wheels, so looking for an alternative. Wondered if any of the 10th scale on or off road championships run at a venue that you can camp at. This is one option: https://weston-park.com/weston-park-air-show-international/ Any suggestions? What is everyone up to? Thanks in advance.
  5. Yes move the sway bar to the rear. That will stop the rear roll. Do you have tire inserts?
  6. For fwd cars I thought it was always best to control roll stiffness from the rear. Does disconnecting the anti roll help?
  7. Steering problems? Start with a good servo saver and then a servo. Then look at reducing the epa on your transmitter if it has it. Also See if you can change the steering curve on the transmitter too.
  8. Agreed. Plain white all day. Recce cars have always been like it. Been watching the recce cars since McRaes Volvos in the late nineties. Cracking work so far.
  9. I think there a “hack” that allows you to get taller gear ratio without changing any parts. You change which part of the counter gear the pinion aligns with and pick a screw slot that suits.
  10. My 5700kV runs fine on 3s in a DT02. It’s far too fast, but then it’s too fast on 2s tbh.
  11. That looks ace. so are we saying we need a MB01 SRX?
  12. Aug 2003. I’m sure I still see guys posting that joined even earlier. 20 yrs done 🙈🙈
  13. Well played. 👍🏼
  14. Make sure you get the right glue for the front diff. I used a rubberised glue called shoe goo. Superglue doesn’t work well.
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