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  1. Find some similar ones on eBay and watch what they go for. I wouldn’t run it, as it’s likely worth hundreds if it’s mint. Ta
  2. Where did you get that body from? Its surely too rare to race? I assume your going to put it on a FWD chassis.
  3. http://www.tam.ne.jp/nic/tires/tires_01e.html might help.
  4. M07 is a big step forward. All reinforced plastics and touring car level suspension and gearbox. I can’t really tell if the M07 is any better in handling because I have M07L and my M05 was a S. My M07 is faster around a track purely on gearing. The handling is easier, but that could be the long wheelbase.
  5. They are JIS. If you use a Philips you'll struggle.
  6. Wire length is only significant on the aerial wire from the receiver.
  7. This is a common gripe, but not as common has people struggling with Philips screw drivers. With a decent JIS driver I have never had an issue. I have stripped more hex screws for sure, although I have a cheap hex driver.
  8. DF01 Lancer is pretty versatile.
  9. This sounds like a riot. Love it.
  10. Either way if you want to sell them on, I'll take them. The body needs a refresh and I think I can do a better job on it, but still not worth wasting original decals. Its a 2010 DT02 Holiday buggy (to get the yellow wheels). I sold the body, and put a sand viper shell on it and bought the yellow CVAs. The rest is all stock. Its a missile with 5200kv motor and its never broke any of the drive train, just a c hub.
  11. Are your repro decals likes these? I'll take them off you for my Falcon homage. Falcon was my first car, but I wouldn't run one now, and not into shelf queens (but I love the work you have done), so I built this. The shell needs doing again after a run in with a staffie after this pic was taken.
  12. Get a JIS screw driver. Tamiya screws looks Philips, but they aren’t.
  13. I am much happier in my shed with heater, music and beer fridge than i was in the kitchen. Nice work
  14. An inbuilt one of these just sold for 310 on eBay, so I’m knocking the price down to £265. It’s part built but it’s all brand new.
  15. Its basically everything you get in the box plus some gun metal paint and a spare set of wheels and tyres. Offers accepted. Could part out the other wheels too. Thanks
  16. FOR SALE: Tamiya Avante 2011 Part built Unused. Bought by a friend and he took his time building it up as per the manual, except he never finished it or set that any of the adjustable bits. He would rather it go to a better home as he has too many projects on the go. I only got it late last night, so took a couple of quick pics as I left this morning, but will upload some better ones tomorrow. Comes with paint and spare 2.2 wheels and tyres. £300 delivered within UK. Not sure whats in the black lunch box, I'll check. Also I might be able to deliver around Heathrow or Hertfordshire area.
  17. Watched it all in my lunch hour. Very good. I had a Falcon first too.
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