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  1. I used a Baja hard shell from Kamtec.....no issues with it and has a bit better flex than a Tamiya hard shell.
  2. Do you have directions on how to setup the esc?
  3. If you are using a brushed motor ignore the orange wire (it is only needed if you are using a brushless motor), yellow wire is motor positive(+)...blue wire is motor(-), plug the receiver wire from esc to Ch 2 on your receiver, steering servo on Ch1. The 4AA battery holder is not needed as the esc and steering servo will get their power from the main battery ( I would use 3000 mAh NiMH or higher) Also the switch that came with your ACOMS gear is not needed either as the esc has it's own power switch.
  4. Plates arrived today, great job on these Mike. David
  5. Never seen that one before, very similar.....the oil seal is a good idea, the CRP one doesn't have that.
  6. Sorry BEEF, I ended up with that diff.....it is a 47 tooth gear and as the directions say it is suited best for the Brat/Frog/Lancia. My plan is to install it in another Wild One I am working on.
  7. I've had a few of these type shocks, hope these help with your rebuild.....and YES the brass plug has to be removed to fill.
  8. Looking good Erich ! I always like to see what you do with spares, leftovers, and broken parts that most of us toss in the trash. Going along with the idea of names that Chris said, I like "Wild Boar" for your puller.
  9. My Blackfoot bought originally in Japan came with black board MSC with purple (2) and blue(1) wires to the ceramic resistor. Hopes this helps.
  10. I think that Orange color came out great Erich, and the chrome pogo sticks "blacked out" makes that body stand out even more. And.....thanks for the honorable mention!!
  11. I'm no 3spd expert so the "nubs" in the pic's are something I've never seen. But I will echo everyone else above in saying I've bought a few vintage Bruiser parts from him and have had no problems either.
  12. This is true, but the "ALLISON" sticker is in reference to Allison Transmissions (separate co. formed by GM) is known for making bulletproof automatic transmissions for medium and heavy duty trucks and were used in all the 80's-90's Monster trucks.....and still used in the new ones today.
  13. Well, sometimes the obvious is overlooked even by the 'experts' Glad you got it sorted .
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