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  1. Skottoman

    23 NIB Tamiya/HPI bodysets! - Southern California

    Jim! I'd love for you to have these... Unfortunately, divorce forced me to move to San Diego. So I'm quite a bit farther away now. Scott
  2. Hello Tamiyaclub! Some of you may know me, as I was very heavy into RC from 2007-2014. Did many builds on this forum. I've had major life changes, and am starting to clear out my massive collection of RC parts. Starting with all the NIB bodies I have.Treasure trove of new in package RC car bodies. Some have wheels/tires. Most are from about 5-6 years ago. Hard to find.If you are familiar with these Tamiyas, and the HPI Cup racer series, then you know what is here.First $340 cash takes them all. That's less than $15 a body! Most of these go for $40-$50 new. And these are new.Will not sell individually. Must take entire lot.Comprehensive list, with part numbers so you can look them all up if needed. Cheers, Skottoman NOTE: I am not shipping these, so really looking for a somewhat local Tamiyaclub member to pick these up. I am in the North San Diego county area of California. Sorry to my worldwide Tamiya friends. TAMIYA------------40158 - Tamiya Tamtech 1/12 Porsche RSR54210 - Tamiya TRF201 V.1.54211 - Tamiya TRF201 Rear wing set51475 - Tamiya 1/12 Volkswagen Bus Wheelie51424 - Tamiya Fiat Abarth (x2)51331 - Tamiya Toyota Landcruiser51420 - Tamiya Alpine A110 (x2)51358 - Tamiya Mercedes Unimog 40658173 - Tamiya VW Beetle + wheels49400 - Tamiya 1/10 Porsche 911 RSR84233 - Tamiya Toyota GT1 TS02058357 - Tamiya Mazda 787b (Factory Finished Body)40135 - Tamiya Tamtech Desert Gator 40130 - Tamiya Tamtech Frog50715 - Tamiya Eunos Roadster Body (No decals or parts/body only)HPI------------7215 - HPI Cupracer BMW 2002 (x2)7211 - HPI Cupracer Porsche 911 RSR (x2)7211 - HPI Cupracer Porsche 911 RSR + Fuchs Wheel/tire set7214 - HPI Cupracer Lancia Stratos (x2)
  3. Skottoman

    XR311 (2000 re-release) Build

    Looking forward to seeing the body painted up! Lovely chassis...
  4. Skottoman

    Alternate paintjobs for the Midnight Pumpkin.

    Beat up version...
  5. Skottoman

    Scratch Built RC Holden HX Overlander Panel Van

    That's incredible work. This is going to look very cool once painted up! Cheers, Skottoman
  6. Skottoman

    One R/C One Photo - Post Your Favourite.

    Been away for quite a while, but checking back, I need to add this to this thread.
  7. Skottoman

    NIB Bruiser - RC4WD beadlocks/hex kit - $650

    Update: I will now ship this anywhere in Continental USA for $650. Paypal accepted. Cheers, Skottoman
  8. Hi all, Starting to get out of the hobby and clearing out some of my NIB kits, starting with this great deal. Selling as a set. NIB BRUISER (Still in sealed Tamiya shipping box, purchased from Tower Hobbies about 2 years ago. Never opened.) NIB RC4WD Truescale alloy beadlock wheels. (not currently available on RC4WD site) NIB RC4WD Hex conversion kit. $650 Shipped anywhere in the Continental USA. Cheers, Skottoman
  9. Skottoman

    WBO2014: You say Tow Mater, I say Tam' ata' !

    This turned out sooooo great! Cheers, Skottoman
  10. Skottoman

    WBO2014: You say Tow Mater, I say Tam' ata' !

    Can't wait to see the mountains of salt used to create this rusty masterpiece! Cheers, Skottoman
  11. Skottoman

    Low rider VW Type 2

    Maisto VW body fits perfectly on the M04 wheelbase. Great combo if you can find them. Cheers, Skottoman
  12. Skottoman

    WTB F201

    I sent you an email. I think I have what you are looking for. Cheers, Skottoman
  13. Skottoman

    F201 barge boards?

    I don't remember who made them, but I believe I have a NIB set. I'll take a look. There aren't many sites left that are featuring the F201. There used to be quite a few back around 2004, so just search the web for pics and info. Cheers, Skottoman
  14. Skottoman

    Buy my entire built collection - $2000

    Entire collection sold to Shodog today. All gone! Cheers, Skottoman
  15. Skottoman

    That feeling? Gone?

    I have the same issue. I've been dealing with lots of other things in life at the moment, actually for the past year or more. RC's have taken a back stage. Also, I found myself looking at 26 built runners sitting around my house that I wasn't using, and I wasn't inspired to build any more. Now that I'm selling my entire built collection, starting to feel the urge to pull out some of the NIB kits that have been sitting in my basement for years. We'll see what happens after my built collection is goneā€¦ Still 30 NIB in the basement to start over with. Cheers, Skottoman