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  1. Car will go on eBay soon. Pics here http://www.rcgalleri.dk/galleri/52846-bil_bil_tamiya_porsche_959_58059_1986 440 USD, item located in Denmark PP to us will be 45-50 USD. Original body in abused condition Repro body and decals - paintjob will not win any price !!! But body is new. Esc + motor working like a charm. 2 vintage servos, no rx/tx Paypal only
  2. Guess all shocks with the standard length will fit. But i also paid more than 100$ for the HP kit I run my lovely Shot only in perfect sunshine - the new wheels are a great improvement. But had to modify the dambers a bit for fitting. BTW it's the same wheels i got on my DF-03 special edition
  3. I got a new build Shot - and got a "new" HP suspension kit from the "flea bay"
  4. Here is a real re re Shot .... and its my precious
  5. Well --- if you used your credit card to pay then contact the credit card company or your bank. They can transfer back the money if u did not get the paid item. If paid by paypal contact them for a refound.
  6. Take a look at mine here ...... I JUST LOVE IT
  7. Here is mine from it was new build ....... Reeeeal sweet
  8. Here is my newbuild Shot with some hop-ups ! The suspension makes a badword of a different performing ...
  9. Go for the DF03MS ... it's awesome I have never had any problems with shaft drive See my sucker her Only problem is that the decals .. It's apain in the ******* to apply
  10. **** it's fun ... I have been racing only vintage as super pimped Hotshot hopped up ... , Frog etc. etc. Here is som pics of my precious with a 9T BL
  11. Go for this http://www.modelsport.co.uk/?CallFunction=...mp;ItemID=29353 ... Well it's a UK link but are avalibable on the Fleabay
  12. The Tamiya Sports Tuned is an option - its 21 turns and will fit your ESC fine.
  13. Hi was using a really Old Reedy Modified that hust decided to "Blew" Has no info about the Turns in that motor - Its from the late 80's but it was pretty wild.
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