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  1. If your trying to break speed records etc then probably. :-)
  2. I already have a TB01 and enjoy the chassis. Main reason for asking about the tt range was their chassis are easy to come by on eBay or sale posts. A xv01 chassis might be a good idea if I don't need to mod them. Tt units tend to add up once you get oil shocks, improved steering etc etc.
  3. My wife has a mad bull and I did the steering mod, added aftermarket oil shocks and had to trim the chassis slightly as I noticed the new servo setup was rubbing. The bodies are like egg shells but their cheap enough of Ebay. One thing I noticed was the silver can getting really warm so added a heat sink with a few fins trimmed off so the gearbox didn't foul it.
  4. So you think I should get another tt01. Interesting. I did enjoy doing the rally mod on it but that was because I felt it was breathing life into an old chassis.
  5. I know the feeling. Last year I got another rally car (prototype impreza) and I started on a killer/novafox project. After a few months we'd had our second daughter and all interest in the hobby dropped off a cliff. Recently I was bored on eBay and ended up finding a shell for the novafox setup. I also came back here and within days I've bought a lunchbox lol I convinced the wife it's for my eldest daughter but we all know who's it really for. I think I'm pretty happy with what I have until I see another car/truck I want lol
  6. After running on a beach is it a complete strip down to make sure you get no saltwater in the electronics or sand in the gears?
  7. Congrats - better get saving for the incusrance! lol
  8. I'm trying to decide if I should get another TT01 chassis or go for the TT02. I already have a TT01 with the DIY rally mod to give it greater ground clearance. I intend on using the new chassis in the same way - general bashing around. This chassis isn't a replacement for my current tt01 - just another car for the collection. So question time - whats the highest ground clearance for TT02 chassis? Thanks
  9. As mentioned, I've used both the true tamiya rally blocks and the cheap china knock off and the cheap ones do wear quicker - however it also depends what your running it on. if it's trimmed grass then the cheap ones will be fine. If it;s true rally - IE gravel then I'd suggest (as others have before me ) the true rally blocks, with foam inserts and glued.
  10. Really depends what you want it for - as a basher a 4WD system is pretty fun and can almost go any where - just keep in mind that one motor is technically in reverse so if you get better motors than the silver cans make sure they are balanced.
  11. don't think it mentions it on the box but my guess would be taiwan. Unfortunately this project has become some what of a money pit for me - it would have been easier to just have bought a Novafox. Some costs could have been avoided such as I bought the drive shafts and inner axle cups only to find out they all came in one bag along with the motor mount bracket that I also needed. Really i should have done a dry build making note of everything damaged or missing. the only things not needing replacing were the shocks, brass roll bars and a few odds and ends i ended up with doubles of because their on a frame with other lost parts. another issue was the bearings. i took it out for a shell-less run and noticed the front wheels were skipping. so I tried to fit rubber sealed bearings but the Killers front axles are a few mm thicker than the Fox and 1150 bearings won't fit. After a long search I found a set in the states and currently awaiting their postage. I still need a shell for this but I think i'll wait untill I find a good priced one.
  12. have you thought about maybe a monster truck type chassis like the WT-01? A brushless Madbull would be interesting!
  13. FYI - i have one of these and it seems it only likes FS receivers. I tried binding a carson 2.4ghz and it didn't work.
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