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  1. just thought i'd post it here before it goes to the bay.
  2. ust thought i'd post it here before it goes to the bay.
  3. I'm selling my beetle i bought from another member a couple years ago. i just never got around to rebuilding it. It's complete and original but needs to be rebuilt. I paid $300 USD for it and i'd like that amount back.
  4. i need a landjump rolling chassis. thanks. it can be bashed up and brocken but... anyone got parts?
  5. ok so i'm restoring a kyosho beetle with the origional body and all. so the origional speed controller wasnt working. so i desided t install a grasshopper speed controller. its a direct fit. so as soon as i turn it on,(the system is a Sanwa Dash original to the car) so anyways, i put the bec in the battery slot on the receiver. then i turned on the radio and pluged in my 7.2 volt battyery. i turned around to pick up my radio, and smoke is just poring out of the receiver! this hapened in my bedroom lol and after it hapned, the whole house smelt like burned electronis. lol. note to self: dont do that again lol!
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