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  1. I have a high speed basher already so this isn’t that type of project. I’m a builder/tinkerer so this is just a project to well... tinker and improve on the truck. I’ve seen some really cool clod based rigs and I’m looking for some insight on where to start on something like that. Can you explain these anti rotation bars to me? I’ve never heard of them. My truck has upgraded (FastEddy) bearings already and the stock pinions. I’m assuming an upgrade to some Robinson Racing pinions would help! ...I do agree with the credit card though!
  2. I have a bone stock rerelease Super Clod that I either want to start modifying or build a custom chassis Clod to compliment the stock one I have. A lot of information on modding them or what is needed for a custom chassis build is scattered among pages on the internet and very confusing! Here are my questions: If I mod the one I own, what are the modifications you would do first and with what parts? If I wanted to build a custom one, where do I start? Crawford Racing seems to be a good site but a lot of the info on there is confusing to me. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  3. Here are some more photos of the M06: (Damper set in photo is just a box from another build. Not included!)
  4. Update - XV01 sold! M06 still available!
  5. Hey everyone! Back on the forums after a hiatus and finally got to go through my collection. I have a few kits I am ready to part with: XV01 sold! M06 Volkswagen Type 2 New In Box - 58668 NIB kit with plastic wrapping still intact. Box has a dent from shipping. See photos! $125 OBO plus shipping
  6. Same! What do you want to see? New stuff or reissues!?
  7. Hello everyone! I wasn’t very active in the forum last time the RC bug bit me but since buying my house I’ve unpacked my collection and started building again. The stay at home orders have helped too...I guess a bright side to a dark time in the world. I’m really into reissues as well as anything Subaru or Toyota! This time around I hope to keep up with the forum as well as my cars! I also dug out some models that I think it’s time to part with. I will post them once I get some photos of them. Looking forward to good conversation! Jon
  8. The Turnigy one is most definitely “bulbous” to say the least. I ended up purchasing one earlier today just to have something to throw on the car to run. I’ll keep searching for a Tamiya one to use for display! That’s for the help!
  9. I'd love to see one if you have one!
  10. Hey friends, I just picked up a M05 roller and would love to put a Mini Cooper body on it. I’m looking for the classic looking body. Not the new body style that BMW makes! Take a look at the photo I attached! It looks like they are discontinued though... Anyone have a lead on where I might find one?
  11. So... stupid question... what is and where do you find internal ratio?
  12. No worries! I’m going to look at Trackstar as well! Let’s hope whatever combo I by has a chart... I’m a total n00b as well...did you by a combo?
  13. I am looking at a Hobbywing XR10 Justock Combo or just the Justock ESC and a different motor. I don’t race so bling and boost aren’t something I’m looking for in a ESC. Is is there a certain set of pinions you recommend?
  14. I have the high speed gear set and the YR motor mount ready to go for my new build (white version!). I found this photo of the table from the high speed set and going off your last post none of these ratios would work. If that is the case, would I change the pinion, spur or both? I also am now considering the 13.5T has you have suggested!
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