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  1. I was hoping to keep this - it looks great on my self, but I need to raise some funds, so it's on ebay now.... Here's the wording from ebay: Hi and welcome to my auction for this original Tamiya Rough Rider in amazing, unused condition... It comes complete with vintage Futaba radio gear, including transmitter, receiver, 2 servos and also the original Tamiya speed controller. Unfortunately, the top of the radio box and the receiver box are missing, along with the fron bumper and metal aerial, but these are minor things and easy to get new ones off ebay. The body is a brand new Buggy Champ one that I painted in the box art colours. I haven't painted the spotlights or driver yet so they are not fitted, but are included. As you can see, there are no marks on the chassis anywhere and the original tyres are still like new with no wear at all! I wanted to keep this as a display model, but sadly I need to raise some funds so it has to go. It'd make the perfect Christmas present for the Tamiya fan in your life. I've no idea what the postage would be, so I've set it at a tenner. If it's any less I'll refund the difference. You can collect from me in Manchester if you prefer. And the link to the auction: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...=STRK:MESELX:IT Steve
  2. I'm a member of a big VW forum too - there seems to be a lot of crossover between VWs and Tamiyas - anyway I digress... This was posted up the other day: ... I was in a Model shop yesterday picking up some parts for my Monster Beetle and got chatting to the guy in the shop. He told me that the re-release of the Sand Scorcher was scheduled for the UK just before Christmas If it is going to be like some of the other UK releases of these early kits, numbers will be limited to 1000 in to the UK Kits on the other hand will be on the order of £275 - £300 !! Best get saving then!! Not definitely confirmed, of course...
  3. Having used P38 on real cars - it's great stuff and very easy to sand... One thing to watch though is that it absorbs water. This means that you should only ever dry sand it - if you use wet n' dry paper wet, then the filler will absorb the water. On a metal car body that leads to rust - obviously not a problem on plastic model bodies, but it might affect the paint process later on. Just something to bear in mind...
  4. I did do a search but couldn't find anything. There's been mention on a few threads about the differences between Mk1, Mk2 etc SRB chassis, but what are they exactly. And how do I tell what mine is? Steve
  5. Ok, wallet's hidden. I've been looking round the site and I think I've got my next 6 or 7 projects worked out already!! I didn't take that particular picture, but I'm sure it'll be OK to use it. I did get a pic of the splitty doing a wheely, but that one taken by a friend was clearer.
  6. 400?????? Yikes! With a 1915 in it, the older bug must be pretty quick too. I've got a '72 Squareback, a '72 bug with a Wizard Roadster kit (I don't know if you could get those in the states) and a T4 van (I think you call them Eurovans over there?). Oh, and an Audi A4 too!
  7. Can't hurt to ask, and there's enough time to drum up some interest. 1.8t eh? With the right mods you can get enormous power out of those. I'm into the older aircooled stuff myself, but I do like the NBs
  8. Thanks for the welcomes... it seems a friendly place here! The reference to racing at Santa Pod was actually drag racing. There was a VW show there and the organisers allowed us to use part of the area for a 1/10th scale drag championship. These are the cars that turned up: From left to right: Mardave Mini, shortened and with a shortened VW van body... the owner of this has a full sized shortened VW bus too. The R/C one is an exact replica! My Schumacher Modified Mardave Mini again, this time with a Morris Minor body The two funny cars are Bolink and Parma respectively. They are mentally fast, covering the 40m track from standstill in 3.8 seconds. Very very quick indeed I don't know much about the truck, but it was surprisingly quick once he got the right gear selected! The little VW spent most of it's time with the front wheels in the air!
  9. Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself... I've been into R/C cars for years, starting off with a Tamiya Lamborghini LM003 (remember those?) then I moved onto a Tamiya Lamborghini Countach before getting a Holiday Buggy, Ford Ranger, Willy's Wheeler, Hornet, Mardave Mini and finally a Schumacher Cougar 2. My biggest regret in all this is that I had a shelf queen sand scorcher that I sold, complete with the original box, for £25!! The stupid things you do when you're young! I've still got the Hornet and the Schumacher - in fact I raced the Schumacher only last week at Santa Pod. I've also got a Rough Rider that I'm restoring. My username comes from my other passion - classic Volkswagens... I've currently got 3 of the things! Well, that's me. If anyone's interested I'll stick some pictures of the cars - full size VWs or 1/10 buggies. Great site, btw. Steve
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