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  1. Hi, I have a full option Sherman, but I damaged one of the LED's on the front. I know tamiya do the whole lighting loom as a replacement part, but I only need 1 LED. All the rest work with no problems. Does anybody know if I can just wire in a new LED, and if so what would I need? Best regards, Alan
  2. I'm just thinking about when I've decal'd plastic kits. Then the decal goes on a glossed surface? I can try tonight with some of the smaller decals and see how things go. I need to get the large decal for the bonnet from somewhere as that was one of the ones that was used? Anybody got any ideas where I could get one of those? are anybody doing repro decals for the king blackfoot? Best regards,
  3. Hi, I'm pretty sure this should be OK because the newer kits like the reissue FAV are matt finish, but has anybody tried using old (king blackfoot) decals on a matt painted surface? I've got a kit which I've cleaned up and repainted. I used matt black paint and it looks really good. There is a partial decal sheet included and I was going to use them bur don't want to find them falling off in a couple of weeks? All thoughts and ideas appreciated. thanks Alan
  4. Hi, Thanks for your replies. We are keeping a close eye on ebay and gumtree. Nothing has appeared yet, I'm also going to go to the local cash converters type shops at the weekend just in case. Best regards, Alan
  5. Hi Everybody, Just wanted to post a heads up and ask for help if at all possible. On Monday evening / Tuesday morning this week somebody broke into my back garden and stole four of my cars that had been stored in one of our sheds. They took the following: 1 x Traxxas Slash in bright orange (Robby Gordon car). They took the car and battery in its box, but the transmitter wasn't with it. 1 x Tamiya XB Mini + battery (This has a union jack sticker on the roof from the additional tamiya decal set so is probably quite unique) 1 x Tamiya Ferrari 458 challenge TT02 in bright yellow (again this was in its box and had a battery and fly Sky receiver + ESC but no transmitter) 1 x Tamiya MO4 BMW Roadster with a HPI Lancia Stratos shell and a tamiya 205 shell. The M04 chassis was altered as described in the article on Black Hole sun's website to fitt the stratos bodyshell so again quite unique. This was again in the M Roadster box, with receiver and ESC, but no transmitter 2 x ECX Torment transmitters - Obviously they thought these were for the cars but hopefully they wont be able to get them to work. 1 x Fusion Vector charger. Of all the cars, probably the mini was in the worst shape. This belonged to my youngest son and the shell was a little cracked, but in no way was the car in poor condition. The other three were all *** new. The Traxxas had been run twice, the ferrari once and the M04 hadn't since a rebuild and the work to get the bodyshell to fit. As a rule I build my cars for the fun of the build, and not to run. They may drive about the living room, but that's it. They were all in excellent condition. The nice person that took my cars hopefully won't be able to get any of them to work without buying the correct transmitters, but I probably wont see them again. The cars had been moved into the shed for the weekend to allow me to have some work done in their usual storage location, and just hadn't been put back yet. The Police have been informed, and have visited and took all the details, and my insurance appears tb be covering my loss but if it was possible to get the cars back, or catch the *!*$$!* it would possibly make things a little better. If anybody has been approached, or sees anything like the above please drop me a message. Thanks, Alan
  6. Hi, Thanks for the replies. I checked the battery. Its fine The moror is fine, but I cannot check the servo because its one of those with four wires, and I dont have another receiver to test it with that it'll fit. I realise that the idea of combined esc / receivers is not the best because when one fails the other is rendered useless, but I'd rather not go and buy a new esc & receiver & servo if this can be fixed. Thanks Alan
  7. Hi, I realise this is not really tamiya related, but I got my mini T out this weekend, charged the battery and switched everythin go and.... Nothing. I have checked all connections and changet the crystals, but the receiver esc doesn't respond. Putting power diredt to the motor proves the motor is OK, and the funny 4 pin connector on the micro servo stops me from testing that, bit when the power switch is put into the on position there is no lights or sounds at all. I seem to remember bleeping? It was working last time I used it but now nothing at all. Is this usual? has anybody else had this happen in the past? and is there anything I can do? I dont want to replace it if it can be fixed, but I'm not an electrician, and so I have no idea where to start. Can anybody help? Best regards, APR91
  8. Hi, I damaged the large RR 117 decal from the left hand side whilst applying it (think it is decal 50) Has anybody built this kit and not used the sponsorship decals? If so would you be willing to sell them to me for a sensible price? I tried to buy this from the supplier and they wanted £24.00 which is a bit extreme for the one sticker? I may end up buying the body again from Honk Kong and selling the shell and most of the stickers which would be far cheaper if I cannot source this one sticker? Thanks in advance. Alan
  9. Hi, Thanks for the replies. I managed to get hold of a M04 chassis last night on e bay so I'll be following the instructions on black hole suns website. I'll let you know how I get on when its finished. Alan
  10. Hi All, Ive just finished a HPI Lancia Stratos shell and was intending to mount it on a M05 chassis I had lying around, but the front suspension mounts appear to be too high. I realise that I could cut out the shell, but that sort of defeats the object of having such a low slung car. I have a M02L chassis which is too long, but would find a M01 / 2 if anybody thought the shell would fit? Ive looked into the article on black hole suns website about an M04, and could go down that route, but why use an M04 when the M01 / 2 has a 210 mm wheelbase already? I even thought of getting hold of the HPI cup Racer chassis, but they seem to be very rare and go for more than I want to spend on Ebay. I dont run my cars other than around the living room once I've built them to see if everything works alright, I just build and paint for the fun of it, and the lancia shell looks fantastic in my opinion. Has anybody used a M0 1 or 2 with this shell? did it require much re working? or has anybody got a HPI cup chassis they want to sell ? Thanks in advance? APR91
  11. Hi, Has anybody heard of banzaihobby.com? I stumbled across them earlier in the week and their prices seem to be lower than everybody elses? I have used Stella, Jason ect but these guys have the lowest prices. Anybody used them / have experience of their postage rates? Best regards APR91
  12. Hi, I've just managed to get hold of two rally cockpits from another tamiyaclub member. I was thinking of re painting them, but wondered if anybody knew of a company selling 1/10 overall sponsorship decals? I have the ones that come with the cockpits, but they'll probably be destroyed as I remove them and I was hoping to be able to replace them. Does anybody know of anybody supplying these? Thanks in advance APR91
  13. Hi, New tyres arrived and now fitted to wheels, there is still a bit of rubbing, but I'll be able to clear that up with a cut from my xacto knife without too much trouble. Thanks for the helpful replies. Alan
  14. Hi Guys, Thanks for the advice, The car was built correctly as a M05 pro short wheelbase, but as explained the tyres were wrong. I spent ten minutes explaining my predicament to the very helpful gentleman at Time Tunnel models, and I'm now awaiting delivery of four new (smaller) tyres. I will report back how things progress when they arrive and have been fitted to my wheels. Thanks again for the advice. Alan
  15. Hi, Just bought a M05 Pro chassis, mini cooper body and mini wheels. I've spent the weekend putting everything together, and all was going well until I placed my mini bodyshell on top of the chassis. I've checked everything, but the front wheels foul on the front bumper and also on the backs of the front wheelarches. It appears the wheels are too big? but I cannot see how this could be. The wheels are Mini Cooper 94 Monte wheels, the body is the pre painted 94 monte carlo. The chassis is a bog standard M05pro I have tried different height settings on the body posts, but this does not help. Has anybody else come across this? Thanks in advance APR91
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