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  1. Hi, Thanks for the advice. I've ordered some of the spinning brushes and If they cant clean the rust off I may try some of the chemical treatments. Hopefully they'll clean up OK/ Thanks for your help. Alan
  2. Hi, I've obtained an original Bigwig and need to start cleaning it up. The technigold motor is gone but everything else seems to be there. I just need to strip it down, check for broken bits and and clean everything before I put it together again with a shiny new shell. Usually I can clean the springs up with a bit of sandpaper, but on this car they are particularly nasty. Do you guys have any methods of cleaning the springs up or am I better off just buying some new ones? They do seem to be available. Thanks in advance. Alan
  3. Thanks everyone for your replies. I washed again and dried off with a fine micro fiber cloth. It's too wet to paint at the moment so I'll keep the body somewhere dry and clean. Our water is very hard as well so I should have expected something like this :-). Best regards, Alan
  4. Hi All, I've just washed a polycarbonate bodyshell and its currently drying. I've noticed some light marks where the water has dried and left some sort of residue. The shell was washed in running cold water and cleaned with liquid soap. It was thoroughly cleaned and rinsed in cold water before being left to dry. I've sort of noticed this in the past but it appears worse today. Would you wipe the inside with a clean dry cloth or just leave it? Should I wash again? The car shell will be white so I'm worried the marks will be visible once I put the paint on the shell? Thanks for any advice. Alan
  5. Hi Joeling. What do you mean by 'cut out portion of the top lid'? I've got the exact same lights and just reached the body stage of my build. Any help or advice on the installation and routing of the wires would be appreciated. Thanks Alan
  6. Hi All, Thanks for looking. I'll get the carbon one. Best regards, Alan
  7. That would be great. Please let me know when you've had a chance to look :-) Best regards, Alan
  8. Hi, Anybody got one of these they are willing to sell? I've looked around on the internet and the parts appear to be scarce. There are a few aftermarket carbon replacements, but I'd like to keep the car original. Best regards, Alan
  9. There appear to be a number of shops across the UK with them in stock today. Hopefully I managed to get one. Can't wait :-)
  10. Hi All, Thanks for the replies. I treated myself to the Jazz rider alloy part :-) Hopefully it won't take too long to arrive. Alan
  11. Hi, Can anybody recommend a supplier of 3d Terra Scorcher A5 parts? There are a couple of sellers around. Just wondering if any are better than others? Best regards, Alan
  12. Hi All, Well I decided to use the supplied decals for the red on the Celica and all was going so well until i managed to tear the large roof decal whilst trying to apply it across the curve. Do any of you have the large roof decal (number 5) which you won't be using - If so are you prepared to sell it to me? I'm in the UK - Hopefully somebody can help. There doesn't appear to be any on EBAY unless I buy the shell as well and I already have another shell which I bought for the sponsorship decals. The Hobby Company can get a replacement sheet but they think it may take three to six months! Here's hoping one of you can help :-) Regards, Alan
  13. Thanks for the reply. The Team C body has arrived. It has the sponsorship decals but nothing else (window frames etc). I'll get one good accurate shell out of both sets of decals and be left with a spare shell :-) At least the weather looks good for painting this Easter weekend. Thanks everybody for your help.
  14. Hi All, Thanks for the replies. I've just ordered the Team C bodyshell and decals from L&L Models here in the UK. Hopefully they won't take too long to arrive. I've decided to paint the red panels and hopefully I'll not make too much of a mess. Does anybody know if the previous Re Re also had the sponsorship removed? Regards, Alan
  15. Hi Everyone, Although I have a thing about Tamiya rally cars, I've always missed out on the 1990 Celica GT4. When I saw it was being re released I decided it was time to get one and add it to my collection. It arrived last weekend, but I only really got round to looking through the box last night. I'm surprised that Tamiya have now decided to include decals for the red panels although this should make getting crisp paint lines easier. (I've still to decide whether to paint or use the decals). I'm really disappointed that not only have some of the sponsorship decals disappeared, but also the references to the Lombard Rally. You now get blanks in place of the references. I've had a quick look around the internet this morning, but I can't find any aftermarket decals. Did this change in the previous TT-02 release, or is this new with this version of the car? Anybody got any idea how I can replace the missing decals without paying a fortune for originals on eBay? Best regards, Alan
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