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  1. Agreed @Re-Bugged has been great fun, actually suffering withdrawal symptoms at the moment because it has rained constantly for over a week here - not had chance to get out and practise with the cars. Fingers crossed it is dry for the weekend.
  2. yeah sorry @Re-Bugged, had to do the table because the mudlets got a little depressed when seeing Carmine getting double the number of laps they did despite their hours of practise. I tried to explain that they are in different class and a buggy will never beat a touring or F1 car on tarmac, in the end I found it easier to illustrate with a class based table. I think I got the message across..... I didn't want them put off from entering because they thought they had no chance of ever winning. I personally like the table as Turnip produces it. I have no issues with all cars being recorded in one table. However the mudlets are still young and over-sensitive to things. EDIT:I don't think we need to get to the stage of having a class for 'fluorescent yellow egress shell with black writing and lime green stripes' EDIT2: There is a case for setting the bar high so they aim and achieve higher but if you set the bar too high they can easily lose interest. I want to encourage them to take part and improve their skills so it is a balancing act. So in this case they need to aim to beat Turnips 35 laps NOT Carmines 64!
  3. I got around this problem by splitting the table up into vehicle class/surface before relaying results to the mudlets. It looks a lot better, especially as I ordered the results with buggies first..... EDIT: Curiously you won your class on my table!!! You beat me by one lap on the buggy - grass(W) class does this make you feel any better Re-Bugged? table ordered by vehicle type/surface - the surfaces were simplifed in order to get a decent table eg. old drive with leaves on or dirty tennis court became tarmac/concrete. Not a truly fair comparison but it sort of works. Too many different vehicle types and surfaces to truly map on a table without ending up with every person winning their own class! LOL In order to get some idea of whether our driving skills are improving or not I've plotted all the rounds into class based tables like this.
  4. for 99.9999% of people it would make NO tangible difference. I agree with @Juggular, all my 'normal' ball bearings, once a year, are soaked in thinners, then dried, then soaked in oil for a few weeks and then cleaned again and then re-oiled with penetrating bearing oil. They last for donkeys years, are relatively cheap and give great performance. There are more gains to be had by simply changing to a lighter battery, or a smaller ESC or a lighter receiver or lighter servo or buying a decent set of tyres than by buying pro racer accessories like ceramic bearings IMHO.
  5. My poor little LapMonitor may actually finally have a safe place on this track where errant buggies (naming no names) won't be running close enough to run it over....
  6. The Yeah Racing alloy hubs are also awesome @ruebiracer, absolutely awesome. I have now crashed or clipped concrete curbs so many times in my avante2001/vanquish in the last month doing all the racing and (touch wood) I have not suffered a single broken hub or hub carrier. Some of those impacts were at 25mph too. The vintage carriers and plastic hubs would have been destroyed by now. Also since I reverted to the lower of the two Egress front shock braces I have not snapped my gearboxes since either!! We are looking good for Round 4 of the postal race. Youngest mudlet will be running the Vanquish, middle mudlet hopes to have her Egress chassis built in time and I will run the Avante2001
  7. I fitted Yeah Racing UJ's (plus their alloy hubs) to my Vanquish and Avante2001, middle mudlet is also using them on her Egress. They seem good quality, no issues so far, although they do need shimming and they use pins not splined hexes but no big issue as they are better value and stronger than the vintage ones (if you can find them) Although probably not as strong as the new design UJ's on the re-re's
  8. Yup, I ran an 8.4v NiCd in my thundershot for rounds 1 & 2 and my daughter's are still on a mix of NiCd and NiMh. All ours are 2000mah packs and give between 8 - 15 mins run time in race conditions. We tend to run smaller pinions to maximise run times, especially on tight tracks where high top speeds are irrelevant. (we also use ESC's which will give longer run times too) I've now switched to LiPo on my buggies, much lighter weight and much better run times but the kids are still on the old packs and still achieved good lap times. Look forward to seeing you in next round! Edit: Just noticed, my youngest daughters thundershot was only 0.5 seconds slower than turnips best lap in his thundershot, despite using on old NiMh pack and a silver can..... Eek!
  9. They are about the only common things LOL I wrote a list of what you'd need to convert vanquish to avante2001 in this thread. The egress also had carbon decks and ball diffs so expense would be even higher. Just not worth it. You could buy a NIB Egress for less, especially as VQS prices have gone up even higher. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/95120-vqs-2020-in-tamiyas-pipeline/&page=12&tab=comments#comment-823778
  10. @ruebiracer I wish we had some tracks like that here, as you say, that is very close to how our buggy tracks used to be even back in the late 80's. I ran my vanquish on wet grass in the last round and it actually did quite well on the grass. It was very smooth, had good handling, turned well and the suspension worked like a dream. It seems the setup was perfectly suited to bumpy dirt and grass which may explain why I had so many problems when we tried it on tarmac. It actually beat the Avante2001 on the grass! I will help my daughter make some changes to suspension geometry, tyres and gearing for the next round where she will run on tarmac. I bought a new sport tuned motor for it which I felt was a more practical option for my daughter while she learns to drive the car. The Dyna Run Super Touring motors are just way too quick and demand 110% concentration to avoid a costly crash. I will see if I can source a slipper pinion too, 20T is quite tall gearing for our use though, we tend to run 18 or 19t pinions in the Avante class buggies because we have a tight garden track and the dyna runs prefer a smaller pinion. (a 19T pinion still gives them a 26-28mph top speed, depending on battery, which is plenty fast enough on tight tracks) Looking forward to seeing your Vanquish
  11. We run schumacher mini pins in blue compound on most of our buggies. They are pretty good on all surfaces from mud, grass, gravel all the way through to tarmac. Last pretty well but no match for longevity of a hard Tamiya rubber BUT they give alot more grip so swings and roundabouts. For bashing then I guess a very hard compound is preferred so that you get long life but for racing (even if amongst family and friends) we prefer the stickier tyres. Agree with @bikerclubby , almost the opposite of what you'd expect but I run some yellow compound (medium) large spikes on my Avante class buggies and they have even performed really well on tarmac as well as on dirt, grass and gravel. They seemed to have lasted about the same as the harder mini pins despite the Avante2001 running a 13T motor and LiPo and me having way too much fun wheelspinning, drifting and power sliding on tarmac.... Same is true for the super soft silver compound cactus and cactus fusion tyres that we ran on tarmac. Super sticky and ultra soft but have lasted far longer than I thought, probably 1.5 - 2 hours solid driving on a set so far on tarmac and still only half worn. Mind you they are so sticky it is nigh on impossible to get the damned things to spin up which may explain why they are lasting so well. LOL
  12. That is a great idea! Not that I'm ever likely to win with a buggy though, unless I get myself a miniature warp engine..... I am toying with the idea of buying myself a Schumacher Cougar laydown for xmas, that should on paper be a darned sight quicker than my thundershot on tarmac*. I was tempted by the Evo L1 but do I really need any more 4WD buggies? I've not driven a 2WD buggy in anger for 35 years and thought it could be fun to have a change. The kids are asking for 2WD buggies for xmas too so it would make sense for me to also have one, to see what they will go through transitioning to rear wheel drive. They have only ever driven 4WD, they've been spoilt EDIT: *although the same could be said of my Avante2001 and look how that worked out.....
  13. @Carmine A there you go, your track design with dimensions added (in addition to the 'restrictor end cones')
  14. My Avante2001 preferred round 2 whereas the Thundershot preferred round 3, not just different tracks suit different drivers, they suit different cars too
  15. Hey, @ruebiracer sorry, off topic BUT I stumbled across your video on youtube earlier of your Vanquish running around a nice big (albeit a bit overgrown?) track. It looked awesome (both the track and the buggy). Yours is a well setup Vanquish! I can now see why you enjoy them so much. Hopefully youngest mudlet will do better with the Vanquish than I did, she will be racing it in the next round of postal racing. Her new shell should be here this week too. Anyway, keep up the good work on the Dyna Storm, your experience is always appreciated!
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