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  1. That is a truly disturbing, incredibly selfish, self centered and blinkered view. So you are happy to see hundreds of teenagers take their own life, see tens of thousands of families separated and old people die alone, thousands of people's businesses destroyed, economies wrecked and at least a year of children's education sacrificed, see me and millions of others to lose our jobs, lose our houses and for thousands of kids to be left with long term mental health issues just so you can feel good and not suffer mental strain? Is that a joke? If you are vulnerable then by all means stay at home, isolate and and keep safe but your attitude of supporting lockdowns for everybody has wreaked havoc with tens of thousands of lives and is directly responsible for tens of thousands of deaths that are totally unrelated to a virus. If I get run over or die in a car crash - both statistically higher risk than dying of covid, then my three kids will be without a father too. However that is a nonsensical argument. Sure, great for tugging at heartstrings but at the end of the day 2-3K people die every week at this time of year, every year. All of them being awful for the families involved BUT the millions of other people in the country should not have their life destroyed to protect a handful. Sorry it sounds callous but that is what governments and even NHS have to decide daily. And I would suggest a fair few people posting here need to go back to school and study statistics because they are clearly severely lacking in education and an ability to understand stats, especially manipulated ones. There are two figures 100K+ deaths of people who died within 28 days of testing positive regardless of cause of death or ≤1000 who actually died of covid. Both are accurate and both are fact and both have been confirmed by PHE, ONS and even SAGE. Sadly there are far too many poorly educated, gullible fools about.....
  2. Sorry guys but I'm quitting the club for the moment there are far too many 'woke' people who I disagree with and I am fed up of having to bite my tongue to avoid arguments. I really appreciate the fun we've had with the postal racing and I wish you all the best and every success in the future. Fingers crossed lockdowns will be lifted soon. Regards, Ian.
  3. Sadly for you, I'm one of the 'idiots' you are complaining about I'm absolutely of the opinion the 'crisis' was overhyped, the virus is nowhere near as bad as claimed and there was no need to remove our liberties or wreck economies over. My Daughters best friend committed suicide the week before xmas because of fearmongering idiots not because she died of the virus. My 82yr old Father is currently in hospital, mostly paralysed, after suffering a stroke from spending 23 hours a day in bed suffering depression after being alone and miserable for a year and not having been able to see his grandchildren since 2019. Even now my sister and I can't visit him so he may well die alone having not seen any of his family in over 12 months. So sorry, but in my view the fearmongering and overhyping is sick and disgraceful - it is certainly not the ones questioning the madness that are the fools, But we'll have to agree to disagree on that one. All I believe is that it has shown just how gullible the general public are and that in my opinion the surest sign of a fool is the one driving alone in their car miles from anywhere on a rural country lane while wearing a mask....... just cos 99% of joe public believe something doesn't make it true, it just means 99% of people are gullible fools...... sorry, that is purely my opinion and I have had a very rough time over the last few months so my view maybe jaded.
  4. Do remember though that I only got into Schumacher tyres because in the UK they are quite cheap and quite common. You may found Associated or others may be a better bet in the US? What I can say for certain is that I have literally hundreds of Tamiya 'vintage' tyres, although many are brand new re-re types still in packet. They are made from what seems like concrete , very hard compound, harder than Schumachers hardest compound and yet they wear out REALLY FAST! People used to rave about how long the oval block hotshot tyres would last but in my experience they are pants! They barely last an hour of hard use, they are so hard they just slide about everywhere and perversely wear out faster than you'd believe. Even the original Avante style spikes or Egress Spikes etc are all hard compounds tyres and wear out quick. I gave up using Tamiya tyres a few years ago and switched to Schumacher, the softer compounds give far better grip and last just as long or much longer depending on use. Also we tend to tailor alot of our motors, gearing and batteries to the track conditions so are never putting excessive power though the tyres. I suspect brushless buggies may wear out tyres faster than our brushed buggies? not sure. All the Tamiya tyres are now gathring dust as they are not used at all. All our buggies are now running 2.2" wheels with Schumacher tyres other than the crawler or trucks.
  5. Thank you @Carmine A Actually, there is one other thing that may explain a difference in wear rates. I'm not sure about anybody else BUT I spent ages tuning our buggies to run on tarmac last year, so camber angles, toe-ins, ride heights, weight distribution etc was all changed on our cars to suit racing on the rec ground. Most especially in the case of our Egress, Avante2001 and my Thundershot which are my most heavily used buggies. Maybe this has resulted in better grip and less wear? The new Cougar of course was setup for tarmac out of the box and I actually changed it to suit grass as it was hopelsss in its stock setup but I suspect its stock setup would be pretty awesome on high grip. I haven't spent much time tuning the others for grass BUT you don't really get alot of wear on wet muddy grass so it wouldn't show up. Clearly this is a complex issue and there are numerous factors such as temperature, driving styles, car setup and car weights etc but I do wonder if all that time I spent tuning the buggIes for tarmac running has been rewarded in lower tyre wear? - this would of course be combined with the temp issue etc. eg. My thundershot has just a 12mm ride height at the front, has laid down shocks, 5 degree negative camber, anti roll bars front and rear, different shock oil weights, balance weights etc. This was all done to try and stop the grip roll issues it suffered when first used on tarmac. It no longer grip rolls even under quite quick hard cornering and it is much closer to the 'out of the box' performance of the Cougar than it was 12 months ago on tarmac. (of course, it is now much worse on wet grass......but hey ho, that is the prce you pay) It is damned diffiult to pin point the differences though because I changed the setup to each round (even changed motors, gearing, ride heights, camber and tyres etc to suit) as I was trying to learn what worked and what didn't.... sadly I am hopeless at keeping records so didn;t think to record each setup to each track condition ARRGHHHHH!
  6. Also @Carmine A the carpet tyres I've been running on all my cars on tarmac are the SOFTEST compound Schumacher do! They are SUPER soft and super sticky (silver). Yet they are barely 10% worn after 5000 laps? Our blue compound (hard) tyres show much more wear than the silver (carpet tyres) or green compund (wet grass). For grass or for fun drifiting on tarmac, middle mudlet and I use yellow compound full pin spikes which is a medium compound. Youngest Mudlet uses blue compound mini spikes for all surfaces on both her Thundershot and Vanquish. They have all been used on both tarmac and grass. Obviously on wet grass you would not expect any real wear and that is true BUT they have been thrashed on tarmac too. They have lost their sharp points but are also still 80-90% intact and have been used for all the grass attempts over winter and the Cougar got 3rd place on the last round on a rear set of yellow compound full spike tyres that had already done close to 5K laps on previous rounds including tarmac!!! (admittedly the front tyres were brand new green compound mini spikes). So there is not a huge difference in wear rates between compounds for us although the softest seems to wear the least?
  7. @Carmine A maybe temperature does have a role to play here? curiously we are in the cold north east of UK where our track temps have barely been above 5c since October last year. Even down in the south of the UK where I believe Turnip and JupiterTwo are, they have much warmer temps, as much as +10c warmer in some autumn months and no I'm not joking. We are sat just far enough up north to sit above the typical winter weather fronts which mean we tend to be on the cold side of the fronts whereas down south they tend to sit on the warm side. That is certaily true this winter were we've been in bitter easterlies coming in from Scandinavia/Russia since late autumn whereas much of the south of the UK has been in milder westerlies coming in off the atlantic. Sounds daft considering that we are only 200 miles different but I'm beginning to think track surface temp plays a part in tyre wear? the warmer temps leading to increased wear? not sure but there must be some reason we are experiencing such wildly different wear rates. I would hardly say we are going easy, certainly not me. I've been pushing damned hard! True, I have consistently failed to get anywhere BUT it is not for lack of effort
  8. Tell u what @Carmine A I can't wait to get the Schumacher Cougar down to the rec ground after lockdown is lifted. Fitted with those silver compound schumacher cactus/fusion tyres it should perform really well. We hated them on the thundershots because the grip levels were so high that you couldn't slide the back end around to get a tighter turn BUT as the Cougar turns so tight anyway under power it won't need to slide around, it'll be able to power around nornally! If anything, it struggles to better the vintage Tamiya buggies on dirt BUT on a high grip surface I suspect it will leave them trailing a long way behind!
  9. OK, @Carmine Anow you are just pulling my leg aren't you???? Seriously? Maybe you need to buy Schumacher tyres cos' we're all still on the same tyres we've been running since last summer.... Most of our tyres are on 5000 laps and counting... Youngest Mudlet came in the other day and looked at Turnips bald pin spikes on his Thundershot, held up her Thundershot with 'as new' Schumacher pin spikes that have been on her car since last April (and she'd just done another 350 laps on) and she shrugged and muttered something... I can't repeat what she said.... Edit: yeah, yeah, I know, we haven't won a round so maybe that is why our tyres last as we are not pushing anywhere near as hard as you guys but in all honesty we've had great fun, come close to quickest times but managed to keep our tyres intact. We simply can't afford to replace tyres on all our buggies for each round (badword, on some rounds we are entering 8 cars, that would cost £100 a round in tyres!), it would make it impossible to take part, so we'll live with lower placing and keep our tyre wear minimised. Even then we're all surprised by the tyre wear issue. None of us has witnessed anything like that wear, even running pin spikes on tarmac and wheelspinning and drifting them like crazy. As youngest Mudlet points out, the rec ground car park is only used by cars three or four times a year. The rest of the time it is gated off and locked. So it is pretty raw, rough tarmac. Yes it is mossy and greasy in winter but we did postal racing in summer on it when it was bone dry and we're still using those same tyres now???!!! I'm very confused. We're even running super soft sticky compound carpet tyres on the rec ground and they are still like new? Bizarre. Never thought surface could make so much difference. If anything, I'd have thought the opposite to you, that in fact the grippier the tyre the less wear because the tyre is not sliding and wearing out? That certainly seems true of our tyres, the most worn are the ones we slide or drift on, the least worn are actually the softest stickiest compound tyres that grip so well they are just plain boring to use because we can't spin up the tyres and have fun! They just grip no matter what and after an initial amount of wear, when the tips wore off the spikes, the subsequent wear has been minimal.
  10. Wow, @Maelstrom and I thought we had bright colours on our shells! My middle daughter would love that car with the fluorescent yellow/blue shell
  11. Don't worry @jupitertwo I'm hoping lockdown will be lifted soon!!! Yeah, your version 1 was easily fitted on the lawn and indeed youngest mudlet did a whole hour of attempts on it. She loved it even though we had a few arguments while trying to set it out..... Sadly this version is a tad too big to fit on the flat bit of our lawn, which is not very big (we have a big garden but sadly a relatively tiny lawn!). Don't worry about it, if lockdown isn't lifted we'll just have to sit it out. We've still got snow covering half the lawn despite not having any snow for a week! It has been so cold the snow from last weekend still hasn't melted. Kids have loved it, had great fun with snow/ice racing!
  12. I have a 20 yr old charger for our NiCd's/NiMh's - I fully discharge after use and then fully charge and store. So they are ready to use at a moments notice - ideal in UK climate where you may only have a narrow weather window for a postal race attempt (like 30 mins) The LiPos in comparison a just a right PITA, stored at storage charge and having to be charged before use. Even with my 100w twin charger it is irrelevent, it still takes 40-50mins to charge my 4400-5000mah LiPos by which time I've either lost the good weather window or the kids have got bored and moved on to something less boring instead*..... so for us NiCd or NiMh is far superior to LiPo for practical use even if LiPo gives better performance when they are eventually charged.....AND to make matters worse, the LiPos have been very poor in cold weather so it is a win/win for old skool NiCd at this point for us Anyway, I tried laying out the track on the lawn and sadly it doesn't fit. We have pot holes, drain covers or holes (from me removing shrubs) OR trees, tire piles, washing line supports or flower beds in the way - amazing how many obstacles there are when you come to lay a few markers down! so we are going to need to get down the rec ground to do this one. Not sure when lockdown will be lifted though? At this rate we could be looking at 2525........ edit: *signifies a very early 80's, maybe even 70's kids TV program 'turn off TV and do something less broing instead'........ that was the slogan, can't for the life of me remember the actual program name now....anybody??
  13. To be honest, I think there are clearly a fair few very naive people about if they think it is 'showing off' to post a picture of some Tamiya cars. Have they never actually bought a 1:1 car? My new Nissan pickup truck is worth 120 NIB Egress and yet it wouldn't get a 2nd glance from these same people. Most people spend more on their 1:1 cars than others spend on their entire collection of the first 100 Tamiya collections. How, or on what, people choose to spend their money on is irrelevant to me. I have no issue with Facebook, all (well OK most) people I know on there are decent genuine people. There are idiots in all walks of life, even IRL so I just have an in built filter to deal with the people who spout nonsense. They are usually easy to spot. My biggest problem with social media is the lack of awareness of property ownership. My blog was destroyed by idiots who thought is was perfectly acceptable to just steal photos and material and re-post, as 'their own' content, to gain money or likes. That is in my opinion where social media falls down. People think everything is free. Whereas in reality it cost me time and money to setup photos of vehicles or repairs etc and often I spent hours doing so only to have 'oiks' steal them and re-post for their own 'like' counts. edit: should say, that even my friends and family used to 'like' posts that were literally posts of stolen images from my blog. I gave up trying to explain to them that they were supporting criminals and destroying original content but they didn't understand so just gave up. If you can't can't even get your own family to understand the issue then naff all chance of anybody else understanding so I closed my blog down. Got so fed up with Indian and Chinese website using my images in their sales images (after cropping out my watermarks!) edit2: I suggest that anybody that pins a photo on pinterest (or likes a stolen photo on facebook) should have their private parts elecrocuted.... it is the biggest killer of original content websites. Every picture pinned is basiclaly stolen and pinterest get the view revenue off it rather than the original creator. It totally kills content BUT people are just so stupid they keep using it. If you search for certain Land Rover repairs you'll get pinterest images appearing first in the google search, whereas my original content will apear later. So Pinterest get the views and revenue from MY IMAGES!!! Try complaining about it and all Pinterest do is tell you that it is their users at fault and they take no responsibility...... and people wonder why original content websites are vanishing! If you have ever used pinterest and pinned a photo (or liked a stolen photo on Facebook) then you are to blame for destroying content. Sorry, rant over.......
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