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  1. After finding that the front tyre selection made such a difference to the performance of the Cougar I decided to give the Avante2001 (with Egress shell) another go, this time fitted with the same U6550 slim mini spikes. These are meant to be a 2WD front tyre but I figured that the slim tyre might improve turning compared to the wide full spikes. The result was truly astonishing, the Avante2001 gained 9 laps compared to running the large wide spiked fronts. Cornering was even better and tighter under power than the Cougar and it could be driven under quite alot of throttle tight around the 8" diameter markers on the hairpins. The suspension is still too firm, the car rides too low (as other than tyres it was running in its tarmac spec including taller gearing). This meant it kept losing traction and bouncing hard on the tree roots and little bumps in the lawn. With a suspension lift and longer softer springs I believe it could get another lap or two easily. Middle Mudlet also drove the Avante2001/Egress and she got just one lap less then me. We both did two 5 mins races with it. The Avante2001 is now joint top of our round 7 leader board (with the Cougar) with the Thundershot just 1 lap behind (and that was with the wide full spiked fronts).
  2. I generally don't run driver figures because in the buggies I have, specifically the Thundershot, the driver tray/tub cover caused overheating of my ESC's (especially when running low turn motors and 8.4v) or simply took up too much space so my electronics and wiring didn't fit as nicely (Avante2001). If I was running an open cockpit car I would fit a driver. I have no issue painting a driver face because after all I spend hours or days painting faces and fine details and even flesh and muscle tones on tiny Warhammer figures. BUT for me, my enjoyment of RC cars is building, modifying or running them. I'm not that into scale looks and we don't display our cars. After use they go in the shed, on a back shelf or in the attic. Very often the driver figures also just got in the way when wanting to clean the buggies after muddy sessions, yet one more thing to remove and clean.
  3. Well, the winner of the front tyre test on the cougar is the U6550 mini spike (in green compound). I could achieve the tightest turns under power on the wet muddy grass while maintaining good directional stability. It was very close between U6550 and U6847 rib/spike but I personally preferred the grip of U6550 mini spikes however they occasionally snatched and caused me to have to correct a line whereas the U6847 were smoother to drive and more forgiving. The mini spikes got the best lap time and best lap count so deserve top spot in my mini test. U6592 Stagger rib (yellow) no foams - baseline count U6775 Cut staggers (silver) no foams - PLUS 1 LAP U6609 Mini pins (yellow) with medium foams - PLUS 3 LAPS U6847 Rib Spikes (yellow) no foams - PLUS 7 LAPS U6550 Mini spikes (green) no foams - PLUS 8 LAPS Surface was heavily cut up wet muddy grass. This does of course mean that after 40 years of chassis design and materials development, the Cougar only beat the Thundershot because of a tyre tread pattern and compound....... On all but the two top tyres here the Cougar was beaten by the Thundershot. Of course this maybe entirely due to 4WD. So to truly test this I need a Schumacher 4WD L1 Evo so I can run identical tyres to the Thundershot and we can rule out the 2WD Vs 4WD element and the tyres.
  4. We've been having great fun. It is my 2nd favourite track design after the round 2 design. That long diagonal straight is really making a huge difference to our lap times. We can all get pretty tight cornering but not all can get power down early enough or for long enough on that straight or apply power around the hairpins. We now have 10 laps separating our slowest to fastest buggies? I think that is the biggest gap we've had for our buggies, only time we've seen equal or worse was when running crawlers and monster trucks too. I currently have the Cougar and Thundershot slogging it out for top spot, only 0.25 seconds a lap difference (average) and both have got fastest laps below 6 seconds. The Thundershot currently holds the fastest lap by 0.5 second but the Cougar is closing fast and the cougar has the most laps by one lap over the Thundershot. More setup changes to try on Cougar and Thundershot tomorrow This is close!
  5. I should clarify that my Thundershot is not standard. In addition to being upgraded to Terra Scorcher spec, it also has turnbuckle steering arms, a lightened and lowered chassis with squared off battery tunnel, bespoke shorter shocks, is running 2.2" wheels and Schumacher race spec tyres. The entire chassis is ballraced using very high quality bearings that are re-oiled every few months and the gears and shafts are all filed, sanded and polished to remove all burrs and distortions and the axles, suspension arms and hub carriers are shimmed to remove slop. The toe in and camber are far from factory spec, they are my own settings from experience in use. The switch to a very lightweight 4000mah square section LiPo pack transformed the weight distribution and balance of the chassis. Being transverse mounted a heavy NiCd caused problematic cornering and erratic high speed handling. Since switching to a LiPo which is 150g lighter than the previous 8.4v NiCd the front to back weight distribution is nearly 50/50 and side to side is also near 50/50. The car now handles far superior to before. In comparison, switching to LiPo from 8.4v NiCd on the Avante2001/Egress caused issues. The Avante2001 has a longitudinal battery placement but in an offset position. The weight distribution actually got worse both front to back and side to side after switching to LiPo because the weight was no longer spread across the length of the car AND the lighter LiPo no longer compensates for the heavy motor and steering servo, made doubly worse by switching to a very light HW1060 ESC instead of the heavy Novak Rooster on the right side of the chassis. The Avante2001 is now heavier at the back and heavier on the motor side of the chassis. This leads to erratic cornering and poorer handling and very poor jumping. It used to jump flat but now it dips to the left when jumping and will not land flat. It no longer corners as well either. Yes, these can be compensated for using balance weights but that negates the weight saving of LiPo and results in a buggy that is significantly heavier and slower than the Thundershot using the same LiPo/Motor/ESC. On very short twisty tracks the Thundershot beats the Avante2001/Egress every time, possibly due to shorter wheelbase but also due to being 100g lighter in race conditions using same battery, ESC and motor. The Avante/Egress only beats the Thundershot on very long fast tracks on smooth tarmac and even then it is only by fractions of a second. The Cougar laydown is clearly designed from the outset to use LiPo and jumps flat, has excellent cornering and handling and despite being 2WD has a weight distribution front to back almost equal to the Avante/Egress (on LiPo) albeit inferior to my modified Thundershot.
  6. My kids and many of their friends love making things. They spend literally hours building and painting Warhammer figures, building Lego, building RC cars, designing and working on train layouts or playing with imagination. They actually seem to enjoy building their RC cars more than running them (well, certainly at this time of year as they are cold averse!). My kids love their Tamiyas BUT that will largely be down to my influence and budget constraints. If there was unlimited budget then instead of their DT02/DT03 buggies they would have got Schumacher EVO L1 and Storms as that is what they initially preferred but Father Xmas had a limited budget..... In fact, in the case of youngest Mudlet, she wanted a £600 rock crawler or a £600 Tamiya HGV but they were WAY out of her budget.... So don't lose hope, there are still kids that enjoy building and racing RC cars, it is just that Tamiya don't produce the sort of things they like. Instead of regurgitating stuff for 50 year olds reliving their youth they need to spend some money on development and produce a good rugged buggy. My kids and their friends do not have easy access to large areas of super smooth tarmac so touring cars are totally unsuitable AND they are too young to drive so have no affection or personal attachment to RC versions of 1:1 cars. They need RC cars that can drive on back garden, lawns, gravel paths, muddy flower beds or local parks AND that means buggies but not some naff solid axle junk from the 80's or cars that break within 5 minutes of jumping off a kerb. They want rugged cars capable of being crashed. My youngest hates driving her Tamiyas fast because she knows that a slight impact and they will break. She has first hand experience of that. She is now quite envious of my Cougar which has crashed at 30mph into hardwood railway sleepers, fences and plant pots with not a single breakage so far. True, Tamiya produce trucks or crawlers but they are way too expensive compared with competition. I'm not even talking Chinese either! In some cases British or US made stuff is cheaper or more desirable or better value for money. So I will agree that Tamiya are facing a declining market unless they commit to investing money into an all new modern, rugged, versatile buggy where the chassis can be used as a truggy or stadium truck just like the Schumacher Storm (basically a Cougar with large wheels). My kids find the comical range a joke and hate them, they don't think much of the Hornet type vehicles and hate the styling of most of the rest of the range. They would like to go fast but don't feel their Tamiya buggies are rugged enough. In essence they actually quite like the Traxxas in that regard........ Sorry, had to be said.
  7. Fab! That track looks like my lawn after 2000 laps of postal racing BTW my cougar now corners on the U6847's as tight (actually tighter) as young Daniels in that vid whereas on the silver cut staggers it cornered as bad as the other buggies running very wide. The round 7 postal racing track is basically four hairpins, I can now power into those without braking, just lifting off throttle, and pull tight to an 8" diameter rubber marker disk. I actually think I have scope for a couple of more laps to gain yet as I only got 2 runs on the U6847 rib/spikes today. I'm going to laydown the front shocks and do a few more attempts tomorrow. I was also thinking of fitting the narrow Schumacher twin stud tyres (U6797) or mini spikes in green compound (U6550) to the front of the Thundershot, I'm thinking narrower tyres, even on the 4WD may give better turning in very muddy conditions.
  8. @Wooders28 also just noticed, Allan has his front shocks laid down, that was the next thing I was going to try after Trish Neal suggested it increased side bite of front tyres. I may not need it now I have the U6847 tyres which seem to be giving me perfect turning/steering for my driving style but I shall try so I can see what difference it makes.
  9. Curious @Wooders28 Allan's spec sheet shows the uncut stagger ribs on the front. That was my slowest tyre. However his was dry grass whereas mine was wet (verging on mud!). So I may find my tyre performance on grass is reversed as we get to summer with the spike rib being slower on dry conditions.
  10. Thank you! So true about being used to driving with one chassis type then struggling with another. To be fair, it isn't just going from 2WD to 4WD or vice versa. I have even noticed the problem when going from Thundershot to Egress. It can take an hour of practise before I can get used to the different steering speeds and, like you, the braking points.
  11. Well the DT02 didn't gain any laps so looks like it was already at its limits (and already had tighter turning) whereas it now seems the lack of decent front tyres was holding the Cougar back previously. The Cougar on the U6847's is now turning much tighter than the DT02 despite its much longer wheelbase AND is tracking much better on the straights under power. You can now eye up a spot on the lawn, point the Cougar and squirt the throttle and it ends up inch perfect to the point you were aiming for whereas before it was 12" adrift either side. This means I can now maintain precise lines into turns, lap after lap and am able to use more throttle too.
  12. Well, I have the first set of results in and you're not going to believe this but the Cougar gained a staggering 7 laps on those 1980's style CAT rib spikes on the wet muddy grass, it beat the Thundershot by 1 lap!!! I am truly shocked by the improvement a change of tyres can make. The rib spikes give amazingly tight turning even under power into a turn. So here are the results so far: Stagger rib (yellow) no foams - baseline count (worst so far) Cut staggers (silver) no foams - PLUS 1 LAP Mini pins (yellow) with medium foams - PLUS 3 LAPS Rib Spikes (yellow) no foams - PLUS 7 LAPS Surface was heavily cut up wet muddy grass. My daughter is swapping the rib spikes onto her DT02 and will be doing another postal race attempt shortly. She was also gobsmacked by the tight turning on the cougar after the tyre change and is hoping for similar gains on the DT02.
  13. LOL, we just did it because my Daughter prefers the Egress shape whereas I prefer the Avante2001 Both of our chassis are with geared diffs and centre ball so closer to Avante2001 spec however we do both have carbon decks and the alloy hicaps with yellow springs at the rear so partly Egress too. We do have the front hicaps too but no springs for them yet. To be honest the bespoke CVA's I built seem to be working fine so in no rush to replace them.
  14. Thanks @DayRider I'm hoping to get out at some point today to start testing. Sadly it was heavy rain here all day yesterday. I have fitted the rib/spike to the Cougar so all ready to go Yes @Mrowka I believe you are correct, logic says on high grip 2WD could be faster BUT the caveat there would be if you can get the power down through two tyres? In theory a 4WD may still be faster even in the dry if running alot of power? I may be wrong though. Will be interesting to see once the warmer dry weather arrives
  15. Maybe morals was the wrong word, modern perspective better? But my point still stands. You still buy Chinese products despite China having a less than perfect record on human rights do you not? Do we demand the Chinese flag be banned? How about the Japanese or German flags because of poor treatment of prisoners in the war or the English flag for attrocities committed a thousand years ago? My view is we forgive and move on. It would also help if people getting so offended by one thing then applied that standard to everything in their life instead of just what is the latest woke target. Anyway, I will go away now as I don't wish to upset you any more.
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