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  1. Hey, looking for a set of Monster Racer red rims and a painted body. Can be used. Let me know when you have something for sale. Thanks.
  2. hey folks, I´m looking for some parts for a resto. 1x BL1 1x BG3 1x A3 1x A5 1x Front Shock Can somebody help out? Thanks.
  3. for sale comes a nip Tamiya Center Diffferential for Tamiya Toyota Celica Gruppe B 58064 or Porsche 959. Would ship worldwide on your costs. 60€ ONO
  4. update 140€ ONO has to go. Need the money for new projects.
  5. Update 400€ ONO - has to go for other projects
  6. priceupdate 230€ ONO.
  7. @Fuijo Thanks but I got some from a other TC member. Thanks for your support. Anyone also some body mounts for F40?
  8. Hey, looking for a set of body mounts for a Tamiya C11 Group C. If you have any, new or used, please let me know. Cheers
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