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  1. Hey, looking for a set of Monster Racer red rims and a painted body. Can be used. Let me know when you have something for sale. Thanks.
  2. hey folks, I´m looking for some parts for a resto. 1x BL1 1x BG3 1x A3 1x A5 1x Front Shock Can somebody help out? Thanks.
  3. for sale comes a nip Tamiya Center Diffferential for Tamiya Toyota Celica Gruppe B 58064 or Porsche 959. Would ship worldwide on your costs. 60€ ONO
  4. update 140€ ONO has to go. Need the money for new projects.
  5. Update 400€ ONO - has to go for other projects
  6. priceupdate 230€ ONO.
  7. @Fuijo Thanks but I got some from a other TC member. Thanks for your support. Anyone also some body mounts for F40?
  8. Hey, looking for a set of body mounts for a Tamiya C11 Group C. If you have any, new or used, please let me know. Cheers
  9. For sale comes a Tamiya B2B Racing Sidecar. Modellnr. 58017 and one of the first Tamiya cars. Pretty rare to find. 300€ ONO. 250€ ONO. Will ship on your costs worldwide.
  10. For sale comes my Tamiya Ford F-150 Truck 58161. It was driven twice, then cleaned and rebuilt. Pretty good conditions. Comes as seen in the pictures. The cans are as old as the model 95/01! 180€ ONO Would ship worldwide on your costs.
  11. For sale comes one of my Group C chassis. A 58094 Honda NSX. True vintage car, not the re-release. Included is the box, a manual, complete RC with Robbe Futaba MC112B ECU, steering servo and 540 motor. Was some times raced. Comes as seen in the pictures. 180€ ONO. Will ship world wide on your costs.
  12. Hi all, I´ve some of my cars for sale, cos I collect money for new projects. Tamiya Audi Quattro 58036 The legend - with its complete aluminum front made it absolutely unique. Years ago the parts were milled. It took hours of work what hardly can be numbered. The springs at the front can be preloaded and the damping can be adjusted. This Audi is definitely not available anywhere else! A shelf queen who is looking for her equal! The car was recently rebuild, metal and small parts cleaned in an ultrasonic bath, rubbers replaced, etc. Then the plastic parts were cleaned and the car was meticulously reassembled. The steering arms are also new. The electrical system was left with the exception of a new receiver battery holder and on / off switch. There is also a suitable remote control. The body is in really nice condition. Overall, of course, the 1983 car has signs of use (see pictures), but these are within reasonable limits. Small issue, the rear tires are little cracked. There is also the rest of the packaging and the original parts shown. This also includes a set of new front arms and also the manual. The Audi is sparkling clean and, in my opinion, in top condition. I took a lot of pictures that I can send to anyone who is really interested via E-Mail or WhatsApp. Real collectors and fan of this model should recognize the value. Trade possible. Paypal possible. Ship worldwide on ypur costs. 500,00€ ONO P.S. Also for sale Ford F-150 58161 mint w box, Honda NSX 58094 w box, Honda NSX 58094, Nissan 300ZX IMSA-GTO 58091 w box
  13. Aprox. 20€ for shipping with tracking and insurance
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