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  1. 171020093541.bmp I am really keen to have a locked diff on my beloved Hornet but dont have a clue where to go about doing it! Is it possible to lock my original one or are there any for othe models that would fit on? Any help would be greatly apprciated! Cheers guys and gals
  2. Tried 3 other batterys and ive still got the same problem. Whenever i put the connector or the battery near the rx is goes loopy. Its so annoying, i just want to play!
  3. Hi guys. I hope you can help me with this. I have replaced the esc in my Hornet from the standard one to a modelsport rv sniper 12. The old esc had a seperate bec connector to power the reciever. But the new one powers it through the signal wire that plugs in to the channel socket. The fail safe keeps cutting in when the transmitter is more than 5 feet away. Ive discovered that when i move tie battery or the battery wires close to that signal wire (the channel for the motor) the steering servo jitters and when i try to accelerate it cuts out. Could taking the power wire out of the signal wire and powering the rx with a separate battery help? Or maybe changing crystals? I hope some of you guys can help me. Thanks
  4. thanks for the reply. I have had it on a stand and tested the motor full pelt and slowly but it works perfectly. I hope its not the esc at fault as i cut the wires and changed the switch so my warrenty will be void. Reverse also stutters. Tomorrow i will put the standard esc back on to see if that makes any difference.
  5. Hiya guy. Ive got my modelsport sniper rv 12 esc on along with the 19turn motor. Im still using the same rx but moved it towards the front of the car to keep it away from the esc and the motor wires. The car cuts out and stutters when it is about 5 feet away from me. The steering servo still works a long distance away so that makes me think its not the rx or the tx. I dont know though. PLEASE can somebody help me with this. The battery was fully charged 3000 mah.
  6. Today im on a mission to sort out my steering. The front end suspension can wait for a while but the steering linkage with the crappy white plastic ball cups have to go. Can anyone help me. I'm not too good at working out sizes and ****. so if anyone could tell me exactly which bits i will need and, if possible, where i can order them from id be very very gratefull!!
  7. No idea yet, ill let you know when i put it on. Do you know Clossie?
  8. Excellent. Just bought a modelsport esc. Modelsport UK Sniper RV-12. Suitable for 12 turn with forward and reverse and waterproof. I hope it comes soon. Thanks for the great tip Clossie!
  9. I just bought a Team Axiom Atlas 19 T motor. I wasnt sure if the standard esc would work. No suprise it keeps cutting out coz its gettin very hot. I'm on such a small budget. £20 ish. Can anyone recomend a cheap and cheerfull esc please? I got the motor from ebay for £3 icl postage. I didnt think it was a bad deal. Any thoughts?
  10. Hi Kaiser. Thanks for that. I've found the kit on ebay nice and cheap. Doesnt seem to have tie rods with it tho. Did yours come with the kit or did you buy them elsewhere? Cant wqait to get the kit now, it looks really good on your picture.
  11. Thanks for all the help everyone. Im so glad i joined tamiya club. 3 replies to my questions in less than 12 hours. Excellent. If you do still have a kit laying around at home that would be good. Id be interested in buying it.
  12. Hi guys. Im pretty new to this. I dug out my hornet about a year ago after having a nitro car. Electric is so so much simpler and a lot cheaper to fix too! Anyway, i have fitted ballbearings and lunchbox wheels and a 19t motor but tie steering and suspension cant really handle it. I have seen some hornets with heavy duty steering tie rods instead of the plastic ball joints. There is a kit to buy in tie U.S with all the bits in. There is also a heavy duty front suspension upgrade kit too. Where you cut off the original mounts and use a metal braket. Does any one know where i can buy these two kits on the internet? I hope you guys can help me.
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