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    Custom damage help wanted!

    Hi guys Really need your help with this one. Story goes like this; a few weeks ago I received my Ford C100 bodyset, the box completely knifed by customs. I went to the newspaper and they published the story (see photo). The Belgian television now picked up this story and want to make a report of it but I need them to show other members with simular problems. So, if you're box got damaged by customs or by shipping, please post your photo below. Many thanks and maybe in the future shipping and customs will be better. :-)
  2. I understand that customs must check some packages on it's contents to create a level of safety. I don't understand that they're allowed to damage your goods... It's not the first time and ok, it's just a manual for now but I also have got cut up boxes, broken parts,... Does anybody else have this problem and what can you do about it? This time they cut open the enveloppe and also the manual till page 4. Fold it three times and then put it folded in a box... with the original enveloppe which says; do not bend!!!!

    What to do by customs-damage

    Thanks for all the tips guys! Glad to know I'm not the only one with this problem. Shouldn't be a problem though...