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  1. I’d give a shout out to the dynastorm awesome looking buggy.
  2. Hi grizy do you fancy a trade for the 959 I’ve got some nice cars and I’m not to far from you I’m near Chorley let me know, or maybe part cash part trade cheers Steve.
  3. Autosol metal polish works a treat on metal parts
  4. I have a set of Kyosho 1/14 scale Bridgestone tyres on mine they fit a treat
  5. Hi there bud great you've got a blazer a fantastic truck I have one myself, Im sure yuasa do a battery that will fit do a bit of research on it I'm sure something will pop up,I've heard that those repro tyres are good quality ,and for decals don't buy the one's from eBay UK the seller is in dartford I had some Porsche 959 one's off him I was appalled by the quality so I demanded my money back which I did get!!, as your restoring a blazer you can't beat having originals if you can get them or you have a spare £200 I used MCI racing decals there great quality I've used MCI decals on a few of my cars and I've found them to be good quality and I'm quite fussy when it comes to details, regarding the spraying I've done loads of paint jobs for TC members all over the world not so much lately due to the cost of shipping to and from the USA, Europe is ok not to pricey where are you based here in the UK or abroad drop me an email all the best with the blazer cheers steve.
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