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  1. Hey guys, has anyone else been able to contact Tamiya club administration throught their email address recentley. I have been trying to contact them for the last couple of months with no joy, does anyone have a different email address for them please Thanks very much Baggey
  2. Hey folks, im thinking of getting another 3 channel radio gear set for my three speeds so i dont have to keep swapping them over. Really cant get my head around the trigger style transmitters so i think the only other ones they do with the twin joystick are the 5 and 6 channel. They look pretty good, but just wondered if anyone had any experience of them, as they are alot cheaper than say Futaba and Acoms. Any advice greatfully received Thanks guys Baggey
  3. Welcome to Tamiya Club bud, the most awesome club ever. Great story about your king Cab. I know what you mean about the racing thing. My first RC was a lunch box and i tried to take that racing, and never won anything but it was really good fun though. i put a huge motor in it and pretty much never used the front wheels as it was on its wheely bar most of the time, which made cornering entertaining :-) I recon with a good strip down clean and re-grease your King Cab will be great. I really love these trucks ive bought and sold 2 of them now and remember when i first got into to RC this was my favourite truck ever. Im about to buy my third as i just cant live without one. Hope you enjoy the club as much as we all do. They are a fantastic bunch of people, and allways there to help Baggey
  4. Thanks Wingnut, thats great, will go and check it out
  5. Hey Folks, hope everyone is well. Just wondered if anyone new of any good either RC or BMX tracks in Hampshire at all. Any nearer to Southampton would be great. havnt found any yet myself, just wondered if you folks have Thanks guys Baggey
  6. Hey folks Does anyone have a F150 ranger up for sale. If so please email me Cheers Baggey
  7. Hey, Im having a bit of a mare with a respray of an old body shell at the moment. Do any of you guys know of a plastic friendly paint remover sold in the uk Cheers Baggey
  8. Baggey

    Tamiya Fox

    Hey folks, was just wondering if anyone had a Tamiya Fox for sale. Am trying to expand my old-school buggy collection and really wanted a Fox if anyone has one up for sale. Please let me know if you do. Cheers Baggey
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