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  1. I am going to do exactly that.. Sidenote, my father was a tank commander (circa 1974) stationed at both Lewis as well as Fort Bliss where I was born. Thank you sir!
  2. Hey folks! It has been a while since I have visited... I got sucked into the racing scene so pretty much everything became AE or TLR. I actually did really well making the DB-01s pretty competitive, but eventually had to cave to what is mainly carried in racing hobby shops. Life has slowed back down a little, so I am getting back to my joy of Tamiya classics, and have fully restored my Frog to Box art, I will be doing the same with my Hotshot, and I just spent a small fortune obtaining a new FAV which was truly a favorite over my Frog when I was a kid - the one I actually wanted but never did get. Anyway, while I have zero plans to run the FAV, I am also not just going to leave in the box to 'have', the joy is in the build, so I am building it hopefully to as close to box art as I can get. I know the 2011 kit comes with stickers for the camo parts, I have no idea if they actually stick long-term or not (I would love feedback there if anybody has experience with that). And of course... the driver, you can't hide that part on a FAV LOL. While I enjoy painting polycarbonate bodies, I have zero faith in my painting skills for a driver figure remotely close to box art. I know there is a lot of talent here.. Does anybody have a recommendation for someone in the US that paints figures like this that would enjoy giving it a whirl and making a little extra money? Thanks very much!! - Mike
  3. X2 for getting something from Team Associated or Losi if you are in the US. Being able to get parts somewhat locally makes life so much easier.. And you save a ton of money for not having to basically have an entire car of spare parts. If parts were more available, I would probably get a HB D413, but even in the US, parts are about as rare as Tamiya. You are best sticking with AE or TLR/Losi. I really wish Team Associated would finally just release their next in-line to the B44.3... I want one, but I want one with metric hardware!
  4. Brace yourself, this car is notorious for destroying paint jobs
  5. Are you on RCTech? There is likely a regional forum on RCTech for you, that would be a great place to ask questions and get local support. We have successfully done exactly what you are trying to accomplish up here in Seattle with the city parks. We have a really nice off road track, great lighted driver's stand, sprinklers, carpeted jumps, etc. This was so successful, an on-road track is being built right next to the off-road track.
  6. My kids used to get a kick out of this too. Some of the "heavy machinery" trucks are an 1/8 scale of some sort, check out the wheels.
  7. X2 what Carl said. Personally, I can't tell the difference between 5.5 and 6.5t motors. Since most here use 6.5 for 4WD mod, that is what I run as well, you will never run out of motor! I would much rather remove power via ESC settings than drive around a track disappointed that you don't have the speed or power you need/want.
  8. Some of us hoarded spare parts for this something fierce (myself included 801X in my case). Until some radical design change in 1/8 buggy happens, this chassis is hard to beat and arguably a better design than about any other 1/8 buggy currently being offered. I know the XT is prone to lower control arm failures, but just about every Truggy is prone to breakage there. There is some folks on RCTech who have fitted other brand parts to solve the control arm problem. Check this thread for more info (may have to go back a few pages) Post some photos when you get a chance! It is always fun to see what people have done with them. Mike
  9. I swear I wasn't being lazy in my parts searches! I knew the chassis was shared, but I didn't realize the other chassis' would have note to alternatives like you found, thanks Speedy! It sure would be nice if TamiyaUSA would note alternative parts for discontinued parts, especially if the buggy isn't a discontinued item. I just ordered the parts and somehow refrained from spending an extra $18 to get free shipping.. That is always a challenge This is kind of a blessing breakage, my son's Mad Bull is REALLY in a need of a rebuild. Thanks again!!
  10. My son managed to find something really hard, and very much not moving, to crash his Mad Bull into. I have started looking for parts, and I am seeing a similar trend as I did when the Mad Bull was discontinued. The parts I am trying to find is a chassis which my son broke the steering post on, as well as the F-Parts which has the damper stay for the DT-01. Does anybody know if this is discontinued again? I can find the chassis in a couple of places (not the places I would usually expect to see it), but the F-Parts are discontinued per TamiyaUSA and there is literally only two of them on the internet, both in Europe which doesn't help me. The F-Parts being discontinued I think is what has me worried most, other than the lack of parts available on the web. Since I am asking newbie questions, does anybody know if there is alternative part numbers and maybe that is where I am wrong? Here are the part numbers I am searching for: 9335263 - DT-01 F Parts 0445673 - DT-01 Chassis I have two Mad Bulls, but it has been fun having two RUNNING Mad Bulls We make cul-de-sac tracks, build jumps, it is fun for the kids. I am going to be majorly bummed if these get shelved. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
  11. Lots of good stuff in there (love the wheels too). Thanks for sharing!
  12. Do you have any more details about your battery strap or some photos? With these tires and any decent amount of brushless power, they are a handful huh? The one I got from Speedy, it takes a good 50 feet just to get it going straight at W.O.T. It is a good thing they are durable!! I wish the bodies were a little more durable, but they are good for a decent season of running before they start to look really tattered.
  13. Ah! I am glad I stopped in to see what you guys have been up to. I don't have a video, but do have a beach pic (below, with another at a basher track) where this buggy is best suited. I have Vanessa (Speedy's above), and my son has one that is very similar, just not as modified or as fast. I will say that Speedy's is crazy fast... Almost too fast really. I have my throttle end-point set to 80% to keep it driving with at least a little control with the 3250KV motor. I like to over-power my cars and use my controller and ESC to de-tune as needed vs. being unerpowered when I want the speed, but man this buggy is fast!! With the shorty LiPo pack, it is good for at least a 20-30 minute run depending on the terrain and it fits like it was supposed to be that way. I do echo what Speedy said above and adding some weight definitely helps the handling and traction. Anyway, this is an awesome buggy for the beach and around the house! It actually is the most frequently used buggy I have (Thanks Speedy!).
  14. I had the same problem with Tamiya florescent paints after a few tries, and different colors. I switched to Pactra and had zero problems. I am currently using Duratraxx florescent paints and have had zero problems with that as well. I think your only option for rattle can PS paints is Tamiya, Duratraxx, or Spazzstix. I think Spazzstix is more popular for airbrushing, and Duratraxx as I understand it has Pactra's line now that Pactra is gone. My shells don't take quite the beatings they used to, but Duratraxx gets two thumbs up from me (all of my shells are painted florescent too).
  15. Fun and creative mix there XV Pilot! Please don't tear up that S2000 shell.. That don't make them anymore I wanted one of those for sooo long, but it was discontinued.
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