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  1. Very nice! i am hoping there will be a purpose built 4 stroke model engine for rc cars. i to like the sound more so than an annoying 2 stroke engine. great build, now lets see a youtube video of it shortly.
  2. Shame on Argos. That is criminal! all hobby shops i have been to over price but sometimes there is an odd deal. I think the RC hobby is cheaper if you live in N.A or China.
  3. http://www.tamiya.ca/TAMIYA%20RC%20CLASSICS.htm
  4. Right on. I am checking out the pinions on Robinson racing website. The only place where i have seen a gear set for the TA02 is from etamiya.com. Is there any other sites that you know of that carries this item? Thanks for all the useful info it's been a blast restoring my old RC.
  5. Thanks for all the replies everyone. I have another question. My spur gear is covered in aluminum dust from my pinion. I recently threw a brushless motor in there and i haven't ran it hard at all. I am using a stock 21t pinion. Is there a reason why my spur gear is covered in shavings? What can i do different to prevent my gears from wearing down?
  6. Hey, i just recently upgraded my old TA02 and i have a few questions. Where can i find body shells that fit? Is my best bet checking ebay? I have google searched and i didn't find much. I bought a body shell years ago and recently i tried to fit it and its way to small. It sits way to high on my car even on the lowest rung. That particular body shell was i believe a HPI NSX narrow 190MM. My next question is when turning while accelerating it sounds like my car slows down a bit. It makes a strange noise and is noticeable at higher speeds. Is there grinding from my gears in the rear diff.? My upgrades include brushless motor, lipo batteries, metal bearings, aluminum prop shaft. Peace
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