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  1. Terz, thanks for the interest in the videos. Keep an eye on our youtube channel as I have about 5 to upload from this year. Revival: Re-releases are fine. Period style mods are fine. No restrictions on electrics except the 2s LiPo limit. I've seen no evidence that brushless setups are better than brushed and vice versa. Emphasis is on having fun and raising money for charity. Revival 2016 raised £8,150.00 for Parkinson's UK. We're supporting Parkinson's UK next year as well. You'll find all the information you need on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/iconicrc/ If you don't do facebook then we always suggest setting up an 'RC account' and use facebook just for RC. There is some great content on there. Otherwise, contact me at john@iconicrc.com as I'm not on the TC forum often. Cheers and hope to see you in 2017. The first event next year is a vintage buggy day in January at Dudley Model Car Club in memory of Brett Davis. We also have 4 Iconic Cup Rounds and the Buggython which are Tamiya events. Revival 2017 will be end of July. Plus some Iconic open track meets. John.
  2. Here are the Buggy entry stats for Revival 2016 this weekend. Proof that Vintage RC Racing is rather popular. If any TC members are in the area then why not pop along and spectate.
  3. A job very well done for round 1 of the Iconic Cup and a huge thanks to West London and to the entrants. £396 was raised in the raffle and that goes straight to Parkinson's UK. :thumbsup: There's an album of 365 photos uploaded to the IconicRC facebook group. Round 2 at Broxtowe is coming up and you can enter online here: http://www.broxtowemcc.co.uk/rapidcart/index.html Cheers. John
  4. I've given you a contact email via PM. Sorry for not replying sooner but any questions will get answered quicker via email on on facebook. Cheers. John
  5. Just in case any non-facebookers are going to the Broxtowe Iconic Meet tomorrow: Please don't forget your BRCA Card. No BRCA will mean no track time. We are expecting a large turnout so please be mindful when choosing what to run; especially on the on-road track. SCT's and F1's don't mix very well! Cheers. J.
  6. Excellent. Very well played by the Dougmeister. Great format!
  7. Excellent. I'll get your Fox entry changed to a Frog for now. In that awesome earliest class we have the following entries and I would say the Kyosho's are probably the trophy contenders with the Frog being the best choice Tamiya. Tamiya Frog Kyosho Scorpion Tamiya Sand Scorcher Kyosho Scorpion Tamiya Fighting Buggy Tamiya Buggy Champ Kyosho Tomahawk Tamiya Subaru Brat Kyosho Beetle Tamiya Frog Tamiya XR311 Kyosho Beetle Tamiya Ford Ranger Tamiya Frog Tamiya Frog Tamiya Frog Kyosho Eleck Peanuts Tamiya Frog Kyosho Tomahawk Rere's and Brushless are permitted. Hornet is in the later class though which is already full and closed.
  8. Revival 2016: Just a couple of days into the online entry opening, we are full in a few classes and there aren't many spaces left in other classes. On 2WD Saturday we've already had 118 Buggy entries from 90 entrants and the only class still open is 78-83. On 4WD Sunday we are close to closing the 3 Buggy classes so be quick if you were considering entering. We didn't expect the event to fill up in days but it's clearly become pretty popular. I think most interested TC'ers are on Iconic anyway but if not, you now know to act quickly if you want to enter the Revival. John.
  9. Revival 2016: Online Entry with immediate PayPal Payment is now open. A reminder that entry fee proceeds go to Parkinson's UK. http://revival.a1racingclub.com/calendar.html
  10. Thanks Dave. That's great to hear and I appreciate the post. We do have some Australians on Iconic who race vintage for fun. I can't think of the track. It's dirt though and I think in Perth?
  11. Here is how 2016 is looking for Iconic events. Something every month from April to September. Iconic Events Sunday 10th April – Iconic Meet: Broxtowe Model Car Club Sunday 8th May – Iconic Cup Round 1: West London Racing Centre Sunday 12th June – Iconic Cup Round 2: Broxtowe Model Car Club Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th June – Buggython 2016: Robin Hood Raceway Saturday 30th & Sunday 31st July – Revival 2016: A1 Racing Club Sunday 28th August – Iconic Meet: Robin Hood Raceway Sunday 18th September – Iconic Meet: Stafford Radio Control Model Car Club More details in the events section on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/iconicrc/events/ Contact: john@iconicrc.com
  12. Revival 2016. All of the event information in 1 document: https://www.dropbox.com/s/05hgpnxfdh3nm2q/Revival%202016.pdf?dl=0
  13. Announcing Revival 2016. The Iconic RC and A1 Racing Club Revival 2016 is a vintage racing festival for charity and will take place across the weekend of Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st of July at A1 Racing Club in Grantham, South Lincolnshire. Classes 2WD Electric 1:10 Buggies • 1970 to 1983 • 1984 to 1988 • 1989 to 1993 • 1994 to 1998 4WD Electric 1:10 Buggies • 1984 to 1988 • 1989 to 1993 • 1994 to 1998 Support Classes • Wheelie • Monster Truck • Rally • Endurance Entry fees Proceeds from the event’s entry fees will go to Parkinson’s UK along with the takings from a number of fundraising initiatives. Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1690242104527056/ A document detailing everything you need to know will be released in the next couple of days.
  14. Announcing the Iconic RC and Robin Hood Raceway Buggython 2016. The Buggython is a team build and race weekender, hosted by Robin Hood Raceway in North Nottinghamshire, over the weekend of June 18th and 19th, 2016. The chosen chassis for 2016 is the Tamiya 4WD TT-02B Neo Scorcher / Dual Ridge. Teams will need to bring a new in box Neo Scorcher or Dual Ridge to build as part of the event. The kits cost approximately £80 without the ESC. Format Teams of 3 will be given 2 hours to build their buggy to instruction manual specification. Shells need to be decaled to instruction manual specification. Each team will paint the shell their own unique colour. When the 2 hours are up, the buggies will be judged in a concourse for points. If a team finishes first within the 2 hours they will also be given points. Teams will then be given a short time to finish off the buggies before a round of racing. There will be 3 rounds of racing and finals. Each team member needs to drive for 1 of the rounds. There will also be a 2 hour endurance race and other points scoring activities. Entry Fees Price is £25 per team of 3 with £2 of that going into the Revival 2016 charity fund for Parkinson’s UK. Entry and immediate payment will be online with PayPal. Links to online entry will be published in due course. BRCA BRCA membership is a requirement. The Licence costs £17 per annum and runs from December to December. It can be purchased online from: http://www.britishradiocarassociation.co.uk/ Skill Levels A skill level will be requested at online entry in order to keep similarly skilled entrants together for the racing. Trophies • 1st, 2nd & 3rd overall • Fastest Build • Concourse Winners • Endurance Winners Eligible Kits • Tamiya Neo Scorcher TT-02B. Model Number 58568, released in 2013. • Tamiya Dual Ridge TT-02B. Model Number 58596, released in 2014. Permitted Hop Ups • Ball races • Servo Saver • Commercially available shock tower braces Electrics • 15 Turn Brushed HPI Firebolt • Hard Cased 2s LiPo, 7.4v NiMh, 7.4v NiCad • Any ESC and any Servo Schedule (approximate) Saturday • Drivers Briefing • 10:00 The Build • 12:00 Concourse • 13:00 Racing Round 1 • Points scoring discipline • Racing Round 2 Sunday • 09:00 Racing Round 3 • Points scoring discipline • 2 hour Endurance Race • Trophies Document with full information: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3741m4axnjnzdk7/Buggython%202016.pdf Facebook Event: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3741m4axnjnzdk7/Buggython%202016.pdf?dl=0 Oople Thread: http://www.oople.com/forums/showthread.php?p=936854#post936854 Online entry: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1BnI0z3yxhIQTMC-Ie7QTJTpbxtvAZRQGJMOiA3jBWKE/viewform?usp=send_form
  15. That day was sooo wet!! A total washout apart from the banter and the photos!
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