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    What Models Define Rc For You?

    I like this thread I now want to say which I think are the Iconic Tamiyas (rather than my own personal icons). 1. Porsche 934 RSR - number 1, nuff said 2. XR311 - first Tamiya off-roader and got the ball rolling 3. Rough Rider - ground breaking 4. Sand Scorcher - grabbed everyone's attention. super bug, started a super bug! 5. Toyota 4x4 - first of the iconic 3 speeds 6. Wild Willy - first 'fun car' and still going today! 7. Subaru Brat - first outing for the very oconic ORV space frame chassis 8. Hot Shot - start of an era. nuff said. 9. Blackfoot - still going today in a new guise 10. Monster Beetle - very much loved re-use of the scorcher shell-ish 11. Clodbuster - another still going today in a new guise 12. Avante - only because everyone bangs on and on about it but I've never personally had the pleasure All first 100. You need to look at the first 100 to appreciate what an amazing set they are. J sorry - Grasshopper needs a shout so up my last list to 13.
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    What Models Define Rc For You?

    Interesting question as you have an idea which ones are the iconic ones in general but the personally iconic ones for me are... From back in the day: 1. Boomerang - first car back in 1986 and still have it. 2. Fox - first car I ever wanted 3. Super Shot - always wanted but couldn't afford 4. Bigwig - wanted, but again off limits due to price 5. Blackfoot - sweet monster truck and always admired it 6. Porsche 959 - looked so cool and was also on the unattainable list Nowadays: 6. Hot Shot II - best looking buggy 7. Hot Shot - ground breaking 8. Wild One - lovely looking car but the driver body is a shocker 9. Hornet - smashing buggy. built a rere for my daughter and then bought another for myself 10. Blitzer Beetle - fab and fun 11. Subaru Brat - cracking looker and fun to drive and watch driven 12. Blazing Blazer - not sure why, but it's the coolest 3spd looker
  3. JWeston

    Notts Meet Up Before The Year Is Out :-)

    Hi Tamiya Monkey, we're still trying to sort out a venue. I'm North Leics and a couple of the other chaps are North Notts so well spread out... Clumber Park does look like a great spot. J
  4. Hi all. There is a new SIG called NOTTINGHAMIYA for anyone in the Notts general vicinity. I plan to organise a meet somewhere in Notts before the year is out for a good old drive and chat. If you're interested in meeting some fellow East Midlands member or just want to show your support please sign up for the SIG. Cheers, John
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    Tamiya Esc Braking

    Mark, thank you, that does make a lot of sense then. I may track down a 101 to try then. John