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  1. Hi all. There is a new SIG called NOTTINGHAMIYA for anyone in the Notts general vicinity. I plan to organise a meet somewhere in Notts before the year is out for a good old drive and chat. If you're interested in meeting some fellow East Midlands member or just want to show your support please sign up for the SIG. Cheers, John
  2. Mark, thank you, that does make a lot of sense then. I may track down a 101 to try then. John
  3. Does anyone have any tips on why braking might be poor with the TEU104BK? I have a Holiday Buggy 2010 with a Sport Tuned motor and the braking is terrible. It rolls for about 2 metres before stopping. I have a rere Hornet with a TEU104BK and it stops fine. I'm wondering whether it's to do with weight? I have a DT02 Desert Gator with a TEU101BK and that also stops ok. I've gone through the ESC setup again and without load, the wheels stop fine. Wondering now whether anyone can recommend an ESC with decent braking? Cheers all, J (this is my first ever post so hope I've done everything correct)
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