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  1. Thanks :)

    What's the beef if the weather is bad? I'll be watching the forecast but do people still show if it's a washout? I'll be travelling up the night before, if the forecast is really bad I'll probably pull out as it's a long way to go to find nobody shows, or to sit in the van all day staring glumly at the skies ;)

    Gazebos are worth it if rain is forecast. We all agree though that we've been on so many meets where it was meant to rain and didn't.

    It's down to the individual if they risk it or not.

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  2. I've got a load of cars and my BRCA membership all sorted out to attend the next event - it's a long drive for me but I'm so excited, can't wait to be there :D

    Do I need to do anything other than confirm my attendance on Facebook?

    Ax, all you need is your RC and your BRCA. Just report to the control hut when you get there with your £3 and your BRCA card and then all sorted.

    GHz is best for an easier day otherwise let people know you have MHz. It's open track so it's up to everyone to be mindful of MHz radio.

    No need to pre-book on facebook or anything. Just turn up. Will be good to meet you.

    Thanks, J

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  3. Any tyre recommendations they are currently on Kit tyres, which seem OK on Tarmac but it can't hurt to have an alternative?

    Should be great on Tarmac, yep, it's just that they'll wear down a bit quicker compared to off-road. My Neo Scorcher was epic around the Snetterton on-road track with kit tyres.

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  4. Just to mention that the team at NDOR are going to soften down the track to suit 1:10 electric for us so don't be too fearful of the jumps if you look at their website. They've promised to give us a suitable layout.

  5. Both my boys want to race but I would like them to start of in a friendly relaxed way before they decide if they want to get into club racing. They both have 1/10th electric (a Hobao Hyper H2 Pro and a Maverick Strada MT Evo) it looks like both will be able to come down and run these for the day (I'll take my Neo Scorcher as a backup car and run my Re-re's) at West London in May. It certainly looks like a good format and fun from the Video's (must get a lexan body for my Lunchie for the Wheelie race).

    Those buggies will be great around the West London track. Keep an eye on tyre wear though as it's a Tarmac track. A nice relaxed open track format so your boys should be able to get a feel for it with no pressure on.

  6. We've extended the April Snetterton meet to a weekender. We've also added another Snetterton weekender in June. See my edited post above.

    Onsite camping available.

    Lots of beers in Thetford planned for the Saturday night.

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  7. More sponsors thumbup.gif

    Another Revival Sponsor on-board. Airborne Unlimited have agreed to shoot the Revival free of charge and provide Iconic and A1 with the footage. They are a seriously slick outfit who've shot material all over. Particularly impressive was the Monaco Yacht shoot.http://www.airborneunlimited.co.uk/

    We welcome another Revival sponsor. Signs and Grapics UK sticker up 1:1 cars and have a huge reputation in the industry. Just check out their motorsport work! They have very kindly offered to kit us out with RC stickers for the event. grin emoticon http://signsuk.co.uk/

    M's custom Tees & Hoodies have kindly donated 10 t-shirts to the Revival Charity Fundraising. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ms-custom-Tees-Hoodies/1388618084772934

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  8. Our next few Iconic Meets:

    Sunday March 29th: A1 Racing Club


    £3 per attendee. BRCA Required.

    Saturday & Sunday April 11th & 12th: Snetterton Park


    £6 per attendee per day. BRCA Not Required.

    Bank Holiday Monday May 4th: West London Racing Centre


    £5 per attendee. BRCA Required.

    Sunday May 10th: Robin Hood Raceway


    £5 per attendee. BRCA Required.

    Sunday June 7th: NDOR Notts & Derby Off Road


    £5 per attendee. BRCA Not Required.

    Saturday & Sunday June 27th & 28th: Snetterton Park


    £6 per attendee per day. BRCA Not Required.


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  9. J, is that article on your website or FB page ? I don't do FB is all and couldn't find it on IconicRC.

    Also there was a red Astute running at your recent meet. Does that belong to a TC member ? I would be interested in sharing information re: set up etc. Cheers.

    Thommo, I've sent you a direct message.

    The Astute belongs to Jonathan Cryer. I'm not sure if he is signed up to TC. He has it hopped up with printed parts and it flies. He won a trophy with it at the 2014 Iconic RC Revival.

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  10. Thanks for reply John.

    Ive noticed there is more than 6 cars on the track at once. Does this mean that everybody uses/has to have 2.4ghz radio gear?


    GHz is definitely recommended. We do have some staunch MHz regulars and they just need to be very aware of who else is running.

    GHz for a trouble free day.

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  11. Preliminary Schedule:

    Saturday Morning

    · 07:00 Gates open for Booking in

    · 08:00 2WD Free Practice

    · Drivers Briefing

    · 2WD Round 1

    · 2WD Round 2

    Saturday Lunchtime

    · Monster Truck Race

    · Wheelie Race

    · Concours d’elegance for 2WD, Monster, Wheelie

    Saturday Afternoon

    · 2WD Round 3

    · 2WD Round 4

    · Raffle Draw

    · 2WD Finals

    · 2WD Champions Race

    · Trophies

    Saturday Evening

    · Endurance Race

    Throughout the day on Saturday

    · Charity Tombola

    Sunday Morning

    · 07:00 Gates open for Booking in

    · 08:00 4WD Free Practice

    · Drivers Briefing

    · 4WD Round 1

    · 4WD Round 2

    Sunday Lunchtime

    · Rally Race

    · Wheelie Race

    · Concours d’elegance for 4WD, Rally, Wheelie

    Sunday Afternoon

    · 4WD Round 3

    · 4WD Round 4

    · Raffle Draw

    · 4WD Finals

    · 4WD Champions Race

    · Trophies

    Throughout the day on Sunday

    · Charity Tombola

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