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  1. The date has been set for Revival 2015. :)

    Saturday and Sunday 1st & 2nd of August 2015.


    All proceeds to our chosen charity. Pancreatic Cancer UK.

    BRCA License Required. (£17 online at brca.org)

    2WD Buggies on Saturday.

    4WD Buggies on Sunday.

    Monster & Wheelie races on both lunchtimes.

    3 Hour Team Endurance Race on the Saturday evening.

    Much more info to follow.
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  2. Sleigh race? Sounds interesting. Any further details? Best get building a sleigh... :)

    Will be good to see you there, Keith.

    It's very much open to interpretation but we're basically expecting 'Sleighs' being pulled along by RC Cars. Should be a giggle.

    Trophies for Best Sleigh and for Sleigh Race Winner. Also a Trophy for Wheelie Race winner.

  3. Top shout to JWeston and all the others involved for sorting these meets out - I've been meaning to get along to an Iconic meet for some time but always seem to leave it too late and get booked up. I missed out on the original Clumber Park meets when I first joined TC and only just made it to the TamiyaClub bash in 2012 (fantastic day out), I seriously do intend to get along to an Iconic meet within the next 12 months. I don't know if I can commit to the December meet yet (uncertain weather and short daylight hours might make it a short day for a 7 hour round trip and £100 on fuel) but I'll watch this thread for interest and get a day sorted where I definitely show up.

    What's the potential for overnighting in the club car park in a small camper? I'm trying to avoid having to do 7 hours motoring in one day! :D

    Cheers Sir! :D

    The December meet is going to be EPIC with food and mulled wine and a Sleigh Race so please do try and come if you can. I just need BRCA numbers from attendees in advance.

    I've checked with A1 and they can't do onsite camping during the winter. There's a services 1 minute away though with a big carpark and also a Travelodge,


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  4. Nice one Steve :D

    Snetterton is penciled in for Saturday 11th April and I'll confirm once it's fully booked with them.

    Potential meets at 4 other clubs but nothing confirmed until the dates are set. Clubs are needing to wait until the new year to find out dates for nationals etc and then Iconic will hopefully slot in on available weekends. Plan is for every other month over the winter and then every month from April to September.

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  5. My video of the November meet at A1 Racing Club. They bailed us out with less than 2 days notice and charged attendees just £3 each to run on the day.

    Saved mine and Tamiya Monkey's sanity. These meets will be a plenty through 2015.

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  6. So to confirm then...

    We could come along and run non- iconic/ vintage cars provided they are 1/10 electric, and we have BRCA etc???

    I have in mind Desert Gator, HB 2010, C4.2 & B44...

    That's correct. Attendees typically bring 1:10 electric trucks, buggies, rally and that sort of thing. Both vintage and modern.

    Basically what you see in Tamiya Monkey's video and I'll showcase all of the different types in my video this week.

    No formal racing. Just a relaxing day where people actually spend a lot of it chatting in the pits! :D

    BRCA required.

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  7. Really looking forward to the 21st December now :)

    What was the grip like on the wet astroturf with the various "kit" tyres? My previous experience with Tamiya tyres on astroturf made for gingerly progress!

    Craig, I only ran a couple of buggies and the grip was fine for me. Striker and Neo Scorcher. Neither very fast though.

    I do know people had some slippy experiences. The Blackfoot Xtremes for whatever reason. Maybe because they're brushless.

    Tamiya oval blocks worked well apparently.

    The surface was wet from Saturday's rain and stayed wet all day despite the sun being out.

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  8. Yesterday at A1 was amazing. I've spoken to all of the regulars about why I need to pull out of the Clumber meets.

    The regulars who use Clumber very often will be fine but no more big event style meets for reasons explained above.

    If you loved the large scale meets, please follow the new thread I've started. There will be a number of meets next year at BRCA Clubs in exactly the same relaxed style we all created at Clumber.

    Tamiya Monkey, you're a legend mate. :D Onwards and Upwards eh?

    Here's the link to the new forum thread: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=74762#entry562783


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  9. Iconic Meets are very relaxed days giving members the opportunity to run their RC in a safe, relaxed and incredibly friendly environment. There is no formal timed racing but a wheelie race is always held for fun and attendees can arrange their own spontaneous on-track tussles in a very free flowing format.
    It is a new era for meets in the UK. The Clumber meets got too popular and too big so they wanted us to produce Public Liability Insurance so I pulled out. A1 Racing Club bailed us out at the last minute last weekend so we headed 55 minutes down the A1 and had an amazing day at the excellent Grantham track.
    I've made arrangements with A1 Racing and I'm also talking to a couple of other clubs to ensure we have around 9 meets next year with the emphasis on a lovely relaxed atmosphere running vintage and modern 1/10th electric with no official races (apart from the wheelie race!) and timing equipment. Just how a meet should be.
    BRCA is a must though for attendees. At £17 from Dec to Dec it's a bargain and you can actually get it now and be covered for all of next year: http://www.brca.org/
    These meets aren't all about Iconic RC. They are for anyone (like us lot on TC) who love iconic models. Anyone is welcome along so long as they get their BRCA cover.
    I will post dates for the Iconic Meets on this forum thread.
    The next date is the Iconic Meet: Christmas Special at A1 Racing on Sunday 21st December.
    • BRCA License Required.
    • 1/10th Electric.
    • £3 cash entry per participating attendee.
    • Family/Spectators Free.
    Here's to a 2015 packed full of epic meets! Check out the photos from yesterday at A1 Racing to see what our meets are all about.
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  10. I need to make it very clear that the issue is Public Liability Insurance because the meets grew massively over the course of 2014 and Clumber classed them as an 'Event'.

    Due to this, Iconic RC is pulling out of the meets. That basically means me and my track and my promotion of the meets.

    I'm sure the meets will carry on but they need to be on a much smaller scale without involvement from Iconic.

    At this time, I'm not prepared to pay for PLI. I'll assess the situation in the New Year and hope to offer an alternative event to the many disappointed Clumber attendees.

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  11. What is involved with a meet and do you struggle for locations?

    We have a huge hard floor sports hall, 15 ish grass football pitches and a three court Tarmac MUGA. All available for hire.

    Only downside is the location in Grimsby

    I'll reply to this when my head is a bit more straight. Mark and I have had a mare since we both spoke to Clumber yesterday so we need to talk and then decide the next move.

  12. Shame about clumber...... but hope to go to A1, my lad have never held a brca licence, but I have had one but not for a long time how do I stand for the day? I don't mind joining brca again on the day if that's possible?

    Disco, you can join at A1 and you'll get 14 months for the £17 as it will cover you for all of 2015.

    Would be great to see you there. J

  13. Hi all. A1 Racing Club are opening up on Sunday to welcome anyone who have been disappointed by the unavoidable camcelation of the Clumber Park meet. A1 Racing are in Grantham which is 55 minutes down the A1 from Clumber. It's a lovely outdoor astroturf track. Please look at their facebook page for more details of the venue. Iconic & TC members will have the run of the track for the day for informal racing and practicing and general all round RC fun

    • 09:00 to 16:00.
    • £3 for the day to run your RC.
    • BRCA required unless you are a newcomer and have never had BRCA.
    • No electricity or timing equipment so we make our own races for the day.
    • 1/10 Scale Electric RC's.
    • Portaloos on site.
    • Services are a 1 minute drive from the track.
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