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  1. I struggled finding a lipo to fit my top force and then stumbled upon a core rc.com stick pack lipo 7.4v. Works a treat and fits like a glove in the standard battery holders, so no need to mess around with the dremel! It powers my castle creations 5700kv brushless a treat, and she flys.

    Oh, and I'm with you, these things are made for driving.

    Sounds good. I have some Vapextech rounded nimh shaped LiPo's but the connection on the end of the battery sticks out a mile and I just couldn't make them fit either.

  2. It was a very successful round one for the clubs over the last 2 weekends and it has created a real buzz.

    I'll be writing up a round summary which will appear in Racer Magazine.

    We've also introduced a Rally Class which West Bridgford Model Car Club are introducing from their round 2. All the detail is in the photo.


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  3. Hello mate. Did you ask this on Iconic or was it someone else? I promised a photo and then forgot.

    I got the dremel out to make my hard pack fit into my standard TOP-FORCE. It isn't quite centered though which is ok for someone of my level but it might annoy a decent racer such as yourself.

    There are 4 of us running Toppies in the Iconic series but they're all standard (not Evo).

    I'm looking forward to seeing you race the Evo hard. That's what it's for after all.

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  4. Can easily be converted to Mr Blobby to suit the UK market.

    I love trying to figure out what Tamiya releases will look like. Same for when the Tumbling Bull was announced. Whatever it is, I'll love it because Tamiya can do nothing wrong in my eyes.

    It must be a Cute Bear Tractor though surely. Possibly with him sat in a Farm King body or sat on a Tumbling Bull. Would be very cruel to put a cute bear on a Tumbling Bull though coz he won't last long! :D

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  5. There are thousands and thousands of happy RC'ers engaging with each other on Facebook. It's an excellent platform and there are lots of fantastic groups catering for all sorts of RC interests. The platform of choice these days now that so many people use smart phones.

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  6. Are these dates definite John? Had a positive response from 'er indoors about attending an all day meet but the 9th November is out for me as its my brother-in-laws wedding the day before :(

    If not - the 21st it will have to be! :)

    Sorry Craig, I missed this. November and December dates are set in stone, yes.

    We've something Christmassy planned for the December date :)

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