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  1. I use the Tamiya 74005 curved scissors, its essential to use the right equipment to get the best results.
  2. Mine arrived on Monday packed in the same way as yours Wandy. Superb service from Stella as always.
  3. What's the procedure for pre-ordering from Stella? I've used them loads just never pre-ordered.
  4. Sweeeeet! will deffo be ordering one. Ranger next please
  5. Here's mine with he hop-ups mentioned
  6. Is this just a Asterion without a shell? or did the Asterion have the same setup as the pro?
  7. I second De.Solv.It, its a fairly painful process though. Paint it on, leave it for 15 mins and wipe off excess paint, repeat process until all paint is removed. Just keep your fingers crossed that there is only one layer of paint to remove
  8. I work in IT, I look after servers that process credit card/payment transactions for a lot of UK high street retailers. Not that interesting Second job is looking after 2 sons, 6 , 10 and my wife! Ben
  9. I've always used caustic soda but I have a shell I'm trying to strip and it just wont touch it. I tried Oven Brite (similar to Oven Pride) but that hasn't worked either. Help!
  10. Don't the 104 and 105 have reverse restrictions though?
  11. 17 at the moment, has been in the mid 20's though. Avante Ford Cosworth - TT-01 HotShot Lancia Delta - DF-03 Lancia Delta - TT-01 Lunchbox 3x Mini - M03 Sand Scorcher 2011 Sand Scorcher mk2 Rough Rider mk2 Ford F150 Ranger XLT Stadium Blitzer Subaru Sti - XV-01 Neo Falcon Subaru Impreza Rally - TB-01
  12. I'm a mixture of all 3. I drive my DT02, DF03 and Stadium Blitzer like I've stolen them I treat my SRB's and Avante with a lot more care. And I have a few that sit on the shelf. Ben
  13. Hope I’m not hijacking this thread but I have a question about the torque splitter and it’s benefits. What exactly does it do and replace? The reason I ask is that I’m having problems with the center ball diff on my Avante, I can’t get 1 pack through it without it slipping and it needing adjusting. Would the torque splitter solve my problems? If so I’ll make the investment as I want to run her! Thanks Ben
  14. 4-Feb-2013 Pending customs inspection. 14-Feb-2013 In transit. 15-Feb-2013 Arrived the delivery office and is being processed. 15-Feb-2013 Tendered for delivery without success because of outstanding payment of charges. The item is being held and the addressee is being notified. I got lulled in, looked ok for a while then. I hope yours makes it way to you without charges.
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