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  1. hi i have a tamiya ta05 chassis with trf threaded shocks, ally wheels 2x 3mm off set 2x 5mm offset, treaded t- drfit tires(brand new never used just no packet), susi drift tires, 4 untested race cell packs 3800mah x 3 and 4000mah x 1(all worked fine the last time i used them but been sat round for 7 or 8 months now just need a good charge), 200mm toyota soarer drift shell, 2 x 190mm kamtec vw corrado shells one is black( front window cut out) other flip paint purple - green ( rear bumper cut off ) tamiya pistol grip controler. for a quick sale ill take £135 recorded deliver to any ware in uk or im open to offers on individual items. will post pics when i get 10 minits cheers rich
  2. for me was finding out that my missis was up the duff. other than that i been prety good at dodging danger and death apart from falling threw a garage roof and all i got from that was a smack across me ******* and grounded for 2 weeks.
  3. as above im looking for a tt01 one way diff it has to be the one that fits the standard god bones not the uj style ones cash waiting cheers clabby
  4. as above is there any drifters in somerset or dorset up for a meet? if yeovil dorchester sherbourne way i can pic up if need be
  5. as above... i have only raced a few meets with the M03 the first one being on holiday in edinburgh and quite frankly they were a bunch of tossers slaggin my set up off and me being english only to wipe the floor clean of them and win the race meet. down my local clubs i have been having top 3 finnishes so the set up cant be to bad and my set up is as follows........... LRP ESC STOCK TAMIYA RADIAL TYRES MODIFIED ALLY SHOCKS LIMITED TO 4MM TRAVEL AND BUSHINGS UNDER THE PISTON TO LOWER THE RIDE HIGHT. SHOCKS RAN UPSIDE DOWN FOR LOWER CENTER OF GRAVITY 3 RACING FRONT AND REAR HUBS FULLY BALL RACED TAMIYA TA01 REAR BEARING DIFF LOADED WITH GREASE AND FAIRLY TIGHT SO'S TO ACT LIKE A LIMITED SLIP DIFF 3 RACING UJ'S HIDDEN WIRES REMOVED SCREWS FROM SUS ARMS AND SUPER GLUED THE SUS ARMS TOGETHER MADE A FRONT STRUT BRACE VENOM FIREBALL MODIFIED 21T MOTOR NEGATIVE CAMBER FRONT AND REAR DONE AWAY WITH THE REAR BUMPER 6MM RIDE HIGHT thats about all i can think of so far
  6. i got mine from my local model shop
  7. i think the best of the parts are the same as the m03
  8. not bad 9/10 for that not to keen on the front lights tho lol
  9. im loving the ripped cheqerd pattern on the roof how you do that is that just a transfer?
  10. as above lets see your m - chassis bassed cars and the specks...... ill start with my xb mo3 mini modified venom 21t motor, steel 20t pinion, fully ball raced the rest is standard
  11. that was so funy that cat never seen a cat shift like that befor
  12. as above i have a tamiya TA-01 rolling chassis comes with steering servo drift wheels and a citroen xsara shell over all good condition. no longer want it as i have a new toy so im open to offers or swap for mini mo3 parts hop ups. pm for pics thanks rich
  13. well i slapped a 21t venom motor in and as said above my front tires are bold i have replaced the ally pinion to a steel one and ball raced it and santa is bringin me lots of wheels and a new shell and some yeah racing shocks as i want it on the track for new years i cant belive how much fun it is and how easy it is to get the ******* end to slide with a little oposit flick into corners and how well it handles by far the best rc car i have had yet
  14. well i was getting a few bits for my ta and i seen the xb mo3 mini and i decided i had to have it so now i have a big smaile on my face and a new toy to play with and the missis is not happy lol what mods is there i can do to make it better?
  15. as above i have a fully ball raced tamiya ta-01 rolling chassis with a citreon xsara shell (not to nice looking but not cracked) 4 drift wheels not the best condition no electrics etc im looking to swap for a tamiya m03 rolling chassis with or with out a shell and wheels pics on request chassis is overall in tip top condition
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