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  1. I would go with the Gollop one, its the one I remember and a bit more interesting than the red one.
  2. I love the look of Grahoo's Grasshopper, if I had more knowledge I would be doing that to my Hornet.
  3. I would paint the bars on with the silver paint, I built my Hornet a few weeks ago and the roll bar silver stickers are starting to peel due to the shape.
  4. Wow, thanks for all the replys, I think it will proberbly be a Tundra next then, I will have to get saving again. I do like the idea of building a Tank, but that is going to have to wait a while.
  5. Having got back into building kits again a few months ago I first bought a Lunchbox which I really enjoyed building, I then purchased a TT-01E which was a more involving kit to build. Really enjoyed building these first two kits, I then bought a Hornet and felt that it was very simple and did not take so long to build. So my question is which kit should I be looking to buy next which is going to be more complex to build?
  6. AC49er


    I have just finished a boat I started about 18 years ago, a 540 series Pacific Streaker, I used it last week for the first time and was very disappointed, very slow. I am looking at getting a MFA Piranha 2 next, my dad had a Piranha 1 when I was younger and that was pretty quick. The Piranha 2 kit is only about £40. http://www.cornwallmodelboats.co.uk/acatal...fa-piranha.html
  7. At a very young age my dad bought me a RC buggy, no idea what make it was even today, it was slow and not very good looking. While looking through magazines I saw a hornet and wanted one and after pestering my parents, they bought me a small Hornet, not sure of the size, but it was not RC, just battery powered forward motion. (Still have it in the loft). Loved the look of it and me and my friend ended up with loads of different Tamiya models of this size, but after a while forward only motion gets a bit boring. My friend then got a RC car which was alot faster than my unknown make RC buggy, so I put the pressure on my parents for a full size Hornet. This time I ended up with a Mini Mardave, it was more fun than the previous buggy, but again slow and they never would buy me a Tamiya, my dad was always trying to get me involved with RC Planes instead. A few weeks ago after a 15 - 20 year wait, I bought my first proper Tamiya, a lunchbox, now looking for my next kit.
  8. Just taken it apart this morning and it was the grub screw on the motor which had come loose, a two minute fix, next time I will take a few tools with me.
  9. Well, the Lunchbox did not quite make it to the beach. The property we stayed in had a large gravel drive and grassed garden, so I thought I would have a play first to make sure everything worked ok. Ran it for about 15 - 20 mins with no problems, jumps/wheelies etc and then suddenly no drive, the motor turns but no power goes to the wheels. I did not have any tools with me, so that was the end of it for the week, will have to take it apart and have a look at whats gone wrong.
  10. Yeah might do the wheels later, I just wanted to get it up and running to start with.
  11. Hello all, I have just bought my first kit a Lunchbox after about 20 years away from the hobby. Just thought I would post a couple of pics, I am taking it away on holiday tomorrow so will have some fun on the beach with it. Colour is Satin black, could'nt wait to go to a shop and buy new paint so I just used what I had left in the garage. Alex
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