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  1. Thanks for the reply - I've never seen anything like this in any of the cars I've previously restored, I can only think the grease that had been used had something in it that attached the metal, though the other metal parts appear fine. I'll have to bite the bullet on some replacements or keep looking for a donor car, but there doesn't seem to be anything like a 'cheap' donor car nowadays! I'll keep following your posts, as you have done some fantastic work on you cars Thanks, Rob
  2. I've been following your posts as I'm currently rebuilding a Samurai & a Ninja that I picked up a while back, and I'm seriously impressed with your skills. Upon stripping my Ninja down, the gearbox was packed with a thick dark grease, and once I cleaned it up I've found the metal bevel gears have virtually dissolved! I've been searching for some alternatives that will fit, or some 3D printed ones that would work, but can I ask if you know of anything that would suffice? The nylon gears appear to be fine, it's the four metal bevel gears that are affected. Thanks, Rob
  3. It’s on my to do list - I’ll try to add some of it in the next few days
  4. Thanks. I imported this from the US about 10 years ago but only painted it this year. I was pleased with how it came out despite a couple of paint runs
  5. This is my Parma Blackfoot. The decals fit perfectly and it even has the Ford lettering front & rear
  6. He's posted some new shells on FB tonight and apologised in the post for not being active recently, so probably been tied up designing these - new bodies are Sierra Sapphire & Escort RS2000
  7. I bought these from a different seller, but they fit well though I haven't run it yet as I'm waiting for some shims to arrive (the fronts are a bit wobbly even when the nut is fully tightened). The width of the front & back wheels is pretty close, but I haven't adjusted my steering rods yet so my front wheels have a toe-out at the minute. The only issue I have to resolve is when the rear suspension is compressed the inside edge of the tyre is very close to the motor wire. I need to see if I have fitted something incorrectly or if not I may have to re-solder the wire to come off the motor sideways to increase clearance.
  8. I'm in a couple of group on FB for Tamiya, Kyosho, Schumacher and Iconic, and I do agree there is a certain amount of 'mine is bigger than yours' but I also find them a great source of info for models, hop-ups or mods that I wouldn't know about. Some people clearly throw money at everything just to have a model with every conceivable hop-up, but there are just as many members that don't have the same amount of disposable income and find ingenious ways to modify a model for a fraction of the cost, and that's why I stay as a member of these groups. As for the arguing, there is a lot of comments that lead to some heated exchanges, but I think that's common on all social media (including forums), and we've had a few members on TC over the years that have fallen out or quit the forum over some comment or another as well, so I wouldn't say that's limited to FB.
  9. It’s on the website now at £389, hopefully the discount will be available on it...
  10. Traitor 😠 only joking, i love my Tamiya, but I think you get a lot more for your money with the kyosho or Schumacher re-re’s
  11. It would be a good add-on and as the BF & MB are still being sold I’m sure there would be a few of us interested in these if the price was right
  12. Hang on... if Tamiya are doing a fully licenced Ford again, does this open the door for reissues of midnight pumpkin & Blackfoot body sets & parts? 🤔
  13. I’m surprised the escort is the next body, I always expected the 959 to released on this chassis. maybe now the escort is on its way a 959 is the pipeline 🤞
  14. This was pretty much how it was at my local clubs. The Cat was hard to build & tune, but if you got it right it was great. The Mid was quick out of the box, the Yokomo was competitive but let down by poor parts backup, and the Avante was never really seen in races (there were some boomerangs though). I progressed from a Boomerang to Optima Pro, SWB Mid, LWB Mid and finally a Procat, but the Mids were by far the best cars I drove, both for ease of driving, maintenance and build quality.
  15. Just found this while searching to see if anyone made these. That looks fantastic. How is it holding up after a few runs?
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