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  1. You're right, I also have to change the weels to grey, finish the driver and so on I also have sanded (260, maybe too big) the body and put a primer on it.
  2. Prep. Thats propably where I screwed up along with not having polyethylene special paints. Here's mine (that I like if I don't look in the details). ANd it's not finished yet (still have to do the lights and the fact that the painting doesn't hold doesn't engage me in finishing).
  3. Wow, your prep really rocks! Does the paint hold well / is durable with the method & products you've used? And we definitely need night photos with lights on
  4. Thx for the comments on the video. Indeed, it wheelies pretty easily especially when the ground has grip
  5. Just wanted to share that I bought an HB2010 and I'm really happy with it. It's for me a perfect balance between fun & performance with a different look. I've put a sport tuned and full ball bearings and I must say it runs very well (as you can see in the video below). The only things I'm not fan of are the wheels' yellow and the body's blue. I'm working on changing thoses. All details and additional shots can be found in this (french) post: http://www.vintage-rc.org/forum/viewtopic....f=54&t=9938 For the price, I highly recommend it. Here's a video of my first run:
  6. Here's a video of my HB 2010 with sport tuned , it works really great!
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