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  1. Are sport tuned motors 27T all the ones I've seen are listed as 23T http://www.fusionhobbies.com/Tamiya-Sport-...r-p/ta53068.htm I'm getting about 30% more accel and top end with mine over std motor. However I also notice current drain and rpm lower than other 23t motors. Tom
  2. The instructions with the ESC state ok for 23T motors. Tom
  3. Yes it's fab and beyond the capabilities of the Luchbox I noticed once or twice LOL. If I stuck wings on it it would fly............. Tom
  4. Yep ran it Sunday eve and noticed low battery made the stutter issue VERY bad. Fresh battery no stutter issue at all. Tom
  5. I trimmed it slightly which improved a bit but will check ALL you've mentioned. Thanks,
  6. Right got my RS-540 sport tuned fitted BUT if I give some beans from standing just stutters but ok creeping away to full power. Does the ESC need re-calibrating to throttle on Tx? Tom
  7. Thanks for the replies, lucky for me brother inlaw in going to Kowloon in Hong Kong next week and has agreeed to do a little shopping for me as they're only $71hkd (£5.59) already contacted a hobby store round corner from his hotel who has them in stock (Waigo Hobby store i think) Might even get a couple extra at that price for the bay............LOL Tom
  8. Would it not be easier just to use a smart computerised pulse charger as they are relitavely inexpensive now and will stop charging when battery is full regardless of capacity or charge state and also have reconditioning mode to revitalise lagging batteries. Tom
  9. A 101 esc is designed for use with 23t motors so that's ok but I doubt you'll get the expected power from the motor if only supplying half the volts. Tom
  10. Does anyone know anywhere in uk that sells the 1/32 scale lunchbox Jr? Tom
  11. If it's designed for a 12T motor then 12T will be ok. Tom
  12. I think you can also use the throttle trim on TX adjusted so motor JUST creeps forward when in nuetral position. Tom
  13. Thanks for the advice guys just ordered an RS-540 sport tuned motor. Tom
  14. A battery elimonator should not effect output voiltage, it's just a smoothing capacitor or 2 to reduce voltage spikes from a generator of which I assume in RC the voltage created by a motor when no power applied whilst slowing down. I thought this was built in to Tamiya motors. Tom
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