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    Just started getting back into the rc scene after owning a few when I was youger! Used to have: Lunchbox, Clod Buster, Toyota Celica Gr.B, King Cab, Mardave Marauder, and a Kyosho RS200 <br /><br />Only have the Celica left from those days but have just bought a reissued Lunchbox! :)
  1. Thats my point. for a moment lets forget it was on ebay as it was ALSO for sale on here for £125! But it seems that the experienced RC buyers either dont have the cash or like people on ebay (and I know that some who made VERY low offers on there are TC members which ***** me off.) just trying to score a complete bargain which is laughable to say the least! So its not just the every day joe. Rich
  2. No I didnt. it was a counter offer sent by me but he decined the £134 counter offer. As i said on here I'd take £125. As for the kit costing £59 I have no idea where you saw that but modelsport etc sell it for £89 as do all the sellers on ebay! Rich
  3. Well next month I wont have a bill for £507 tax to pay and no they wouldn't allow monthly payments given its over 7 years old. Basically if I cant sell it I wont see the kid next door again as I'll have to find cheaper digs so that ain't gonna worry me one bit! Plus one of the reasons I'm sick is some of the people in the RC world who try and rip you off are as about as appealing as a 8 hour jls gig! So I'm sure the brat would fit right in if he took up the hobby. Fair enough I've dealt with one of two decenRichople on here (mind you the mods are way to power crazed) but sadly there is a cut you and leave you for dead string and its getting bigger in the RC world. So....far from it being the place it once was I think its time. Rich
  4. If you set the auto decline then you cant counter offer. Some people like to haggle up wards but if you set the auto decline to on then you cant do that as once you decline an offer that person cant make another offer. I've haggled people up from £70 to £130 before and down to the same levels. The reason I'm not going to build it and have fun is there are certain things more important in life......like rent! I'd keep it but its box isn't big enough to sleep in!
  5. I use large font on ebay as its easier to read for people like myself who have sight problems. If it doesn't sell it will be relisted at the same price but with no offers as people are just taking the proverbial with some of the offers. I mean £55? Do me a favour. If it then doesn't sell I'll give it to next doors brat as I'm getting sick of all this now. Beginning to wish I'd never came back in to RC stuff as its not worth the hassle anymore. Rich
  6. I take the point about some not wanting the hop ups but even if they dont want them its still worth it to buy and resell the hop ups. On ebay the shocks sell for £20 for a set of 2 so knock a few quid off and sell them for £17 thats £34. The motor sells on ebay for £30 so make it say...£25 and thats £59 quid there and if selling to other TC members on here that you trust then there is no fees. I still think its to do with everyone just not having the cash atm. Rich
  7. There are ways to avoid paypal taking money out of your account when they like. Its taken me 7 years to work it out though. But it is possible and stops scumbags ripping you off! I sold a TA01 to a woman who wanted it for her son. All went well and she even left a message saying how delighted she was and that her son was over the moon and used it daily and left positive feedback. I had forgotten all about it till 39 days later when she filed a claim saying it wasn't as described and was broken. I asked for pics and sure enough it was wrecked. I tried to argue that it was due to her son using it for 38.5 days and running it into the ground which is what any blind person could see had happened but she won and paypal refunded her. She sent it back only fit for the bin with a note that said "your screwed ha ha" I was foaming but nothing I could do. Thats when I started looking in to ways to stop paypal just taking money out when they liked! If you search Google I'm sure you'll find the info as I cant post it on here for certain reasons but its worth doing.
  8. I guess thats it as thats why I'm selling a lot of stuff. Or rather have done. I'm skint and need the cash. lol Guess its just wait and see time.
  9. Hi all. Not been on this site for a while but I'm wondering Whats happened to prices of re re kits as sold by us members. I'm trying to sell a brand new unbuilt lunchbox with a good amount of hopups but I'm not getting any takers either on here or ebay! Has the resale values crashed through the floor? Rich
  10. Hi Selling my unbuilt re re LB on fleabay plus alloy pins, c.v.a short shocks, bearings, Dirt Tuned Motor, lights and paint. See here for details: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...=STRK:MESELX:IT UK only please and Sorry but I wont split it up. Thanks. Rich I'd take £125 if bought through here via paypal gift to avoid the fleabay fees.
  11. Hmm maybe I'll just see if I can advertise the whole lot in an RC mag for best results? Really dont want to break the kit up as there are a lot of LB parts out there already and I'm bound to end up with half a kit I cant either sell or build. I was thinking of putting it at about £135 with free next day postage in the UK but I think I'd struggle to get that to be honest given all the kits on ebay for around £90 + p&p thats why I'm thinking an RC mag would be better. I know a few have said dont sell but my health comes first which is what the money is going towards. (Also rules out selling my blood/plasma too! lol) Thanks Rich
  12. Not really worth selling just the hop ups as there not that costly to buy these days. If it had been a technigold motor then maybe yes but its just a tamiya dirt tuned so I think it would have to be the whole lot. After all the kits cheap to buy these days if you have any spare cash. Rich
  13. Hi all long time no write. Moneys tight so I'm thinking of selling an unbuilt rere lunchbox with some hop ups too inc 2 unopened sets of Tamiya short shock oil dampers and a half set un make 6 short oil filled shocks to do all round dampers plus 5th shock mod, Tamiya dirt tuned motor, metal body mounts/pins, lights and full bearing upgrade. Kit has esc inc and I'll add some yellow spray paint too. Would just need radio gear and batteries. Was saving this for when I had time and a bit more cash to build and mod further but not sure what to do as I'm really broke and have sold just about all my other cars bar one other. So do I keep it or put it in either sales and wants or ebay and see what I'm offered? Any ideas? Cheers Rich
  14. Hi all For sale is a Lancia Delta Shell and An Alfa 155 shell on a working TA01 chassis. Comes with radio gear and two sets of wheels/tyres. For pics and More details see ebay item number: 320591037756 Cheers Rich I've dropped the postage cost on this now! Has to go as I'm quitting the hobby. Cheers Rich
  15. Ah well if you bid and win you wont be disapointed with it trust me! I've spent over £260 on it getting hes working and looking fab! Thats why there are all the spare parts with lots still on sprue's still!
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